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Webová aplikace pro herní komunitu OLT
Přikryl, Tomáš
This bachelor thesis is about design, development and deployment of web application for gaming community OLT. Web application will be based on these technologies: Node.js on the Back End and Vue.js with Quasar framework on the Front End. App will be deployed using Docker containers.
Technologie 3D tisku v designu nábytku
Kelárková, Katrin
The bachelor thesis is focused on the issues in the field of 3D printing technology. This thesis consists of two main parts, the theoretical part and practical. The theoretical part is focused on 3D printing technology. It deals with the proces and analysis of used materials. Consistenly is focused for functional use of printing in specified industries including its application in the field of design. The practical part consists of the description and realization of a functional prototype. This is preceded by the preparation of a research and it is related with issues to design sketches of screen. This is followed by the steps of designing, making a 3D model, visualisation and production of the model.
Vliv různých způsobů aplikace kompostu na mikrobiální aktivity a růst rostlin
Přibylová, Eva
Submitted diploma thesis entitled Effect of different methods of compost application on microbial activity and plant growth with investigation of the effect of certified Černý drak compost on the growth of 12 model lettuce plants. The introductiory part of the thesis is focused on basic knowledge about soil and compost, where the issue of compost application and the presence of edafon, which has an irreplaceable function in the soil environment, is described in more detail. Furthermore, the legal framework in the field of model plants planted in nutrient-poor soil in combination with certified Černý drak compost, which was collected at a compost plant in Brno, and the development of plants planted only soil that in poor in the important content of substances needed for plant growth. In container trials, compost was applied to the soil surface and into the soil body. The aim of this experiment was to clarify and find a suitable and appropriate method of compost application in plant cultivation. After compensating for the time needed to grow the model plants, the contend of leached nitrate nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen and phosphorus was determined in the laboratry. The amount of aboveground biomass grown was also evaluated. However, the dosage of compost depends on the cultivated crop, the given soil and the time of application.
Web Application for Learning of Guitar Playing
Mikota, Michal ; Černocký, Jan (referee) ; Szőke, Igor (advisor)
Tools for teaching musical instruments have been with us for hundreds of years and, like everything else, have gradually adapted to the present day. However, a large number of these applications are overly complex, confusing, and generally user-unfriendly for their users. At the same time, there are only a handful of apps that have an implemented feature of real-time detection of the played note by the player, which is very desirable and necessary for beginner and slightly advanced guitar players. This bachelor thesis demonstrates and explains the implementation of the various tools needed for teaching using techniques for dominant frequency detection and filtering out unwanted audio artifacts using an algorithm from the field of convolutional neural networks. At the same time, the goal is to focus on the robustness of the algorithm, i.e., it can detect and determine the played tone on the guitar even in noisy environments. The algorithm used by the individual tools developed within this application, combined with a simple user interface, provide the alternative for teaching how to play guitar
Information System Design
Breckl, Jakub ; MBA,, Tomáš Vymětal, (referee) ; Koch, Miloš (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the description of design of an information system for a state institution, which will provide a secure repository for the exchange of documents between the institution and external users of online public administration services. The main purpose of this system is to be used especially for remote access to administrative proceedings files, thus extending the possibilities beyond the viewing defined by the current legislation. The thesis is divided into three main parts: the definition of the theoretical foundations, the analysis of the current situation and description of the system design.
Use VBA as a Tool for the Creation of Supporting Business Applications
Huščava, Marko ; Přibyl, Jan (referee) ; Dydowicz, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the design of a supporting application in Microsoft Excel using VBA programming language for the logistics management department of a company dealing with the sale of sporting goods. This application is designed to speed up and simplify a process of recording ordered, but undelivered items from suppliers, therefore saving time and reducing cost of the process.
Application Firewall Anomaly Detection
Pospěch, Jan ; Homoliak, Ivan (referee) ; Očenášek, Pavel (advisor)
The goal of the presented bachelor thesis is to describe the process of anomaly detection in application firewalls. The thesis focuses on the principles and basics of anomaly detection, the reader is introduced to the techniques and methods of machine learning. The process of analyzing the requests and responses received from the web application protection system is described, and the system design is developed. The practical part describes the implementation of the system and testing on real datasets. Decision tree and Random forest algorithms show the best results with f1-score 0.9987. Among the unsupervised learning methods, the best results are shown by Autoencoder with an f1-score value of 0.8315.
Design, Development and Implementation of Software Application in Corporate Environment
Mrňávek, Dalibor ; Vopalecký, Zbyněk (referee) ; Dydowicz, Petr (advisor)
The thesis looks at the current state of the company selling its production. It analyses the shortcomings in the current production method and proposes specific solutions, which it describes in detail. The thesis also includes a mapped implementation process where methods for risk analysis and mitigation are applied. The solution is complemented by an economic evaluation and benefit assessment.
SocialMaps Manifesto
Škobrtal, Petr ; Leitgeb, Šimon (referee) ; Kubíková, Zuzana (advisor)
In the past two decades, a digital copy of the world has been created with perfect precision. It is an unprecedented achievement of the third modernity, and the speed of its creation is fascinating. We walk through it daily and are a part of it without reflecting on its existence, its nature and its unclear transactional relationship. We have come to see the various mapping services and applications as obvious innovations. A simple fragment of the quantum of functionalities of our devices. Calculator, clock, email, maps. But a digital copy of the world was not easy to build. And it was certainly expensive. Yet it is offered to us for our use without any restraints. The central motivation of the companies that have created this virtual space — in which the dramas of humanity are notionally played out — is to monitor it continuously and carefully. Our behaviour, activities and interactions are the desired compensation. They are constantly analysed and interpreted into data that can be traded. The loss of privacy is a tax we pay. An unspoken transactional relationship has been sealed without our knowing its exact terms and consequences; and the corporations that formulate them are rapaciously avoiding legislative-legal framework. Map applications, which are today the most important product of cartography, are the sneaking hegemony that reduces the world to a few categories whose primary imperative is profit. Many of them use the map as a platform in which places are inserted to represent a simple reflection of the capitalist perception of the world. Shops, hotels, bars, restaurants, businesses. Such maps manipulate our view of the world by how they portray it and what they present to us in a bounded way. And by our conformity, we unwittingly accede to these practices and help to preserve their status quo. We can easily decide not to use the digital map services and applications in place, but they are only the symbolic tip of an ambitious project of monitoring our privacy. Maps are hopelessly caught up in a tangled web of Big Tech, software and the Internet of Things. They are drained of their influence and limitless potential to serve a single purpose. It is therefore necessary to seek a ways forward for a paradigm shift affecting the form, nature and function of digital web maps. This manifesto offers some of them.
The Use of Digital Technologies in Seniors' Leisure Time
ŠACHOVÁ, Viktorie
This bachelor thesis describes how digitization is reflected in seniors' leisure activities and how it has changed in connection with the Covid Sars 19 pandemic. It is a theoretical work dealing with aging and old age as well as the changes and needs associated with this natural process. It also describes free time and leisure activities of seniors, and in the last part it focuses on digital technologies in free time and during the pandemic, specifically robots as social companions, and the phenomenon of virtual reality.

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