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The Term of Protection of Copyright under Copyright Act and Application for Calculation thereof
Sádovský, Matúš ; Míšek, Jakub (referee) ; Myška, Matěj (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on copyright and related rights. Specifically it aims on term of protection of economic rights to them. Obtained theoretical knowledge about aspects of copyright and related rights are subsequently utilized for design and implementation of web application. At the beginning of thesis is canvassed subject of protection of copyright and also there are mentioned moral rights. Second chapter deals with international relations within term of protection of copyright and related rights regulations. First of all is clarified protection of foreign nationals provided in Czech republic territory, continuing by describing important regulations at international and EU level. The main part of thesis introduces term of protection regulations within territory of Czech republic based on current wording of Czech republic copyright act. There are mentioned in detailed essential aspects of term of protection determination and in the meaning of that, thesis express way of calculation of this term for different subjects protected under copyright act. There is also described impact of international agreements on copyright act and changes based on European Union law. Practical part of thesis is dedicated to designing and making of web application intended to determine whether a subject is under the protection in territory of Czech republic. Initially, the subject of matter is exploration of available similar tools and subsequently designing of own algorithm and implementation of „calculator“. Building on that are introduced visualization and functionality of created application.
Open Data of and ARES
Mikyska, Daniel ; Loutocký, Pavel (referee) ; Míšek, Jakub (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with public sector information, especially open data. It describes their definition, conditions, legislation and mandatory entities that are obliged to create this data. The next section deals with possible obstacles that may arise when opening, or reusing, open data. The protection of privacy and personal data is described the most. It states here what personal data is, how their processing is defined and who is the controller of personal data. In the last part, this work deals with the practical part, which aims to show how the basic way to use open data in a simple web application.
Proposal for a Non-binding Online Dispute Resolution System
Váňa, Vojtěch ; Míšek, Jakub (referee) ; Loutocký, Pavel (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis deals with the design of a system for non-binding online dispute resolution, with a particular emphasis on a negotiation between the parties. In the introductory part, the legal aspect and definition of the concept of online dispute resolution (ODR) is discussed, followed by an analysis of already functional platforms. Finally, a platform in the form of a website is presented, which has been developed on the basis of theoretical knowledge and analysis.
Open Data, Open Source and Law
Končitý, Patrik ; Míšek, Jakub (referee) ; Myška, Matěj (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the area of open data and open source software. The practical output is the creation of an application that will be distributed under an open source license and will use open data. The theoretical part of the thesis describes the juristical aspects that arise when the programme is created, and also is here explained czech and european legislation. It also describes here the term of free and open source software, types of authorship, author's rights or special rights of the database maker. In the next passage, we will speak about the licence and then the public license under which the application will be distributed is described. Next is a chapter, which dealing with specific problems related to copyright protection. The second part of the theoretical work addresses open data. First is clarified this term and then EU and Czech legislation is listed, which is linked to open data. Then attention is focused on data openness formats and ways of providing open data. Finally, specific problems that may arise when using open data are listed. The next part of the bachelor thesis deals with practical output, an android application that meets the definition of free and open source software. Data analysis is performed here first. After The analysis is here chapter of the selection of a suitable data set and then the conditions for the use of data sets are analyzed. In next chapters, the technical side of things is already more addressed. A choice of platform, language and development environment is described, which public license we choose for distribution and a platform and where will be the distributed the application. The app functionality chapter describes the intended functionality and structure of the app. The last chapter describes the application solution itself. The principle of main parts for the application, such as creating tables, chart or implementing quiz, is described here.
Optimization of die casting technology of a thin-walled casting
Míšek, Jakub ; Přecechtěl, Petr (referee) ; Cupák, Petr (advisor)
The aim of this work is to suggest changes of technological process, which will reduce amount of casting defects in cast made by high pressure method. The cast is casting by Alfred Engelmann CZ, spol. s.r.o. from aluminum alloy EN AB - AlSi12 (Fe). Current technology was analyzed and also was made detailed description of the high-pressure casting technology, including a description of materials and machines. To determine the causes of defects and their effects were done casting experimental test series. The results of this experiment showed that the set of casting parameter has a significant influence on the quality of the casting. It was also shown that the preparation of the melt affects the porosity of the casting. At the end was suggested changes of technological process.
Free software licenses
Mazánek, Pavel ; Míšek, Jakub (referee) ; Myška, Matěj (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to deal with the topics related to public software licenses, their use, their properties in the form of specific contractual agreements (license aspects), mutual compatibility and followingly take this information and systemize it of a form of an information portal, which is the practical output of this thesis. At the beginning of the thesis, the current issue of why public software licenses are used today and how they are legally perceived is examined. Emphasis is placed on Czech law in the context of civil code and copyright law and with them associated licensing agreements, since the vast majority of the license terms of the world-wide used free software licenses is only written in English, and the terminology is based on the United States legal system. Consequently, the nomenclature and the necessary terms for working with the license terms are unified. In the main part of the thesis specific licenses are selected according to their relative usage and their characteristics based on relevant market surveys. These chosen licenses and their license agreements are analyzed more in-depth. Specific contractual agreements of said license agreements are expanded upon whilst being named in the thesis as “license aspects”. In the practical part of the thesis is described a solution for a web information portal, which should serve the laic as an initial view on the issue of public software licenses. The site addresses the issues of selecting a specific public software license for its original work (software), introducing specific licenses and comparing them based on analyzed licensing aspects, compatibility of more public software licenses in a larger composite software unit in which the individual software components of the whole are licensed under various public software licenses. Also, the consequences of choosing one of the selected public software licenses for the future of the software are described. At the end of the thesis, the vision of the future information portal, its expansion with other functionalities and its overall possible improvement based on feedback from the public are also presented.
Personal data protection and cookies
Svetlík, Adam ; Stupka, Václav (referee) ; Míšek, Jakub (advisor)
This thesis deals with an analysis of cookies, a specific field of personal data protection. In particular, the thesis examines the legal aspects of the technology, as well as their insufficiencies. Besides that, it provides an analysis of several examples of privacy violations caused by cookies.
Influence of degasing on casting quality by high pressure casting
Míšek, Jakub ; Kolmačka, Marek (referee) ; Roučka, Jaromír (advisor)
This thesis examines the influence of the degassing process on hydrogen contend and on the quality of part casted by high pressure casting technologies. The type of defects occurring in the casting is analyzed based on macrostructure and microstructure observations. For the overall assessment is used the statistical observation of the evolution trend of scrapping during the experiment. The results show that shortening of the degassing time may affect the incidence of porosity defect.
Information Privacy and Open-source Intelligence
Kubíčková, Dita ; Loutocký, Pavel (referee) ; Míšek, Jakub (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of privacy and information privacy on the Internet. The theoretical part of the thesis describes main typologies and concludes the value of information privacy and why is it important to protect it. It presents technical tools and legal regulations used for protection. It also deals with an issue of OSINT and presents some techniques and tools for person‘s information gathering. In practical part of the thesis, there is described the development and functions provided by the application for automated information gathering from social networks.
Right to Information and Open Data
Gáliková, Miriam ; Myška, Matěj (referee) ; Míšek, Jakub (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of the right to information and open data. The theoretical part of the thesis describes the basic concepts and legal aspects of open data in terms of current domestic and European legislation. The theoretical part continues with description of obstacles in data provision and outlines possible solutions. Subsequent re-use of public sector information is demonstrated by the web application, which is the main output of the practical part of the thesis. The web application is based on data sets that are provided as open data. At the same time, the practical part of the thesis deals with legal analysis of selected data and description of web application implementation.

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