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Šmak, Martin ; Fojtášek, Jan (referee) ; Zháňal, Lubor (advisor)
Hybrid motorcycles represent opportunity in reducing fuel consumption and emissions of motorcycles, but also in increasing overall performance parameters while preserving the original propulsion unit. The thesis deals with the design solution of a hybrid motorcycle and its simulation in various operating modes. The model is compared to a conventional motorcycle model, and the differences between both concepts are observed. Simulations have shown higher acceleration and lower fuel consumption in the hybrid concept for most tests, except for highway traffic. The largest difference in fuel consumption of hybrid motorcycle was evident in urban traffic, where the use of a hybrid motorcycle proved to be suitable.
Measurement of vehicle suspension bushing characteristics
Kopecký, Petr ; Zháňal, Lubor (referee) ; Porteš, Petr (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with the measurement of static characteristics of wheel suspension bushings. It includes a structural design of the test device and drawings according to which the device was manufactured. The device has several variations for different stresses and is applicable with possible modifications to various bushings including the ones that do not have common axes. The measurement procedure, the results of the measurements of the static characteristics and their analysis and comparison with the finite element method calculations are also given. The measured characteristics were then added to the model of the axle for multibody simulations.
Franc, Lukáš ; Porteš, Petr (referee) ; Zháňal, Lubor (advisor)
This master thesis deals with verifying whether it is possible to determine the external speed characteristic of the engine using sensors in mobile phone. For this verification were made driving tests, during which the driving data were measured with mobile phone. These data were processed in the calculation part in MATLAB. Results were compared with power measurement on chassis dynamometer and with two alternative methods of power measurement.
Dynamic Model of Air Suspension System
Janečková, Radka ; Zháňal, Lubor (referee) ; Fojtášek, Jan (advisor)
This master’s thesis is about creating a dynamic model of pneumatic suspension. At first reader gets to know some general information about pneumatic suspension like: classification of this type of suspension, historical development and how modern air suspension systems work. Next, there is review of some created analytical models of this type of suspension. Last but not least, the new dynamic model of air suspension is created in the software ADAMS/Car. It is tested in different types of analysis, such as quasistatic or dynamic suspension analysis and then the model is implemented in the full vehicle Tatra T158 4x4 and more analysis are made. The new model is then evaluated in terms of pros and cons.
Stress-strain analysis of the motorcycle frame
Adlof, Michal ; Zháňal, Lubor (referee) ; Dlugoš, Jozef (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on the stress-strain analysis of a motorcycle frame, in which two variants of the structure are checked and compared. The first part of the work is devoted to the analysis of individual driving conditions and the calculation of their load. The second part deals with strength analysis, which is used to determine the safety of frames. Based on the results of strength analyzes, the innovated frame is evaluated, and structural modifications are recommended to increase the rigidity and safety of the structure. In conclusion, the whole diploma thesis is summarized and evaluated. This work was created in cooperation with Jawa Moto spol. s r.o., which provided the necessary documents.
Řezníček, Pavel ; Dlugoš, Jozef (referee) ; Zháňal, Lubor (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with possibility of using a mobile phone to measure vehicle dynamics and determine the accuracy of this measurement. In the research part, it is first mentioned what methods are used to produce sensors for mobile phones. Next, a description of individual sensors that can be used for vehicle dynamics measurement, the principle by which the sensors record measured values and their inaccuracies. The practical part shows with which professional device the accuracy of the mobile phone is compared, how data can be collected from both devices and how the comparison measurement was performed. This section also describes the ways in which the measured data of the mobile phone can be improve for better accuracy, and finally the comparison of the measured values from both devices from different points of view.
Stabilization systems of motorcycles
Honek, Bohumil ; Tobiáš, Martin (referee) ; Zháňal, Lubor (advisor)
In terms of this bachelor’s thesis, the author created a comprehensive overview and description of mechanical and electronic stabilizing systems of one-track vehicles. This thesis furthermore deals with the impact of a vehicle’s structure on its stability and riding dynamics and also includes a brief historical development of the individual components. This thesis then offers an outlook into the close future of vehicles’ and similar machinery’s stability, followed by the author’s critical evaluation.
Recuperation systems in automotive technology
Běhoun, Lukáš ; Repka, Martin (referee) ; Zháňal, Lubor (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to examine the methods of energy recuperation in the automotive technology. The first section explores the historical development of the recuperation systems spanning from the end of the 19th century to the present day. The second section is following with the division of the recuperation systems in accordance with the method of their energy storage and their transmission. This is consecutively supported by three examples of use for each of the systems. The third section offers a comparison of the individual cumulative units. Furthermore, it offers a comparison of all the types of systems used in bus transportation. The fourth section analyses the fuel consumption by a bus without a recuperation system and by an identical bus with the Bosch Rexroth recuperation system. This is supported by calculations. Subsequently, the above systems are scrutinized from an economical point of view. The last part deals with the possible development of recuperation systems in the future.
Mathematical models of tires
Straka, Tomáš ; Porteš, Petr (referee) ; Zháňal, Lubor (advisor)
This master‘s thesis describes problematics of mathematical models of tires for computer simulations. The goal of this thesis is to depict currently used models of tires and to compare them. Thesis describes brush type models, Fiala, Magic Formula (Pacejka), FTire, UA-Gim, 521 and DELFT. Those models are compared to each other by simulations carried out in software MSC ADAMS Car. The results are shown in figures with commentary and evaluation. This thesis serves as introduction to problematics of currently used mathematical models of tire in computer simulations.
Stabilization systems of motorcycles
Jeřela, Martin ; Janoušek, Michal (referee) ; Zháňal, Lubor (advisor)
The research work is focused on mechanical and electronic stability systems. Their brief development and detailed description of the functions that occur today in single-track mo-tor vehicles

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