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Steel Structure of Pool Building
Novotný, David ; Karmazínová, Marcela (referee) ; Melcher, Jindřich (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the design and stress analysis of the steel structure of pool building in Brno. It also includes the assessment of the main load-bearing construction elements and of the details of selected connections. The thesis also contains the design documentation of the building.
Roof structure of construction for social purposes
Bašista, Ján ; Melcher, Jindřich (referee) ; Karmazínová, Marcela (advisor)
The work treats the static recalculation of an existing roof structure of a construction for social purposes and proposes two variants of the design of a new roof structure. The construction has a rectangular ground plan of 30 m x 47 m and the roof structure is placed on the load bearing circumference concrete walls. Except for the load constituted by the function of the construction and by the climatic area, an extra load of 2 tons suspended at any place of the structure is considered because of the special requirement of working and technological equipment. The variant no. 1 is designed from the steel S355. The variant no. 2 is designed as a combination of the wood GL24h and the aluminium EN-AW 5083. Both of the variants have 11 transverse load bearing girders. The purlins are perpendicular to the girders and are placed on them. Stiffness is secured by roof stiffeners.
Steel load-carrying structure of production hall with bridge crane
Štulrajterová, Terézia ; Melcher, Jindřich (referee) ; Karmazínová, Marcela (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the design and assessment of a steel load-bearing structure of a two-aisle production hall. That hall has a rectangular ground plan of a width 32 m (20 + 12 m) and lenght 54,54 m (9 modules distanced 6 m from each other). The main aisle is 10 m high and inside is located a overhead crane with carrying capacity 5 t. The second aisle is used as a storage area for materials that have already been produced. The skeleton of production hall is made of a ten transversal bindings. Lattice trusses are hinged mounted on constraint pillars of solid poles. The hall is situated in the north of the Czech Republic in the city of Děčín.
Static design of the structure composed of combination of steel and structural glass
Potůčková, Simona ; Melcher, Jindřich (referee) ; Karmazínová, Marcela (advisor)
The objective of the bachelor thesis is to design the load-bearing construction system and its cladding made of a combination of steel and structural glass and to verify its sufficient resistance. The object has rectangular floor plan with dimensions of 7,5x10,5 m and and its total height is 24,5 m. The building is located at the suburban area of the city Ostrava, precisely Ostrava Poruba. The construction is composed of a ground floor and six upper floors. The main load-bearing system consists of steel frame formed by six tubular columns connected beams and sway bracings ensuring the spatial rigidity of the structure. The object was designed according to currently valid standards using ULS and SLS verification.
Railway Bridge above the River
Hasil, Tadeáš ; Melcher, Jindřich (referee) ; Karmazínová, Marcela (advisor)
The subject of this master's thesis is a static and structural design of a Load-carrying steel structure of railway bridge with bottom steel deck of the span of 42 + 60 + 42 m over the Labe river in Děčín. A solid steel beam forms the main load-bearing structure of the bridge reinforced with truss-work. The truss-work is made up of an open top chord and diagonal strut without secondary vertical struts. The calculations were done in compliance with valid ČSN EN documents.
Static verification and variant design of roof structure of winter sport stadium in Znojmo city
Kovář, Jindřich ; Melcher, Jindřich (referee) ; Karmazínová, Marcela (advisor)
The subject of the thesis is the conversion and alternative proposals for the existing steel structure roofing winter stadium in Znojmo. The building has a rectangular shape with dimensions of 84 x 63 m Roof truss structure is formed purlins and trusses girlandovými, vynášenými two steel arches with a span of 84 m variant solution is full board and reduced lattice truss plate. After evaluating both solutions was chosen the first option, which was subsequently designed and assessed according to applicable standards. Truss plate is designed on the original footprint supported the original concrete bearing walls. Eye lattice plate is a square with sides of length 3.5 mA at 3 m Joints are designed truss balls and anchoring pin.
Multi-storey building for administrative purposes
Lehocký, Peter ; Melcher, Jindřich (referee) ; Karmazínová, Marcela (advisor)
This bachelors thesis deals with design of administrative building adjacent to a metalworking shed. The administrative building is statically independent on metalwork shed. Building is located in Brno. Floor plan of building is in shape of letter L. Axis distance of columns is 9m longitudinal and 7,5m transverse. Total length of building is 27m longitudinal and 15m transverse ( distance is measured between axis of columns). In narrow part of transverse is width of the building 7,5m. Ceiling is made of composite steel-concrete structure. Height of the building is 18,7m.
The load bearing steel building structure of the car showroom
Hubáček, Ondřej ; Karmazínová, Marcela (referee) ; Melcher, Jindřich (advisor)
This work contains a proposal supporting steel structure of the single- industrial buildings intended for parking motor show / exhibition cars in Brno. Building plan dimensions are 20 x 36 m. The main structure is defined by a planar cross-linked. Transverse bond is formed trusses, connected by purlins. Trusses are on both sides of the structure hinged to the fixed columns. The main beam is made up of trusses with an installation height of 1,5 m at midspan. Distance crosslinks is 6 m. Spatial rigidity is ensured by a system of longitudinal transverse stiffeners. Steel truss rods are made of rolled profiles are pillars of HEB profiles and purlins are designed from rolled profiles I. The design is carried out according to standards EN. Used material bearing elements is steel S 235 (regular steel).
Lateral Torsional Buckling of Thin-Walled Steel Beams with Web Holes
Horáček, Martin ; Škaloud, Miroslav (referee) ; Juhás,, Pavol (referee) ; Melcher, Jindřich (advisor)
The current trend in the design of steel structures leads, due to the saving of the material, to the frequent use of thin-walled cold formed steel sections. Thin cold-formed steel profiles are often manufactured with web holes. A specific example of thin-walled steel profiles are Sigma beams used in additionally installed built-in floors systems in warehouses. The aim of doctoral thesis is the analysis, assessment and experimental verification of the technical solution of thin-walled steel beams with web openings loaded in bending with respect to lateral torsional buckling. The objective is to develop knowledge about the real properties of steel members of considered structural arrangement in order to specify the methods of analysis and design in industrial practice. The theoretical analysis describes the behavior of the beams by means of solving the differential equations of the equilibrium on deformed element of thin walled member under bending. In case of beams with web holes is used the solution in the form of introduction of substitute cross-section properties, which are defined as the weighted average of the properties of full and weakened section. The numerical analysis is focused on the use of commonly available software in order to predict the bending resistance of beams with web opening with respect to lateral torsional buckling. Since the software used in practice solves only the prismatic beams without option to model the web openings, it is in frame of numerical analysis verified the model of beam with reduced thickness of web constantly over the whole beam length in the zone of perforation. The experimental analysis is firstly focusing on the verification of real bending and torsion stiffness of the beams, based on which are being derived the values of basic cross-sectional properties. Subsequently the experimental verification of real bending resistance with respect to the lateral torsional buckling is being performed.
Load carrying structure of multipurpose hall object
Prokešová, Pavlína ; Karmazínová, Marcela (referee) ; Melcher, Jindřich (advisor)
The aim of diploma thesis is to design and assess a multipurpose hall building in the area of Brno. The shape of the hall is rectagular with dimensions 30,0 x 84,0 m. Roofing stucture is disegned and assessed in three versiions. Variant A is designed as a sadle - type truss from the CSH profile. Variant B is designed as a square - type truss from the CHS prosile. Variant C is designed as a arched truss from the CSH profile. These versions are compared by weight, manufacturing complexity and appearance. Preferable version is processed in detail. The work also includes a static calculation of the supporting elements, joints and drawing documentation..

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