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Demand for gas: Evidence from the 2022 energy crisis
Stuchlík, Jan ; Pertold-Gebicka, Barbara (advisor) ; Opatrný, Matěj (referee)
This thesis analyzes the effects of the 2022 energy crisis on changes in consump- tion patterns among Czech households, with the main focus on natural gas and other energy sources. We captured the effects using income and cross-price elas- ticity of expenditure shares of various goods. We calculated these elasticities from estimated parameters of a quadratic almost ideal demand system. The system parameters were estimated using the iterated feasible generalized non- linear least squares method on household-level data collected by PAQ Research. Demand for gas is income-elastic during the energy crisis, contrasting with other energy sources. Households made significant adjustments to their consumption of luxury goods and necessities in response to the high energy prices. The cross- price elasticity estimates show a decrease in expenditure shares of luxury goods and distant heat in relation to higher gas prices. Reduced healthcare and trans- port expenditure shares and increased solid fuels expenditure shares are related to higher electricity prices. In response to rising prices of necessities, households generally decrease expenditure shares of luxury goods. Households' reactions to the energy crisis are heterogeneous among socio-economic groups.
Evaluation of the results and quality of the online district round of the D category of the Geography Olympiad 2020/21
Filipová, Diana ; Jelen, Jakub (advisor) ; Hanus, Martin (referee)
The thesis deals with the analysis of tests of category D (secondary schools) of the district round of the 23rd year of the Geography Olympiad and the evaluation of their quality. In the theoretical part the concept of giftedness and giftedness is defined. At the same time, different approaches to their definition are discussed. In the following chapters, the Geography Olympiad subject competition, its system and structure are presented. The criteria and selection processes that enable selected competitors to represent the Czech Republic at international geography competitions are presented. This is followed by an analysis of the course of the competition during the period of the Covid-19 pandemic and a description of the measures taken to ensure the security and continuity of the competition. Deeper attention is paid to the evaluation of the quality of the test of the district round of category D of the 23rd Geography Olympiad and the analysis of the success rate of the competitors in the individual parts of the competition. Specifically, the parts of the atlas work, the written test of geographical knowledge and the practical part are evaluated. The test problems are evaluated using statistical methods such as Spearman's and Pearson's correlation coefficient, discriminant index and Cronbach's...
Teachers' attitudes towards the use of the name Czechia
Lambert, Filip ; Jelen, Jakub (advisor) ; Chromý, Pavel (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the attitudes of teachers at primary and secondary schools, whether they know the difference between a geographical and a political name. The main goal of the work is to find out if teachers use the geographical names Czechia / Czechia in teaching, or for what reasons they prefer the political name, and if these reasons are relevant. The work also deals with the historical context of names over the last hundred years with an insight into the beginnings of the use of geographical names. The work primarily examines current events in the media and on the political scene. The research was conducted with the help of a questionnaire survey, to which 124 respondents responded. It was found that the majority of geography teachers use geographical names in their teaching, while the results were more balanced for teachers of other qualifications. Furthermore, it was found that respondents rejecting short names do not have any relevant reasons for not using them, but limit themselves to the dichotomy of subjective feelings, whether they like the name or not.
Konkurenceschopnost zemí střední a východní Evropy
Ustiuzhantseva, Polina
This bachelor thesis is devoted to the competitiveness of Central and Eastern European countries. In the theoretical part the concept of competitiveness and methods of measuring macroeconomic competitiveness are described. In the methodological part indicators are chosen, by which subsequently in the practical part comparison of competitiveness of Central and Eastern European countries is carried out. The practical part of the thesis also deals with the comparison of re-sults of measurement of selected indicators. According to the chosen indicators weaknesses and strengths of Central and Eastern European countries are identi-fied. Finally, recommendations for increasing the competitiveness of selected states are formulated. In the discussion part, the achieved results are compared with the results of other authors, and the possible shortcomings of the chosen indicators are discussed.
Ohrozenie pracovných miest spojených s automatizáciou a súvisiacimi faktormi v kontexte EÚ
Rebrová, Dominika
Diploma thesis focuses on the impact of automation and related factors on jobs in the European Union, with a focus on the Czech and Slovak Republics. In the introduction of the thesis, important concepts related to automation and digitalization are discussed. At the same time, the first part of the thesis also includes the definition of the population groups most vulnerable to automation and digitalization. The next part of the thesis is devoted to quantitative and complementary qualitative research. The quantitative part deals with the public opinion of the population in relation to artificial intelligence and robots. The complementary qualitative part is devoted to a short interview with an HR manager from the automotive industry. The fourth chapter of the thesis describes suggestions for minimizing the risks associated with automation and digitalization in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Domácí vzdělávání v České republice a Chilské republice: komparativní studie legislativy, kontrolních postupů ověřující výsledky žáků a motivace rodičů pro domácí vzdělávání
Duchoňová, Denisa
This bachelor thesis deals with comparison of home education in Czechia and Chile. The aim was to compare chosen countries in their legislative framework of home education, in control mechanisms verifying results of this form of education an also to compare motives of parents that led them to choose this alternative for their children. Material for the comparison was obtained from literature research in Czech, English and Spanish. Motives leading parents to choose home education gained from the literature research were addictionally complemented with illustrative case study. Study was realized through semi-structured online video interviews with two female respondents who have direct personal experience with home education of their offsprings. Each respondent represented one chosen country, so the first respondent was from Czechia and the second one from Chile. Answers to the research questions were summarized in the assessment of matches and differences using the classification scale. Average evaluation of all the compared characteristics was evaluated as good, which means that chosen countries are partly matching and partly different in all compared characteristics. The final classification sententiously expresses mutual relations between all compared characteristics, because both compared countries have huge specifics in terms of home education. Both countries also have significant matches, mainly in the area of motives that led parents to choose this form of education for their offsprings where is the biggest match ratio.
