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Revitalization of brownfields
Sokola, Jiří ; Výskala, Miloslav (referee) ; Aigel, Petr (advisor)
The theme of my thesis is focused on the issue of "brownfields", hereinafter the BF and his revitalization. The work is divided into 2 parts. The theoretical part deals with the definition of the term BF, definitions and options division, as well as revitalization and her instruments. In the second part first mentions about the state of BF in the Czech Republic, and more specifically in the South Moravian region and then on concrete example of JZD Bohaté Málkovice and UP Bučovice suggest possible new use of this grounds and determines the cost of their revitalization using budgetary indicators.
The GAP in Brno
Šujanová, Radka ; Němec, Roman (referee) ; Nový, Vítězslav (advisor)
The task of the bachelor's thesis was to design a suitable structure for our chosen gap. My design deals with a gap on Sladová Street. Quite an unattractive location is hidden behind Mendel Square, but which is a great shortcut to Špilberk Castle. Nowadays, the gap is ugly, overgrown and fenced with corrugated iron, on which some "artists" decorated with their thought of art. The analyses I performed last semester showed that the plots never had a building on them. In addition, there is an exploration tunnel of the tram line. An insight into the zoning plan revealed that the tram line below Špilberk is still being considered, so I had to adapt the proposal to this fact. So, my design is a multifunctional house, which is mostly residential. I incorporated the tunnel into the house by basically making it an attraction for the public as part of a large cafe with an underground bar and club. The benefit of the design for the site should be to make the street more attractive, to fill an unsightly gap and to create new living spaces near the centre.
Evaluation of the Economy of the Selected Region
Prokschová, Annette ; Martinec, Martin (referee) ; Pernica, Martin (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis "Evaluation of the Economy of a Selected Region" deals with the management of the South Moravian Region in 2011-2015. The first part contains basic concepts. The analytical part presents the South Moravian Region and an analysis of revenues and expenditures. The last part proposes measures to improve the economy of this region.
Analysis of Forces and Means from Integrated Rescue System for Solving the Main Emergecies
Venclovský, Filip ; Dana, Čípková (referee) ; Mika, Otakar Jiří (advisor)
This work is focus on the analysis of forces and means from integrated rescue system in South Moravian. It tries to acquaint with questions from integrated rescue system and it gives objective information about present condition. Not only generally information but running of the special groups are describes for every main component part of integrated rescue system. The suggestion of new type activity for component part of integrated rescue system is worked in conclusion of the work. This activity treats of the solution of remarkable event – rescue person from the watercourse. This activity not has officially determined yet. Anonymous questionnaires are evaluated by graphs in the supplement part. The questionnaires were solved by the members of the Fire fighters rescue team, Police of the Czech Republic and the workers of the Medical Corps.
Completion of the city block - Křížová street
Polanská, Andrea ; Prudík, David (referee) ; Františák, Luboš (advisor)
In my bachelor thesis, I focus on the completion of the city block on Krížová Street in Brno. The given area is located in the city center near Mendel Square. In my design project, I take into account a modified arrangement of the “Kras” area and I respect the alteration of the street based on the design awarded the 2nd prize in the Mendel Square idea competition held in 2018. The aim of my thesis is to find the optimal urban concept, building program and architectural design of two town houses.
Špica/ Brno, Nové sady 49°11'20.3"N 16°36'29.4"E
Zavadil, Ondřej ; Šandera, Lumír (referee) ; Marek, Jiří (advisor)
The aim of the proposal was to solve the development of an urban area on the corner of Nové sady and Úzká streets in the vicinity of the historic city center. In the design, I tried to create a large number of interior spaces with views of the surroundings, especially the main landmarks of the city such as Petrov and Špilberk. At the same time, a high dynamic building is created, which is the dominant feature and the jewel of the corner. The concept should bring to the locality not only the cultivation of the territory, but also the opening of space from the surrounding streets and the area in front of Little America thanks to the open parterre, which allows the entire town hall building to pass. Due to the easy walking distance from the city center, quality amenities, a large number of public transport stops, employees and visitors do not necessarily use the city office to transport cars, but in my proposal I count on underground parking under the city hall. I conceived the whole design as an effort to create a Brno jewel, which will not be a barrier but a connection of the surrounding streets.
The Study of the Parking Area on the Motorway D1
Šťastný, Radek ; Hornýš, Michal (referee) ; Radimský, Michal (advisor)
The task of my diploma work is the study of the parking area on the motorway D1 near Vyškov. This place will be connected with the motorway D1 between the present exit Vyškov – West (226) and Vyškov – East (230/1) in the direction to Kroměříž. The parking area (the parking place, the petrol station, the restaurant) and the truckpark will be designed with the reason of the high intensity of cars and lorries on the motorway D1 and with the reason of the lack of the parking places for the lorries.
Area for Breeding Horses
Floriánová, Jitka ; Klimek, Karel (referee) ; Myslín, Jiří (advisor) ; Skála, Jiří (advisor)
The aim of this project was to design a new hippocentre in the locality of Lipůvka – Jihomoravský kraj. The building site is situated in a sloping terrain, on a meadow out of the built-up area of the village. The principle of this draft lies in a division of various functions to the separated objects, connected by inner and outer ways. The object is functionally divided into five parts – hall of an inner riding-school (partially imbedded into the terrain), with added objects of keeper’s/owner’s housing, restaurant and a club room with a kitchen and other service rooms, and accomodation part for guests. Higher in the terrain we can find horse stables with integrated service rooms- such as feed storage, changing rooms for the users, and showers for the horses. One of the most important requirements of this project was also to create a functional complex though the significant cant in the elevation across the length of the given area. Thus, the stable buildings have inside two different floor levels to compensate it. The hall of a riding-school is lighted by skylights in its roof, which also provide indirect lighting to the rooms in the western part of the three added blocks. In this bachelor thesis, only the buildings for accomodation and dwelling of people are being further designed and documented.
The GAP in Brno
Koudelková, Veronika ; Bernátek, Tomáš (referee) ; Palaščák, Michal (advisor)
The subject of my work was to fill a selected gap in the heart of Brno with a residential building, to compact the city center and effectively use unmaintained spaces. The solved area is located on Cejl street in the Zábrdovice district, nicknamed the Brno Bronx. With my design, I try to contribute to the attractiveness of the location and the creation of pleasant living in the city center as part of a friendly and creative community. The concept is based on the ideal use of the land and also takes into account the surrounding buildings and normative requirements for their placement, spacing and sun exposure. The resulting design therefore consists of three buildings - two apartment buildings in the courtyard and a street building, which in addition to the vertical communication serves also as a noise and dust filter and with its facade brings into the street a hitherto non-existent green element. In this building there is also a space on the ground floor for the sale of local plants, flowers or vegetables, which residents can grow directly on the plot, in greenhouses in the street building or directly on spacious galleries connecting all 3 designed buildings. The design also takes into account the need for parking spaces for residents, which are located on the ground floor directly below the apartment buildings together with the cellars.
Development strategies of the South Moravian Region
Strouhalová, Dagmar ; Chovancová,, Jitka (referee) ; Vaňková, Lucie (advisor)
The diploma thesis is divided into two basic parts. The first part focuses on the theoretical overview and explanation of basic concepts related to the issue of regional development, regional politics and development strategies. The second practical part focuses on the characteristics of the South – Moravian Region and focuses on competitiveness issues, calculates on the basic of statistical variables and is supplemented by SWOT analysis and identification of impacts that have an impact on the proposed regional development.

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