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The methodology for use of wiki software in education
Dlouhý, Jiří|orcid:0000-0002-5040-9395|researcherid:I-7566-2014|scopus:56193033400 ; Dlouhá, Jana|orcid:0000-0002-9660-5594|researcherid:I-7773-2014|scopus:55939518800
The methodology for using wiki software in education is available to teachers who want to use wiki software for teaching purposes. It presents the most important characteristics of a wiki environment, deals with the various possibilities for its active use, provides guidance on the use of the existing wiki environment, and on the selection and installation of the software, including its own modules. Special attention is also paid to analyzing the possibilities for the use, passively and actively, of the electronic encyclopedia Wikipedia for educational purposes. The methodology includes the topic of copyright law with regard to the significant systematic underestimation (especially in the electronic environment) of this issue by most teachers. The methodology also explains in detail the use of free copyright licenses, especially the Creative Commons license. The primary form of this methodology is its electronic form in the Enviwiki (see, where examples of work by students are also located. The methodology is thus freely available to anyone interested in using it, as it corresponds to the philosophy of teaching in an open information space.
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Open Data, Open Source and Law
Končitý, Patrik ; Míšek, Jakub (referee) ; Myška, Matěj (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the area of open data and open source software. The practical output is the creation of an application that will be distributed under an open source license and will use open data. The theoretical part of the thesis describes the juristical aspects that arise when the programme is created, and also is here explained czech and european legislation. It also describes here the term of free and open source software, types of authorship, author's rights or special rights of the database maker. In the next passage, we will speak about the licence and then the public license under which the application will be distributed is described. Next is a chapter, which dealing with specific problems related to copyright protection. The second part of the theoretical work addresses open data. First is clarified this term and then EU and Czech legislation is listed, which is linked to open data. Then attention is focused on data openness formats and ways of providing open data. Finally, specific problems that may arise when using open data are listed. The next part of the bachelor thesis deals with practical output, an android application that meets the definition of free and open source software. Data analysis is performed here first. After The analysis is here chapter of the selection of a suitable data set and then the conditions for the use of data sets are analyzed. In next chapters, the technical side of things is already more addressed. A choice of platform, language and development environment is described, which public license we choose for distribution and a platform and where will be the distributed the application. The app functionality chapter describes the intended functionality and structure of the app. The last chapter describes the application solution itself. The principle of main parts for the application, such as creating tables, chart or implementing quiz, is described here.
Free software licenses
Mazánek, Pavel ; Míšek, Jakub (referee) ; Myška, Matěj (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to deal with the topics related to public software licenses, their use, their properties in the form of specific contractual agreements (license aspects), mutual compatibility and followingly take this information and systemize it of a form of an information portal, which is the practical output of this thesis. At the beginning of the thesis, the current issue of why public software licenses are used today and how they are legally perceived is examined. Emphasis is placed on Czech law in the context of civil code and copyright law and with them associated licensing agreements, since the vast majority of the license terms of the world-wide used free software licenses is only written in English, and the terminology is based on the United States legal system. Consequently, the nomenclature and the necessary terms for working with the license terms are unified. In the main part of the thesis specific licenses are selected according to their relative usage and their characteristics based on relevant market surveys. These chosen licenses and their license agreements are analyzed more in-depth. Specific contractual agreements of said license agreements are expanded upon whilst being named in the thesis as “license aspects”. In the practical part of the thesis is described a solution for a web information portal, which should serve the laic as an initial view on the issue of public software licenses. The site addresses the issues of selecting a specific public software license for its original work (software), introducing specific licenses and comparing them based on analyzed licensing aspects, compatibility of more public software licenses in a larger composite software unit in which the individual software components of the whole are licensed under various public software licenses. Also, the consequences of choosing one of the selected public software licenses for the future of the software are described. At the end of the thesis, the vision of the future information portal, its expansion with other functionalities and its overall possible improvement based on feedback from the public are also presented.
The Copyright Law and its Infringing on Internet
Vlach, Aleš ; Dohnal, Martin (referee) ; Soukup, Tomáš (advisor)
My bachelor thesis "The Copyright Law and its Infringing on Internet" deals with a question of conflict in the area of the copyright law and internet. The thesis attends to most importand legal regulations of the international law, the European Union law and the law of Czech Republic. The work explains concept of the law (a work and its usage, copying, etc.) My thesis analyses particular problems of the law breaking with a view to quickly developing technologies in this area. The work also describes legal protections of technological instruments of creations and its breaking. It gives information on possibilities of sanctions resulted from the copyright law breaking. The work deals with possibilities of current problems solving.
