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Light decoration with LEDs
Paus, Anton ; Fedra, Zbyněk (referee) ; Zelinka, Petr (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor´s project was to explore the possibilities of the design and subsequent realisation of a light decoration with LEDs. In the theoretical part of the project the control options of a microcontroller and various LED driving circuits were discussed according to available sources. As the decoration should be sensitive to changes of ambient light conditions, attention was given to photosensitive parts such as phototransistor and photoresistor. According to this information the most suitable circuits were chosen for the final design (microcontroller ATmega16 and LED driver SCT 2024C). Thereafter the printed circuit board was designed and consequently realized. Software that controls the decoration was developed using the operational device. The outcome of work is a light decoration composed of three boards with possibility to connect another ones.
Human Resources Activities in Company: Leadership
Zelinka, Petr ; Šebesta, Libor (referee) ; Franková, Emilie (advisor)
The goal of my diploma thesis is to introduce leadership concept, to analyze the status of management in company VHZ-DIS, spol. s.r.o., based on theoretical knowledge, and to submit proposals for effective leadership to enhance productivity of the company. This analysis is a starting point for solution proposal how to improve the situation in the company and how to improve effectiveness, engagement and creativity of individual members of the organization.
Enhancing the effectiveness of automatic speech recognition
Zelinka, Petr ; Tučková,, Jana (referee) ; Nouza,, Jan (referee) ; Sigmund, Milan (advisor)
This work identifies the causes for unsatisfactory reliability of contemporary systems for automatic speech recognition when deployed in demanding conditions. The impact of the individual sources of performance degradation is documented and a list of known methods for their identification from the recognized signal is given. An overview of the usual methods to suppress the impact of the disruptive influences on the performance of speech recognition is provided. The essential contribution of the work is the formulation of new approaches to constructing acoustical models of noisy speech and nonstationary noise allowing high recognition performance in challenging conditions. The viability of the proposed methods is verified on an isolated-word speech recognizer utilizing several-hour-long recording of the real operating room background acoustical noise recorded at the Uniklinikum Marburg in Germany. This work is the first to identify the impact of changes in speaker’s vocal effort on the reliability of automatic speech recognition in the full vocal effort range (i.e. whispering through shouting). A new concept of a speech recognizer immune to the changes in vocal effort is proposed. For the purposes of research on changes in vocal effort, a new speech database, BUT-VE1, was created.
Parametrical analysis of sound
Matuštík, Daniel ; Sigmund, Milan (referee) ; Zelinka, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the processing of acoustic signal. The work includes theoretical models for the processing and classification and shows the spectrogram fuss and cans in different surroundings. Propose here a general procedure for creating a system that includes parametric analysis of the acoustic signal.The Theoretical part of work serves as a preliminary to a recognizer in the programming environment MATLAB.
Internet Criminality
Zelinka, Petr ; Konečný,, Zdeněk (referee) ; Soukup, Tomáš (advisor)
This diploma thesis focuses on the problem of internet crime in the Czech Republic and in the world. It describes and analyses various types of this criminality, used methods and technological equipment. In the second part of diploma thesis there are suggested possible technical and legislative precautions against internet crime.
Pedestrian modelling during sport events outside of the stadium
Zelinka, Petr ; Plášek, Josef (referee) ; Apeltauer, Tomáš (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with modeling the movement of people around the new Brno sports stadium after the end of the match. The process of modeling the movement of people was done in Pathfinder. The output is an analysis of the current risks associated with the quality of the transport, the determination of the time to exits, the comparison between different variants and attendance.
Study of the Order Processing in the Selected Company
Radkovič, Martin ; Zelinka, Petr (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis is dedicated to a study of order processing in selected company, namely in Alca plast s.r.o. which deals with production of sanitary wares.The thesis analyzes actual order processing in the company and specifies particular business processes. Subsequently it indicates new suggestions for improvement.
Realization of OFDM coder for DVB-T system
Zelinka, Petr ; Maršálek, Roman (referee) ; Frýza, Tomáš (advisor)
The contents of this thesis is a delineation of the European Standard ETSI EN 300 744 for terrestrial digital video broadcasting (DVB-T) and a description of created OFDM coder and decoder for baseband signal transmission in 2K mode without error correction capabilities. The proper function of both devices is verified by means of Matlab simulations and practically implemented into Texas Instruments’ digital signal processor TMS320C6711 using Starter Kits.
Verification of the urban design of Mendlovo náměstí from the point of traffic
Zelinka, Petr ; Všetečka, Martin (referee) ; Apeltauer, Jiří (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the modeling of traffic in the Mendel Square according to the documents of the Office of the Brno Architect. The modeling process takes place in software Aimsun. The result of this work is to compare the data with the provided results according to the standard, to determine the resulting output values from the software and to identify the problem areas affecting individual transport and urban public transport.
Device for sports results measuring and displaying
Frelich, Marek ; Zelinka, Petr (referee) ; Frýza, Tomáš (advisor)
This project is dealing with a design of device for measuring and displaying of sports results. The project is divided into three parts - the design of control board for LED display, next the control unit and finally the remote control. LED display contains LED segments and graphical line for the text. The control unit and remote control are communicating with LED display, measuring devices or with a PC. It is possible to operate the whole system by tablet or a smartphone. There is a software made for all processors of all parts, which can demonstrate the function of the system and all added peripherals.

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