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Instruments for evaluation of the structure of the day in the occupational therapy
Račanová, Jana ; Rodová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Rotbartová, Eliška (referee)
BACHELOR THESIS ABSTRAKT Name, Surname: Jana Račanová Supervisor: Bc. Zuzana Rodová M.Sc. Title: Instruments for evaluation of the structure of the day in the occupational therapy Abstract: The bachelor thesis is theoretical-practical. The thesis summarizes the basic information about the tools used in occupational therapy to evaluate the structure of the day and the areas related to it. It is the structure of the day that is important component in the occupational therapy assessment and together with the other areas assessed it allows the occupational therapist to take a holistic view of the patient. Assessing all of the factors that may be affecting an individual's health is essential for setting appropriate therapeutic plans and goals. Therefore, the theoretical part includes chapters dealing with concepts related to the structure of the day that should not be overlooked in occupational therapy practice. Basic concepts of the profession (occupation, activities, habits) as well as concepts such as participation, occupational balance, roles, etc. are described. At the same time, the work includes brief information about models that address the issue. The aim of the practical part is to translate one of the instruments, namely the Occupational Balance Questionnaire 11 (OBQ11), and to test it in a standard...
Vliv problémové rodiny na školní úspěšnost středoškoláka
Přikrylová, Natálie
This bachelor thesis content is focused on the success of disciples in school in regards of problems in a family environment. The main goal of this work is to find out how a problematic family conditions affects the disciples success in school. In theoretical part of this work, I will define individual influences and concepts, that are closely related to school success. Next, I will define individual influences that considerably affect school success. The following part of this bachelor thesis is dedicated to family environment. Every individual person throughout life lives in different family conditions, that may affect them in their own way in their academic upbringing. Because of this, I incorporated in this work different kinds of conditions. Since my work is focused on period of high-school education, I dedicate to characteristics of adolescence in my work. The final chapter of the theoretical part is focused on individual functions of family and the problematic burdens on it. Empirical part of this bachelor thesis refers to my results obtained in exploratory investigation, data needed for this research I obtained using a qualitative method. I used semi-structured conversation form, individual data I then analysed, using open coding and thus, I got the necessary results that are part of the empirical part.
Standardization of evaluative instrument for verify basic education standard in the branch Physical education
Havel, Rostislav ; Fialová, Ludmila (advisor) ; Řepka, Emil (referee) ; Hřivnová, Michaela (referee)
Title of the work: Standardization of the evaluation tool for verifying the standard of basic education in the field of physical education Author: PhDr. Rostislav Havel The dissertation deals with the knowledge area of the standards of the educational field Physical Education. The main goal was to create a didactic test for verifying the knowledge component of 9th grade elementary school students. The first step was the creation of an item database of 75 test tasks. Subsequently, pre-research (N=669) and pilot study (N=168) were carried out, which were mainly focused on the estimation of reliability, validity and item analysis of tasks. The final (standardization) version of the test was administered to 3 271 9th-grade elementary school students and contains 28 multiple-choice tasks with one correct answer and three distractors. The item response theory (IRT) method was used to analyze the test items, namely a three- parameter model with the values of the discrimination parameter, difficulty and pseudo- guessability parameter. To assess the dimensionality of the test, exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis was chosen as a part of the pilot tests and the final version. Based on expert assessment, content validity was evaluated. Cronbach's alpha coefficient and McDonald's omega value were used...
Conceptualization of the recruitment and selection process from the perspective of recruiters and the use of psychometric and psychological tools
Špádová, Zuzana ; Heider, David (advisor) ; Rudorfer, Lothar Filip (referee)
The main objective of this bachelor thesis is to highlight the individual conceptualization of the recruitment process and the various psychological insights, methods and tools that are used by human resource practitioners in a recruitment agency. The theoretical part includes the introduction of selected methods of contemporary recruitment (hiring) and the theoretical use of psychological knowledge in this process. The empirical part focuses on the conceptualization of the recruitment and selection process as well as the use of psychological tools and concepts in the daily activities of human resource workers in the environment of the selected recruitment agency. Particular attention will be paid to the use of psychological tools and concepts by recruiters with psychological and other backgrounds. The aim of the thesis is to find out how the recruitment process (and candidate assessment) is perceived by individual recruiters and what differences exist in the process of candidate assessment with regard to the procedures and knowledge that are used in the specific practice of recruiters and how their use varies according to education, length of experience and how their validity (effectiveness) is subjectively assessed. The thesis will be developed using qualitative methodology, specifically by...
Selected structures of the family house
Kulík, Karel ; Švaříčková, Ivana (referee) ; Perla, Jan (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the design of selected reinforced concrete structures of the family house, it is a continuous ceiling plate and a staircase. The structures were designed and assessed to the ultimate limit state and the serviceability limit state. Calculations were made using the Dlubal RFEM 6 and Microsoft Excel programs. The outcome of the calculations is a static calculation. The design documentation including form and reinforcment mechanical draws was created in Archicad 26 and CADCON+ RC 2023.