Internet Criminality
Zelinka, Petr ; Konečný,, Zdeněk (referee) ; Soukup, Tomáš (advisor)
This diploma thesis focuses on the problem of internet crime in the Czech Republic and in the world. It describes and analyses various types of this criminality, used methods and technological equipment. In the second part of diploma thesis there are suggested possible technical and legislative precautions against internet crime.
Internet Criminality
Kosek, Lukáš ; Paclíková, Vlasta (referee) ; Soukup, Tomáš (advisor)
First part of this bachelor thesis deals with computer criminality in Czech Republic, as well as abroad, and focuses on the copyright infringement. It describes different ways through which criminals obtain original works for further illegal usage. Second part of this work offers possible solutions in relation to the results of my survey.
Protection of intellectual property rights in the fashion industry
Duong, Erik ; Holcová, Irena (advisor) ; Žikovská, Petra (referee)
This thesis focuses on the area of intellectual property law in the fashion industry. The main objective of this thesis is to highlight the pressing issues in the fashion industry, to examine the various forms of intellectual property protection applicable in the fashion industry. Following the analysis, an assessment of the impact of fast fashion on the fashion industry is made. The thesis addresses the complex environment of the fashion industry, which is characterised by fast global supply chains and rapid production cycles. However, these dynamics raise significant challenges and unfavourable practices that lack robust legal safeguards. The main problem is the proliferation of low-cost production driven by fast-fashion brands, leading to overconsumption, environmental degradation and labour exploitation. This lack of effective legal measures increases the burden faced by affected communities and contributes to the growing problem of textile waste. In addition, the practices of fast fashion brands, which often copy the designs of both renowned and lesser-known designers, undermine the competitiveness of indigenous creators in the sector. This interaction fosters an environment that favours fast fashion at the expense of sustainable and ethical fashion. The thesis is divided into eight chapters....
Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market and its implementation in the Czech legal system
Bayramová, Zuzana ; Žikovská, Petra (advisor) ; Holcová, Irena (referee)
The topic of this Master's thesis is Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market this Master's thesis is a comprehensive presentation and analysis of the Directive on Copyright First, this Master's thesis starts by outlining the reasons that led to the adoption of the users' freedom and analysis of the European Commission's Communication regarding Guidance on Article 17, The final Chapter evaluates the defined aim of this Masters's thesis.
The current development of copyright law in the digital environment with the emphasis on the legislation of the EU
Tuček, Jakub ; Holcová, Irena (advisor) ; Křesťanová, Veronika (referee)
The current development of copyright law in the digital environment with the emphasis on the legislation of the EU Abstract This rigorous thesis follows up on the thesis from 2018 titled "Internet and Copyright", which generally dealt with the scope of copyright law in the internet environment and was concluded by a basic presentation of the forthcoming copyright reform in the Digital Single Market in the European Union. The goal of this thesis is therefore to reflect and analyze not only the result of this reform, which was completed in the meantime at the EU level and moved to the implementation phase at the level of the member states, but also other related developments that have taken place in the field of copyright in recent years, with relevance for the digital environment and information society in general. The thesis is systematically divided into two parts. The first, more general part creates the theoretical and legal basis of the thesis, in which the following interpretation is embedded. The first chapter thus briefly presents the basic theoretical-legal basis for copyright and the justification for its existence and offers an overview of its main legal sources relevant to the digital environment at three levels: international, EU and Czech. The second chapter deals with the general relationship...
Copyright law aspects of advertising on social media
Tuzová, Lucie ; Holcová, Irena (advisor) ; Žikovská, Petra (referee)
Copyright aspects of social media advertising Abstract This paper aims to provide an overview of the copyright aspects of advertising content on social networks and to identify the key issues in this area. It first provides the theoretical framework necessary for a proper understanding of the various institutes that are described in the course of the thesis. This includes an introduction to the terms of advertising and social networks, the specifics of which are then presented in the context of a general explanation of the conceptual attributes of a copyright work or a description of the author of the work. As this is a relatively modern and still developing field, the thesis also discusses the innovations that can be seen in social media advertising in recent times. In particular, the use of artificial intelligence tools to create advertising content. The legal framework has not yet been able to respond to the rise in popularity of these tools and the thesis describes possible ways of future regulation. In many parts of the thesis, the complexity of advertising is discussed, for example, from the perspective of the broad set of legal norms regulating advertising or the process of creating advertising content. The advertising chain, which illustrates the complexity of the relationships that arise in the...

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