Development of regional differentiation of premature mortality in Czechia in the period 1996-2019
Korytarová, Eliška ; Burcin, Boris (advisor) ; Ukolova, Elizaveta (referee)
Development of regional differentiation of premature mortality in Czechia in the period 1996-2019 Abstract The aim of this thesis is to analyze the premature mortality trends at the national and district levels in the Czech Republic from 1996 to 2019. The analytical tool used is the indicator of Potential Years of Life Lost (PYLL). The results of the analysis confirmed that the level of premature mortality is higher among males. During the study period, there was a significant reduction in premature mortality at both the national and district levels for both males and females. The decline was more pronounced among males. The most common causes of premature death were circulatory system diseases and neoplasms. Between 1996 and 2019, the most significant reduction in premature mortality occurred in diseases of the circulatory system. There was also a substantial decrease in causes of death typical for the infant age group. Regional disparities increased during the study period, and the disparities in premature mortality between districts were more significant among females. Keywords: premature mortality, years of life lost, causes of death, districts, Czechia
Comparison of the functioning of regional political parties in the Czech Republic
Trubička, Vít ; Stauber, Jakub (advisor) ; Jüptner, Petr (referee)
This master thesis would be about Czech political parties, which are active at the regional level of Czech politics. The interest of research is their activity and the operation of these single political parties, what has the impact on the function, how are the political parties based, and how wide is their agenda. This is set up due to institutional factors and the election system due to the largeness of the municipalities and the party agendas. It depends, on whether they're a business firm party at the local level, a party against big parties cartels, or an environmental party. For the program of regional parties is important the regional variety, which is set by the social and economic situation in the regions. The point of research will be the development of regional political parties in the Czech Republic since the year 1993 when these kinds of parties were established. The important year for the parties' evolution will be the year 2000 when the regional structure of the Czech self-government was based on. In comparison to the research will be also other European regional political parties see, how different these in the Czech Republic are. In the Czech Republic are some different types of political parties that are based on their province.
Changes in the use of second homes
Peksová, Eliška ; Fialová, Dana (advisor) ; Nosková, Alena (referee)
The presented thesis deals with the phenomenon of second homes, specifically the change in the use of recreational properties due to socio-economic changes. Second homes began to develop in the Czech Republic in the early 20th century, and experienced significant growth since the 1960s. The thesis discusses the transformation of second homes into permanent residences at the turn of the second and third decades of the 21st century. The researched area, Hradec near Kadaň, is located in the Ústí nad Labem Region of the Czech Republic. The main objective of the thesis is to characterize the changes in behavior of second home owners and the utilization of these second home locations in relation to social and economic changes. To achieve this objective, several research methods were employed. The practical part is supplemented by a theoretical section, which includes a review of not only Czech but also international literature and professional articles addressing the issue of second homes and the impact of social and economic changes in society. For the purposes of the essential practical research part, observation was conducted, followed by a questionnaire survey, focus groups, the snowball method, and comparative photography was used. The methodological section is followed by a characterization of the...
The effect of the "metropolitan voting" on voting behaviour in the 2021 Czech legislative election
Vratný, Radek ; Lepič, Martin (advisor) ; Mikešová, Renáta (referee)
This thesis examines one of the factors underlying voting behaviour in the last Czech legislative election to the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic in 2021. It explains the differences between composite and contextual research approaches and then focuses on the possible identification and demonstration of the metropolitan voting effect, which can be considered as a subcategory of the contagion effect. Given the lack of attention to this phenomenon in the literature to date, the paper summarizes and partially innovates the conceptualization of this phenomenon. The contagion effect, also called the neighbourhood effect, refers to a situation where people revise their voting behaviour under the direct or indirect influence of the prevailing stances and opinions of people moving or living in a defined area. Then they vote based on this revision, thus their individual characteristics, which are addressed by the composite approach, have less influence on them than would be expected. This paper attempts to demonstrate the effect of metropolitan voting in two metropolitan areas, Prague and Ostrava, using the statistical methods of multiple linear regression and spatial autocorrelation. Multiple regression works with many data at the level of municipalities and city districts...

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