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Analysis of Visual Components in Biology Textbooks: Thematic Unit Plant Biology
Lopaurová, Anna ; Vojíř, Karel (advisor) ; Říhová, Dagmar (referee)
Recently, the amount of research of visual components in textbooks has been increasing. Most of the research categorizes and divides visual components by type and function, however, the relationship between them and text is being investigated too. Furthermore, existing research are supported by theories proving that a greater effectiveness is achieved when learning from materials containing textual and illustrative components. The theoretical part of the thesis defines what a textbook is, as well as what are its function and development. It also introduces the concept of visual component and its function. In the research part, we describe the methodology used in a quantitative content analysis of visual components in chapters dedicated to seed plants in a defined sample of textbooks. Visual components were evaluated in terms of type, function, form, vertical angle, distance, horizontal angle, and placement in the textbook. Furthermore, we compared the results of the analysis with other research papers investigating the same issue. Finally, according to the results of the analysis, the chosen sample of textbooks uses a large percentage of visual components that are the same according to the categories evaluated. Nevertheless, it seems like the recent research is not applied when visual components...
Analysis of opponent's circumvention, passing and shooting in match of U12 soccer players
Zbur, Dominik ; Kokštejn, Jakub (advisor) ; Vampola, Jindřich (referee)
Name: Analysis of opponent's circumvention, passing and shooting in match of U12 soccer players Objectives: Aim of this thesis is to determine frequency and success rate of individual game activities (opponent's circumvention, passing and shooting) in competitive matches football players of the U12 category. Methods: The researsch team consisted of soccer players of the U12 category of the Alex Zbur Football Academy. The research participants were motitored in 5 competitive matches that were played in the spring part of the 2022/2023 season. Each match was played 2x35 minutes with 7 players and 1 goalkeeer. The method of indirect observation of recorded video recordings was used to obtaion individual data. Three attacking game activities of an inidividual were selected for research: opponent's circumvention, passing and shooting. Results: In the game activity of opponent's circumvention a significantly higher frequency was found in the attacking half of the field, an average of 64,2 times. The average sucess rate of opponent's circumvention reached 51,7 %. The most attempts were made in the frontal position using changes of direction in 1v1 situation. The pass was recorded an average of 211 times with a sucess rate of 65 %. The ground pass from 2 or more touches occurred most often. Most actions...
Kickboxing technique and the frequency of use in ring disciplines: a systematic review
Kohout, Ondřej ; Omcirk, Dan (advisor) ; Oláh, Vladan (referee)
Title: Kickboxing techniques and the frequency of their use in ring disciplines: a systematic review Objectives: The aim of this thesis is to determine the frequency of individual techniques used during fights in full-contact kickboxing matches at international level based on a systematic review of scientific publications. Methods: The method used to create this bachelor thesis was a systematic review based on a referred selection of items in accordance with PRISMA recommendations. First, a research question was set to determine the frequency of techniques used in ring disciplines (K-1 and Low kick) in kickboxing. Using predefined keywords and Boolean operators, a search script was developed to search scientific databases such as the Web of Science, PubMed and Scopus. Duplicate studies were removed from search results and the final number of studies was reduced according to predefined criteria. Eligible studies were used for data analysis and subsequent synthesis. Results: Out of the total number of studies found (n = 347), ten studies were used for the results of this systematic search. The most commonly used technique in kickboxing ring disciplines was identified as the Jab. Two studies have identified the Jab as the technique with the highest frequency of use, while three other studies...
The Analysis of passing through the opponent in football players in the U13 and U15 categories
Vorlíček, Lukáš ; Kokštejn, Jakub (advisor) ; Frýbort, Pavel (referee)
Title: The Analysis of passing through the opponent in football players in the U13 and U15 categories. Objectives: The Analysis of offensive activities of passing through the opponent football players of younger pupils category U13 and older pupils category U15. Methods: The research sample was formed by two youth teams of younger pupils category U13 and older pupils category U15 playing the highest Czech league and European football cups. At the U13 category were monitored three matches, at the category of U15 four league or friendly matches in 2021/2022 season. The data were obtained from VEO camera recordings. The data were then inserted into the prepared folio and processed by Microsoft Office Excel. Within the research we were focused on frequency, success rate, arithmetic mean and standard deviation. We obtained the substantive significance of the difference by calculating Hedges' g. Results: A significantly higher passing through the opponent success in the own half compared to the attacking half was found only in U15. Also, the difference in the overall success of passing through the opponent between the U15 and U13 teams did not reach material significance and their success rate was almost identical (63% ±7.7%; 61% ±6.5%). A significantly higher frequency passing through the opponent was...
