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Analysis of the Core Learning Content of the Human Biology Topic in the Lower-secondary Textbooks
Dvořáková, Barbora ; Vojíř, Karel (advisor) ; Ehler, Edvard (referee)
This master's thesis focused on the analysis of core curriculum content in the field of human biology as presented in textbooks designed for the 8th grade of primary schools and corresponding years of multi-year gymnasia. Its main objective was to conduct empirical analysis of the content of textbooks from various Czech publishers to identify the core curriculum or its key concepts presented in these textbooks. A microanalysis of textbook content and an analysis of core concepts presented by textbooks from individual Czech publishers were conducted. The analysis of the core curriculum was conducted based on the identification of important technical terms in the textbook text, removal of duplicates within individual textbook texts, further unification of terms based on their summarizing concepts, and finally, the identification of technical terms that appeared in more than half of the presented textbooks. The results indicated that out of the total number of key terms contained in current Czech textbooks on natural science, only 426 terms, representing less than 17 %, were identified as core curriculum content. KEYWORDS: textbooks, biology, human biology, key terms, core curriculum, analysis
Lab tasks on compiled language vulnerabilities
Kluka, Peter Milan ; Štůsek, Martin (referee) ; Sysel, Petr (advisor)
This graduation thesis is devoted to a detailed analysis of vulnerabilities in freely distributed open-source programs. The thesis includes a description of different types of vulnerabilities that are often associated with software attacks. Static and dynamic code testing are examined in detail, as well as the tools used to detect vulnerabilities in source code. The thesis includes the development of three lab exercises, including detailed tutorials that demonstrate the consequences of incorrect implementations. The lab tasks focus on buffer overflow, path/directory traversal, and buffer over-read vulnerabilities. Every lab task includes a demonstration of the flawed code that was responsible for the vulnerability, as well as demonstration of the patched code that was used to fix the vulnerability. These tasks provide practical examples that illustrate the risks associated with inappropriate software design and implementation and demonstrate the importance of effective security techniques in software development.
Detailed analysis of the cybersecurity of photovoltaic systems
Turek, Adam ; Bohačík, Antonín (referee) ; Mikulášek, Michal (advisor)
Cílem diplomové práce je seznámení se s metodami útoků na fotovoltaické systémy a jejich komponenty. Dále analyzování jednotlivých typů fotovoltaických systémů, jednotlivých komponent a možných bezpečnostních nedostatků. Dále navržení a sestavení testovacího pracoviště umožnující sledování fotovoltaických prvku a síťového provozu s implementovaním několika kybernetických útoků. Práce popisuje teoretickou část fotovoltaických systémů a jejich komponent, kybernetickou bezpečnost a možné útoky. Krom toho také analýzu konkrétních zranitelností na fotovoltaické systémy, která byla provedena prostřednictvím veřejně známých databází jako je Vulners nebo Národní Databáze Zranitelností. Dále popis testovacího prostředí střídačů Solax a Solinteg, implementační nástroje a úspěšně provedenou síťovou, Modbus a kybernetickou analýzu na fotovoltaické střídače s odsimulováním útoků.
Design and implementation of countermeasures against side-channel attacks on an FPGA platform
Kuřina, Petr ; Jedlička, Petr (referee) ; Dobiáš, Patrik (advisor)
Currently, significant progress is being made in the field of digital systems and cryptography, requiring adequate security against various forms of attacks. Special attention is paid to development on the FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) platform, which provides flexibility and performance for implementing diverse applications, including cryptographic algorithms. This semester thesis focuses on the systematic analysis of possible leaks of sensitive information from the implementation of a cryptographic scheme on the FPGA platform. The FPGA platform is presented in the work, including HDL (Hardware Description Language) programming languages such as Verilog or VHDL. It then presents a general overview of side channels and their types, countermeasures, and a~detailed description of security techniques. The next chapter is the AES cryptographic scheme and a description of its operations. There is a chapter devoted to a comparison of current articles on the issue. The following is a description of a professional workplace, such as an oscilloscope or a Sakura-X (Sasebo-GIII) hardware board. In the final part, the measurement results are presented without any measures, only the AES algorithm is implemented, and then in the next part there is a countermeasure proposal, which is implemented and measured. The results are described and subsequently displayed in graphic form.
Word-formation patterns in contemporary French neologisms
The present thesis aims to excerpt a sample of contemporary neologisms and then analyse them. The theoretical part introduces word-formation patterns used in French, which are then applied in the practical part to the excerpted sample from the Néoveille platform and further analysed with the help of a linguistic corpus, the web and artificial intelligence.
Feasibility study of a photovoltaic power plant investment project
The work deals with the economic evaluation of a selected investment project for a photovoltaic power plant. The work seeks to explain the process of evaluating investment projects within technical-economic studies and methods for assessing the economic efficiency of investments. The aim is to characterize the process of evaluating investment projects and to make final financial and investment decisions for the selected investment project for a photovoltaic power plant based on calculations of economic criteria. Case studies are created in the practical part of the work, on which investment evaluation methods are applied. Sensitivity analyses are also conducted, which assess the impacts of variable changes on the final investment outcome. In conclusion, research questions are answered, and final financial and investment decisions are formulated.
Regional differences in labor productivity
FENCL, Matěj
The bachelor's thesis focuses on the analysis of regional differences in labor productivity in the selected sector - Industry, mining and quarrying divided according to the CZ - NACE classification, including the analysis of the selected plant of the company LB Minerals, s. r. o. and, on the one hand, labor productivity itself, the possibilities of measuring and defining factors that can influence both regional and corporate labor productivity. The measurement possibilities are further applied to the analysis of the Southwest region, the plant of the company LB Minerals, s. r. o. and the economic activity that prevails in the entire company. At the end of the practical part, a correct comparison and subsequent assessment of labor productivity in relation to the Southwest region is made, including the effect of labor productivity on the profitability of the company and the relationship between labor productivity and average wages.
Design Process Management of the Order of the Chosen Portfolio of the Organization
Kadlík, Vilém ; Juřica, Pavel (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the order management process in Keestrack s.r.o., a company that manufactures mobile sorting and crushing machines. The first part deals with the introduction of the company and then in the second part the theoretical background of the issue is presented, where we find explained concepts related to production, quality and process. The third part is an analysis of the current state of the art based on the theoretical part. In the last part, the results are interpreted and suggestions are made to improve the current situation of the company.
Using BI Tools in the Corporate Environment
Chovanec, Radim ; Luhan, Jan (referee) ; Kříž, Jiří (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the implementation and use of Business Intelligence tools for chosen companies, by using Micsrosfot PowerBI and Kibana. The thesis contains a theoretical part that describes Business Intelligence, its parts, tools and other necessary issues that will be worked with further. In the following part is made, an analysis of the current situation of the given company. The last part focuses on obtaining, transforming, and uploading the necessary data and developing dashboards that monitor the performance of the companies. The resulting dashboards will help in monitoring the devices used in companies.
Project Proposal of a Music Festival
Uzlová, Anna ; Spáčilová, Natálie (referee) ; Doskočil, Radek (advisor)
My bachelor's thesis focuses on the use of project management tools and methods to complete a completely new project. The first part of the bachelor's thesis describes the methods and tools used. This information is further used to analyze the current state of the company and to make proposals. The tools and methods that were chosen are further practically used in the creation of the three phases of the project's life cycle. We will include an analysis of the current state in the pre-project phase, where I will also present the marketing part of the project. The design part is included in the initiation and planning phase of the project. The final output of the bachelor's thesis is a detailed proposal, according to which it is possible to start the project within the set deadline.

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