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Orientation process at the Department of the Central Operating Rooms in the Central Military Hospital Prague
Nováková, Kateřina ; Zvoníčková, Marie (advisor) ; Bělíková, Miluše (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the compulsory optional course Adaptation process at the department of central operating theaters of the ÚVN-VFN Prague and its influence on the choice of future workplace for female graduates of the Bachelor of General Nursing at the 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles Univesity. In the theoretical part, it deals with the characteristics of compulsory optional courses and optional subjects at the 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles Univesity, professional practice and the adaptation process that students went through while completing the course. The methodological part is devoted to qualitative research and Interpretative phenomenological analysis, which were applied in this work. In the practical part, the structure of the research is described and the interpretation of the results from the obtained interviews with informants who completed the researched course are processed here. At the end of the practical part, recommendations for practice are proposed that could help to improve the course for future students.
Teritoriální spory v regionu Jihočínského a Východočínského moře a vytváření exkluzivních ekonomických zón
Nováková, Kateřina
The subjects of the thesis are territorial disputes in South China Sea and East China Sea region. The theoretical part focuses on historical and contemporary context of disputes. In practical part development in region of last decade is shown. Material kontext of disputes is focused on fisheries which is the important source of livelihood there. The concluding proposal part contains some suggestions of solutions of the situation in this region.
Distance education of pupils with Specific Educational needs from the View of Parents and Teachers
Nováková, Kateřina ; Bartoňová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Hádková, Kateřina (referee)
Distanční vzdělávání u žáků se specifickými vzdělávacími potřebami z pohledu rodičů a z pohledu pedagogů Distance Education of Pupils with Specific Educational Needs from the View of Parents and Teachers Kateřina Nováková ABSTRACT: The thesis is focused on the topic of distance education, which is caused by the pandemic of the Covid-19 disease (second half of the 2019/2020 school year and 2020/2021 school year). It is especially aimed on the specifics of distance education for pupils with specific educational needs. This topic is examined from the perspective of elementary school teachers and parents of students with specific educational needs. The theoretical basis of the thesis consists in the description of the system of education of pupils with SEN in the Czech Republic, in the specifics of the personality of pupils with SEN and in the theoretical system of distance education in primary school. A research survey among teachers and parents representing 4 primary schools in the district of Liberec shows some practical aspects of distance education, especially for pupils with SEN. KEY WORDS: distance education, pupil with specific educational needs, primary school, teacher, parent
The Legacy of Antiquity, and Jewellery Historical and Contemporary(Glyptic Patterns; Ways of Rendering a Theme)
Matějovič, Petja ; Konečný, Lubomír (advisor) ; Cogan, Miroslav (referee) ; Nováková, Kateřina Nora (referee)
1 PhDr. Petra Matějovičová Thesis The Legacy of Antiquity, and Jewellery Historical and Contemporary (glyptic patterns; ways of rendering a theme) Abstract This thesis examines historical and contemporary jewellery, and specifically the ways in which jewellery bears meanings. To demonstrate these ways it uses formal patterns, motifs and themes in jewellery that are part of the legacy of antiquity. The thesis attempts to devise strategies for presenting jewellery's potential to an audience that has not previously been addressed by work of this kind, or has focused on a specific segment of jewellery. Inspiration from antiquity can be considered an attractive prism that is appropriate for the task in hand. The thesis avoids any categorising of jewellery according to the degree of its creators' input or any kind of ambitions (primarily it does not follow any definitions such as artist jewellery, studio jewellery, unique jewellery or conventional jewellery). It includes jewellery as a material object or objects and jewellery that does not possess this characteristic. The thesis considers and classifies jewellery according to a number of keys, although chronology is not one of them. Characteristics of Jewellery, an introductory chapter outlining as many factors as possible that are responsible for jewellery's...
Plant biomass and its' photosynthetic production as a topic of science education from students' and teachers' point of view
NOVÁKOVÁ, Kateřina
This bachelor thesis presents the results of a research that focuses on the level of the eighth and ninth grade of primary schools and multi-year high schools student knowledge about plant biomass and its photosynthetic production in science education. This research was conducted at a multi-year high school and four elementary schools. The bachelor thesis also addresses the teachers' perspective and their teaching approach of this topic. The introductory part of the thesis is devoted to the topic of plant biomass and photosynthetic production. The thesis also addresses the issue of misconceptions that, with the help of the teacher and their approach to teaching, can remove these misconceptions. The thesis also discusses the inclusion of the topic of photosynthesis in the teaching of primary schools and multi-year high schools with regard to didactic textbooks. Towards the end of the thesis, the results of the teacher and student respondents collected through a questionnaire survey conducted in five schools are mentioned. The results show that the level of knowledge on the topic of biomass and its photosynthetic production is relatively low. Therefore, it can be concluded that the reason may be the abstractness of the subject and the pupils are not able to visualize and understand the issue properly.
Respondents of Czech modal verbs in the past tense (contrastive corpus analysis)
NOVÁKOVÁ, Kateřina
This bachelor thesis deals with respondents of Czech modal verbs in the past tense (contrastive corpus analysis). The theoretic part discusses the concept of modality and also of modal verbs in both Czech and Spanish. Another key topic is concerning the verbal periphrasis that are characterized and divided into several categories. We particularly paid attention to the periphrasis containing the modal verbs. The last chapter is about the past tenses in Spanish. The practical part aims to analyze the Spanish equivalents of Czech modal verbs in the past tense using the corpus InterCorp v13. The thesis is concluded by the Czech conclusion and the Spanish resumé which sum up the fundamental points of the whole.
Ověření vlivu přídavku ostropestřce mariánského (Silybum marianum L.) ve výživě dojnic v rané laktaci
NOVÁKOVÁ, Kateřina
This diploma thesis aims to verify the influence of Silybum marianum supplement on the health condition of dairy cattle during the preparation for delivery, on the improvement of the course of the critical period in the early phase of lactation and the occurrence limitation of postdelivery illnesses in the breeding of Czech dairy cattle.
Integration of foreign origin children into pre-school education system
NOVÁKOVÁ, Kateřina
The bachelor thesis deals with the integration children of foreign into kindergartens. This topic is very actual due to the ever-increasing number of foreigners in our country. The theoretical part is divided into three areas. Important terms related to my topic are explained here. For example, the definition of the word foreigner, xenophobia, adaptation, integration, etc. The space is also devoted to legislation regulating the position of the foreigner's child in the Czech Republic. And also the peculiarities of the child in preschool age and the role of kindergarten. The knowledge of the theoretical part is based on the practical part, which deals with the specific experience of kindergarten teachers. Within the framework of quantitative research survey was created a questionaire which was mainly answered by teachers from the South Bohemian region. Thanks to the data resulting from the research survey, the main problems that teachers face during their practice, in connection with children of foreigners, were mapped. The questionnaire also focused on methods that facilitate adaptation to children of different nationalities. Recommendations for practice were created from the received information.

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