Sheeting of foundation pit
Šajuk, Mykola ; Kliš, Lumír (referee) ; Glisníková, Věra (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis describes the design and static assessment of the excavation of the construction pit realized for the construction of the Homole tunnel of the D35 Ostrov – Vysoké Mýto highway section. The introductory part of the work summarizes the basic input information about the location of interest, including the outputs of the engineering-geological survey, and provides an overview of the possibilities of securing construction pits. The core part of the work describes the design, assessment and economic evaluation of three selected variants of the stocking, subsequent evaluation of the results of the selection of the most suitable variant. The resulting structure is supplemented with drawing documentation, which is part of the annex.
Performance Assessment of the Selected Company according to Model Start and Proposals for the Improvement
Štefek, Vojtěch ; Koráb, Vojtěch (referee) ; Veselý, Josef (advisor)
In this thesis, the company Avipart, spol. s.r.o. is evaluated with the use of the Start model and other methods. The first section emphasizes objectives and methodology applied throughout the work. The following theoretical part discusses commonly used metrics and methods or models for evaluating the company's performance in general. Continuing analytical part focuses on the application of these models within the framework of the evaluation of Avipart, spol. s.r.o., in which great emphasis is placed on survey research. In the end, relevant suggestions for improvement are drawn.
Information System Assessment and Proposal of ICT Modification
Kaspar, Kristián ; Novák, Lukáš (referee) ; Koch, Miloš (advisor)
Master´s thesis is focused on the assesment of currecnt information system in a company that is currently using paper as it´s information system. This thesis contains a detailed analysis of the cumpany´s current situation including a propososal of ICT modification using Lewin´s model of change. The proposed change is processed with the use of process modeling, time analysis, asset analysis, risk policy and an economic evaluation.
Dependability Assessment Based on SMC
Gajdošík, Róbert ; Lojda, Jakub (referee) ; Strnadel, Josef (advisor)
Cieľom tejto práce bolo vyhodnotiť ukazalete spoľahlivosti výpočtových systémov. V pr- vom rade bola založená terminológia ktorá vysvetľuje základné pojmy ohľadom štatistiky and spoľahlivosti. Ďalej boli v tomto kroku preskúmané typy a vlastnosti chýb ktoré sa v takýchto systémoch vyskytujú, a techniky ktoré sa dajú využit na ich potlačenie alebo zmiernenie ich dopadu na fungovanie systému. V ďalšom kroku boli vysvetlené základné koncepty ohľadom modelovania a simulácie ako aj krátky nahľad do presností jednotlivých techník ktoré boli zvažované ako možnosti ktoré by boli použiteľné pri samotnom pro- cese generovania dát. Po rozhodnutí ísť cestou štatistickej simulácie boli v ďalšom kroku zavedené metódy pre generovanie dát analytickým spôsobom ktoré slúžia na overenie dát vygenerovaných štatistickými simuláciami, do úrovne kde je ešte možné sa k nim dostať re- latívne jednoduchými výpočtami. Nasleduje prehľad nástrojov na implementáciu modelov našich systémov, ich výhody a nevýhody a miera použiteľnosti. V ďalšich krokoch boli vo vybranom nástroji Uppaal SMC naimplementované niektoré vybrané systémy a situácie na základe časovych automatov, a následne boli vyhodnotené oproti iným metódam zlepšenia spoľahlivosti ako aj oproti analyticky dosiahnutým dátam. Práca končí zavermi ktoré boli vyvodené z testovacích dát.
Possibilities of meaningful occupation assessment in Occupational Therapy intervention
Dřevikovská, Kateřina ; Rodová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Shejbalová, Klára (referee)
BACHELOR THESIS ABSTRACT Name, Surname: Kateřina Dřevikovská Supervisor: Bc. et Bc. Zuzana Rodová, M.Sc. Title: Possibilities of meaningful occupation assessment in Occupational Therapy intervention Abstract: The bachelor thesis is theoretical-practical. One of the aims of the thesis is to present the role of meaningful activity in occupational therapy. To provide context, the first chapters of the theoretical part are devoted to introducing the field of occupational therapy and basic concepts related to the topic. Meaningful activity is the main therapeutic tool occupational therapists use in patient/client care. The thesis also discusses how occupational therapists, with their broad scope and specific approach, are an important members of the multidisciplinary team. Tools for assessing engagement in meaningful activities are limited and none are available in Czech. In the theoretical part, two main foreign instruments are presented - the Meaningful Activity Participation Assessment, shortly MAPA (Eakman et al., 2007) and the Engagement in Meaningful Activities Survey, shortly EMAS (Goldberg, Brintnell and Goldberg, 2002). The aim of the practical part is to translate the EMAS tool using the back-translation method and test it in the occupational therapist's practice with stroke patients. Six case studies...

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