Analysis of an individual skill - passing through the opponent
Slicho, Tomáš ; Kokštejn, Jakub (advisor) ; Frýbort, Pavel (referee)
Title: Analysis of an individual skill - passing through the opponent Objectives: The objective of this thesis is the analysis of the individual skill, namely passing through the opponent in a selected group of the Champions League. Methods: In my thesis to obtain data I used the method of indirect observation of selected matches that were available to me based on video recordings. I analyzed individual matches into record sheets. This analysis is focused on the individual skill, namely passing through the opponent. Results: The overall frequency of passsing through the opponent for the teams Bayern Munich, Inter Milan and FC Barcelona was significantly higher compared to the team Viktoria Plzeň. Viktoria Plzeň's overall success rate was significantly lower than the other teams in the group. The overall failure to lose the ball for Viktoria Plzeň was significantly higher than the other teams. The players of Viktoria Plzeň recorded a significantly lower frequency of offensive duels 1versus2+ in comparison with the other teams. The overall frequency of attempts to pass through the opponent in the penalty area was significantly higher for the other teams compared to Viktor Plzeň's team. The success after the loop with a change of direction was significantly lower for the Viktoria Plzeň team compared...
Analysis of costs, revenues and profit in a capital company
The topic of the bachelor thesis is the analysis of costs, revenues and profit and loss in a capital company. This thesis is carried out in a company that deals with road motor transport. The objective of the thesis is to analyze the cost, revenue and profit and loss and suggest possible measures to save cost, increase revenue and thereby improve the overall profit and loss. The first step of the analysis is to examine the cost and revenue records of the entity, followed by horizontal and vertical analysis in the years prior to the formation of the limited company and also in the 2nd quarter in the years 2020 to 2022. After conducting this analysis, it was found that the major costs are diesel cost, labour cost toll charges paid both domestically and abroad and leasing. It was also found using a pairwise correlation coefficient that the company is highly dependent on one particular supplier, which could pose a threat to the company in the future. Suggestions for measures to reduce diesel costs are technical in nature, such as reducing idling and proper sail tension. Another possible step is to change fuel supplier. Targeting other customers is also a proposal to increase revenues.
Receivables analysis
KUČEROVÁ, Kimberley
This bachelor thesis is focused on an analysis of receivables of a chosen company which is focused on the production of dairy products and has an annual turnover of up to 1,5 billion. The main goal is to evaluate the significance of this tax item for the company and financial statements. All related terms are defined and the theoretical process of receivables management is explained, including their monitoring and possible recovery. The analysis is carried out the data of the financial statements for the period 2019-2022. The entire management process from the creation of the receivables to its termination is monitored. Based on the analysis some shortcomings were identified and better receivables management model was proposed for the company's management.
Comparative evaluation of consensus mechanisms in cryptocurrencies
Annotation: This Master's thesis provides a comprehensive analysis of various consensus mechanisms essential for distributed ledger technologies like blockchain, sidechain, DAG, and more. A total of 22 consensus mechanisms, including traditional and alternative proof-based algorithms, fault tolerance algorithms, and DAG-based algorithms, were evaluated using eight criteria such as security, decentralization, scalability, and energy efficiency. The study includes an extensive set of testing scenarios for these mechanisms, and recommendations are given based on the analysis of individual mechanisms, emphasizing the importance of choosing mechanisms suited to specific system requirements. The research contributes significantly to the field by providing a detailed understanding of consensus mechanisms, a comparative analysis highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, and valuable test scenarios for future studies.
Proposal for an Effective Improvement of the Training System for New Employees in an International IT Company
Grigoryeva, Ekaterina ; Treu, Eva (referee) ; Konečná, Zdeňka (advisor)
Tato diplomová práce si klade za cíl navrhnout změny, které jsou žádoucí pro trvalý úspěšný rozvoj organizace v oblastech adaptace a školení. Primární cíl bude dosažen aplikací relevantních návrhů ke zlepšení zjištěných nedostatků adaptačních a školicích aktivit pro nové zaměstnance ve vybrané organizaci. Tato práce je rozdělena do šesti hlavních kapitol: první se zaměřuje na cíl práce, druhá na teoretické základy, třetí na pozadí společnosti, čtvrtá na analýzu a pátá na navrhované úpravy a modifikace. V poslední kapitole budou prezentovány závěry této práce.

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