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Pupils' parents and art education: the importance of art education in the education of primary school pupils from the parents' point of view
Šilhavá, Marcela ; Jakubcová Hajdušková, Lucie (advisor) ; Kafková, Helena (referee)
This diploma thesis examines the importance of art education in the education of primary school pupils from the perspective of parents. The aim of the thesis is to describe the opinions, attitudes and ideas of parents about art education in two selected schools, the issue of communication between art teacher and parents and to implement an educational project focused on cooperation between school and parents. The theoretical part is divided into three important areas related to the topic of the thesis. The first chapter deals in detail with the subject of art education and its position in the framework educational program. It characterizes its specifics and, based on research described in the literature, describes the current status of art education among other subjects and the public's views on the subject. It also discusses the time of distance learning, when art education went through a difficult period and was rather neglected. The next part is devoted to the problems of the contemporary family and the aim is to point out the specifics of individual families, which are reflected both in the life of the pupil and in the mutual communication with the school. The third chapter of the theoretical part is the topic of good communication between the school and parents, which contributes to the...
The Spell Of an Unspoken Promise
Vinklárková, Tereza ; Vráblíková,, Lenka (referee) ; Smutná, Martina Drozd (advisor)
The Spell Of The Unspoken Promise reflects a lack of presentation, a critical approach and insight into psychosomatic problems in the art education and society based on a capitalist economic system. It touches the issue of abuse of power in the non-hierarchical relationship in the institutional environment of art education, but also on a personal level. It records a gradual return to listening to own body and chronologically reveals events that had a direct effect on its impaired condition. To what extent and in what way does the body box reflects traumas, emotional experiences and fears? Through video essay, elements of poetic narration and textile objects, the work opens up a deeply sensitive subject reflecting the mechanical processes of the body. There are also overlaps with elements of holistic medicine and healing.
Methodology and practice of audiovisual education for teachers and lecturers
Hlavicová, Lucie ; Vondrášková, Markéta ; Forejt, Jiří ; Bednařík, Pavel
The text of this publication provides an insight into issues of film and audiovisual education in the Czech Republic. With the specific advice and tips, how to approach teaching at different levels of non-formal education.
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Possibilities of developing digital competencies within the scope of art lessons in basic education
Tihon, Štěpán ; Kitzbergerová, Leonora (advisor) ; Raudenský, Martin (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the possibilities of developing digital competencies within the scope of art in basic education. In the theoretical part, it focuses on the definition of terminology related to digital forms of art, names the basic principles of new media and focuses on new technologies or phenomena of the digital world, which have a significant influence on the current requirements for the acquisition of these specific competencies. In defining areas of digital competence, the text relies on conceptual models that seek to define a coherent language that unifies terms related to different digital literacies. In the conclusion of the theoretical part, the thesis maps the strategy of the educational policy of the Czech Republic in relation to the implementation of these models in curriculum documents. The resulting outcome is a confrontation of the observed issues with the field of art education and its theoretical starting points. The practical part of the work presents a conceptual analysis of the proposed art education lessons aimed at the systematic development of pupils' digital competences. It is supported by the presentation of my own creative activities, which served as a reflective tool used during the design of the submitted assignments. KEYWORDS Digital competence, digital...
Implementation of the Cross-Curricular Subject Environmental Education in the School Subject Art Greenery as a city oasis
Zálešáková, Ester ; Pfeiffer, Jan (advisor) ; Sedlák, Michal (referee)
The goal of this diploma thesis is to find a way to implement the cross-cutting topic Environmental Education into the Art Education subject through an art project called Greenery as an Oasis of the City. And to find out whether it is therefore possible to lead pupils of two primary school classes to the principles presented by Environmental Education through an art project. The art project was based on the personal experience of the students gained during a few-hour stay in a selected city park and art activities that made this stay special and contributed to a more perceptive view of the environment in which the students moved. To verify the results achieved, qualitative research methods were used in the form of a structured interview with five randomly selected pupils from both classes. The students' answers showed that even through an art project, it is possible to strengthen the students' positive relationship with nature and the environment and contribute to the acquisition of internal motivation for a respectful and sustainable approach to nature. At the same time, it emerged from the pupils' answers and reactions that the overall benefit from the project for each pupil depended on the approach they took to the project, to what extent they concentrated on individual activities and to what...
Contemporary Japanese art as a source of inspiration for art activities at primary school.
The aim of the thesis "Contemporary Japanese art as a source of inspiration for art activities at primary school" is to present contemporary Japanese art as an inspirational topic for art education. The work is divided into theoretical and project part. The theoretical part presents the ideological anchor of the work and defines its importance in the didactics of art education. The practical part takes inspiration from selected Japanese artists and presents an art series from which individual lessons can be used to enrich art education at primary school level 1, thus giving pupils an insight into Japanese art and at the same time introducing them to Japanese culture and interesting techniques.
Aguarium. A Set of Art lessons for 1st Grade of Elementary School. (theoretical-project thesis)
The presented theoretical and project diploma thesis was aimed at developing an art project AQUARIUM, during the Art Education lessons in the first level of elementary school. It is structured in two parts, a theoretical one and a practical one. The theoretical part defines the therms and processes available literature on the topic. The project part of the thesis consists of eleven proposed art lessons and also deals with the documentation, implementation and reflection of the proposed teaching units. The diploma thesis is followed with pictorial annexes related to the theoretical part, photo documentation of lessons and proposed structured preparation.
the Screeners
Pětiletá, Petra ; Daniel, Ladislav (advisor) ; Valachová, Daniela (referee) ; Malečková, Dita (referee)
8 digitální fyzický Abstract: The thesis offers a phenomenological view of the contemporary hybrid world, consisting of interpenetrating two inseparable spheres: the physical (originally material) world and the digital (virtual world). My work shows how we can think about the world by separating the physical and the digital. In my research, I involved students in the eighth year of high school, aged 12-14, who are referred to as Generation Z or "digital natives". I was interested in how students described these two worlds and how they related to them and their intersection. I first explored the phenomenon of the digital world as part of my own artistic research, looking for themes and aspects to highlight. As part of my early research, I subjected the artistic mind maps to qualitative analysis, but the maps did not lead me to a deeper understanding of the digital-virtual world in the way I would expected. What did emerge, however, was the shape of the students' instru- mental relationship to the digital world through physical space and their own physical bodies. I was also interested in how students used the Internet and social networks, so I wanted to have different view on something that I don't usually learn in the classroom as a teacher. In the main research probe, we explored with the students the...
The readiness of students and graduates of secondary school of education for art activities in kindergarten.
Řežábková, Rozálie ; Jakubcová Hajdušková, Lucie (advisor) ; Kafková, Helena (referee)
The theme of this bachelor's thesis is "The preparation of secondary pedagogy school students and graduates focusing on art activities in an infant school". The main objective is to uncover how students and graduates evaluate and assess their own readiness for performing art-themed activities in a given infant school establishment. In the theoretical section of this thesis I looked into the characteristics of secondary schools. Furthermore, I attempted to analyse and describe what methodology was used for composing art lessons on these schools. During the analysis I followed up on the Framework Education Programme for the field of preschool and extracurricular pedagogy, along with the School Education Programme; both of which are the merit of this research. Moreover, I utilized the theoretical section for my description of pre-school education, the art-themed activities in infant schools and the personality of a pre-school teacher and an art teacher. The crucial chapter of the theoretical section is the one that evaluates the readiness of students from the point of view of the professional competences and self-efficacy. I looked for the answer to the main inquiry of this thesis via a research survey on which an apt number of students, graduates and teachers of the pedagogical secondary school...

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