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Optimalizace a digitalizace výroby konkrétní truhlářské firmy
Domkářová, Lucie
This thesis focuses on the optimization and digitization of production in an existing joinery company. The aim of the thesis is to analyze the current state of the production process and to propose and implement effective solutions that will lead to increased efficiency and productivity in production. The first part introduces the theoretical foundations - strategic management and possi-bilities of enterprise management, the principles of Industry 4.0 technology, and technological tools of today, such as automated machines and software. The second part of the thesis focuses on the analysis of the current state of the production process in the joinery company. The shortcomings and problems of production are described, and areas where it is possible to improve the production process and increase efficiency are identified. The modernization is proposed in two strategic areas. One of them is concrete, realistic, and based on the principles of Craft 4.0. A detailed description of the new design, analysis of production processes after the imple-mentation of modernization, financial analysis, and risk analysis are presented here. The second phase of modernization is rather a visionary view towards which the company should aim in the future of its opera-tion. Modernization in this direction seeks to utilize the principles of Industry 4.0. In the last part of the thesis, the results of the implementation of proposed solutions are evaluated, and a comparison of production efficiency before and after implementation is made. It is also discussed what further measures could be taken to further improve the production process. The result of the thesis is a comprehensive proposal and implementation of solutions that will lead to increased efficiency and productivity in joinery production.
Zhodnocení současného rozvoje autonomních systémů řízení osobních vozidel
Zbořil, Maxmilián
The presented bachelor thesis deals with the evaluation of the current development of car-nomic control systems for passenger vehicles. The first part of the thesis deals with the history of autonomous systems and then a detailed overview of the individual sensors used in autonomous vehicles is presented. In the second part, an enumeration of the different levels of automation of autonomous systems is made together with a description of the different assistance systems found in vehicles. In the third part, the specific representation of autonomous systems in the automotive industry is addressed, followed by a description of the factors influencing the development of autonomous systems. Finally, an analysis of accident rates for the monitoring period is presented.
Ohrozenie pracovných miest spojených s automatizáciou a súvisiacimi faktormi v kontexte EÚ
Rebrová, Dominika
Diploma thesis focuses on the impact of automation and related factors on jobs in the European Union, with a focus on the Czech and Slovak Republics. In the introduction of the thesis, important concepts related to automation and digitalization are discussed. At the same time, the first part of the thesis also includes the definition of the population groups most vulnerable to automation and digitalization. The next part of the thesis is devoted to quantitative and complementary qualitative research. The quantitative part deals with the public opinion of the population in relation to artificial intelligence and robots. The complementary qualitative part is devoted to a short interview with an HR manager from the automotive industry. The fourth chapter of the thesis describes suggestions for minimizing the risks associated with automation and digitalization in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Návrh automatizovaného hydroponického systému
Dvořáková, Kateřina
The thesis deals with hydroponic systems and their automation. The aim is to design and test an automated hydroponic system for growing vegetables in laboratory conditions. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical parts. In the theoretical part, all available methods of hydroponic systems are analyzed, in the practical part the procedure of designing and implementing a specific automated hydroponic system is described. The control was solved using a single-board and prototyping microcontroller Arduino. The construction was realized using material commonly available in retail chains. The advantages and disadvantages of the hydroponic system constructed in this way were determined, and above all, whether such an automated system can be implemented and properly used.
Monitoring mezinárodní infrastruktury pomocí nástroje PRTG
Hošek, Petr
This bachelor thesis is mainly targeted to monitoring of international server infrastructure via PRTG tool. Main goals are to get familiar with monitoring protocols and identify needed services and values which has to be under monitoring and design the conectivity between monitoring tool and ticket system. Next step is to create functional model based on created design which will be intergrated into ticket system via API.
Řídící jednotka pro ovládání světel v chytrém domě
Koryťák, Antonín
The bachelor thesis deals with the design of a lighting control unit for a smart home and tries to present one of the possible applications of IoT. In the opening part, it discusses the existing solutions available that are suitable for homes but also for industrial buildings. Using well-known microcontrollers and other electronics, it then presents its own solution based on a distributed architecture. The main functions of the elements are implemented in C++ and Python and communicate via the MQTT protocol. It uses the Node-RED development environment to create the GUI.
Dopady technologií na trhy práce EU
Kyjaňa, Michal
This thesis addresses the impact of technology on EU labour markets. The aim was to explore and quantify the impacts of automation and its effects on labour markets. The impacts are formulated in terms of labour demand with a subsequent extension to factor in the likelihood of automation. The evaluation was based on an econometric analysis of secondary data from the OECD and ILOSTAT servers. The results show a statistically significant effect of the probability factor with a small de-truncation coefficient. The conclusions formulate points that specify the poten-tial impacts of the changes and specify ways of incorporating them into the economy.
Systém pro provoz projektových webových prostorů
Šnyrch, Jakub
The bachelor thesis deals with technologies for publishing content on web servers. Ways to create, manage and automate these servers. The thesis starts with research of available technologies, examines their use in practice. Evaluates available paid and ope source control panels. The work continues with the design of the application itself. Then it describes the steps leading to implementation and deployment on the servers of Mendel University in Brno.
Využitie prvkov automatizácie a robotizácie v účetníctve
Hajduková, Sarah
The diploma thesis focuses on the use of automated technologies that can be used in the accounting profession to make work more efficient and especially in the processing of accounting documents. The aim of the diploma thesis is to identify the possibilities of introducing automation in accounting processes and, based on own measurements, to build a model for calculating the benefits of introducing automation in accounting and tax offices. Thanks to a detailed analysis of the manual invoice processing of ten employees in a selected firm, the costs that the firm has to spend on their work were identified and used in the model. The results of the model showed that the cost of manual invoice processing is higher than the cost of software designed for invoice extraction and it is worthwhile to proceed to automation. Finally, the results are evaluated and recommendations are formulated to help other companies when deciding to implement automated invoice processing.
Jump server preparation and implementation for game scenarios in Cyber Arena
Komárek, Ladislav ; Šeda, Pavel (referee) ; Stodůlka, Tomáš (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis deals with the problematics of the containerization and virtualization. Thesis focuses on the OpenStack platform and the creation of a Jump server. The main purpose of the thesis is to create a Jump server with the SSH connection to the OpenStack instances. Thesis is divided into three parts - theoretical and practical, which has two parts. The analysis of virtualization and containerization possibilities for Jump server is included in the theoretical part of the paper. Description of the OpenStack platform and its functions is also contained in the theoretical part. Based on the theoretical analysis, a~Jump server was created in second and third part. After manually verifying the functionality of the Jump server, its creation was automated on the Openstack platform.

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