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Multilayer neural network
Kačer, Petr ; Klusáček, Jan (referee) ; Jirsík, Václav (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis describes the basics of issue of multilayer neural networks and explains principle of backpropagation algorithm. Next part of thesis is about development of a software for learning and testing multilayer neural networks and describes its graphical user interface. Last part of thesis is dedicated to tutorial examples and practical demonstrations of multilayer neural network usage.
Evaluation of images of the air flow from a ventilation outlet
Cvrkal, Richard ; Pokorný, Jan (referee) ; Jedelský, Jan (advisor)
This thesis deals with evaluation of acquired picture of products from ventilation outlet in car. For visualisation was used the smoke method. Pictures in three diferent qualities were detected by two methods. The suitability of using the neurons networks on pictures in different qualities was also regarded.
The GPU Based Acceleration of Neural Networks
Šimíček, Ondřej ; Jaroš, Jiří (referee) ; Petrlík, Jiří (advisor)
The thesis deals with the acceleration of backpropagation neural networks using graphics chips. To solve this problem it was used the OpenCL technology that allows work with graphics chips from different manufacturers. The main goal was to accelerate the time-consuming learning process and classification process. The acceleration was achieved by training a large amount of neural networks simultaneously. The speed gain was used to find the best settings and topology of neural network for a given task using genetic algorithm.
Scene Analysis Based on the 2D Images
Hejtmánek, Martin ; Drahanský, Martin (referee) ; Orság, Filip (advisor)
This thesis deals with an object surface analysis in a simple scene represented by two-dimensional raster image. It summarizes the most common methods used within this branch of information technology and explains both their advantages and drawbacks. It introduces the design of an surface profile analysis algorithm based on the lighting analysis using knowledge and experiences from previous work. It contains a detailed description of the implemented algorithm and discusses the experimental results. It also brings up options for the possible enhancement of the projected algorithm.
Building deep networks using autoencoders
Lohniský, Michal ; Veselý, Karel (referee) ; Hradiš, Michal (advisor)
This thesis deals with pretraining deep networks by autoencoders. Components of neural networks are described in first chapters. Rest of chapters aims to deep network trainings and to results of experiments where autoencoder pretraining and Backpropagation algorithm are compared. Results showed positive contribution of autoencoder pretraining, mainly in combination with Finetuning.
Adaptive controllers with principles of artificial intelligence and its comparison with classical identifications methods
Vaňková, Tereza ; Dokoupil, Jakub (referee) ; Pivoňka, Petr (advisor)
Master’s thesis is focused on the adaptive controllers. The first theoretic part mainly describes the parametric identification, which belongs to the most important part of the adaptive controller’s structure. Classical identification methods (the recursive least squares methods) are firstly mentioned and afterwards the identification methods based on the neural network (the Marquardt-Levenberg algorithm and the new identification algorithm NIA inspired by the neural networks) are described. At the conclusion of the theoretic part there are mentioned the algorithm of the adaptive controller’s tuning which uses the identification parameters (the modified Z-N method) and the tested types of adaptive controllers. Particular results, which were found out by verifying of the adaptive controllers on the simulation and real models, are contained in second, the practical, part of the thesis. Finally, achieved results are compared with the classical discrete PID controller and with the adaptive controller of the B&R company.
Chatbot Based on Artificial Neural Networks
Červíček, Petr ; Novotný, Ondřej (referee) ; Szőke, Igor (advisor)
The thesis pursues the implementation of the chatbot based on neural networks. It uses Long short term memory networks, which remember long-term dependencies. Chatbot was implemented in Python with superstructure Keras and is based on sequence-to-sequence. Chatbot was also tested by BLEU and given to users, who chatted with the chatbot. For a better understanding of the given problematics, there is simple description of the chatbot history and used technologies.
Algorithmic Trading Using Twitter Data
Kříž, Jakub ; Plchot, Oldřich (referee) ; Szőke, Igor (advisor)
This master's thesis describes creation of prediction system. This system predicts future market development based on stock exchange data and twitter messages analysis. Tweets from two different sources are analysed by mood dictionaries or via recurrent neural networks. This analysis results and technical analysis of stock exchange data results are used in multilayer neural network for prediction. A business strategy is created and tested based on results of this prediction. Design and implementation of prediction system is described in this thesis. This system achieved revenue increase more than 25 % of some business strategies by tweets analysis. However this improvement applies for certain data and timeframe.
Data analysis from the manufacturing process
Krčmář, Martin ; Honzík, Petr (referee) ; Zezulka, František (advisor)
This thesis deals with the classification of production data using algorithms: neural networks, decision trees and naive bayesian classifier. The neural network is dedicated forward multilayer networks with a learning algorithm of backpropagation. In thesis, these algorithms are described and evaluated their pros and cons. Another part deals with the development of the program in C# for creating these algorithms. The last part is devoted to the evaluation of the results. Bachelor thesis contains a sample of generated clasification models decision tree and bayesian classifier.
Stock Market Prediction via Technical and Psychological Analysis
Petřík, Patrik ; Pospíchal, Petr (referee) ; Rejnuš, Oldřich (advisor)
This work deals with stock market prediction via technical and psychological analysis. We introduce theoretical resources of technical and psychological analysis. We also introduce some methods of artificial intelligence, specially neural networks and genetic algorithms. We design a system for stock market prediction. We implement and test a part of system. In conclusion we discuss results.

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