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Zneužívání omamných a psychotropních látek žáky středních odborných škol
Gracl, Ondřej
The bachelor´s thesis deals with the abuse of narcotic and psychotropic substances by students of secondary technical schools. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part deals with the definition of narcotic and psychotropic substances, the division of drugs, their description, circumstances influencing individuals to abuse them, prevention, adolescents and the current situation in secondary schools. The practical part of the thesis examines the main goal of wheter and what experiences with narcotic and psychotropic substances the students of secondary technical schools have.
Assassement of the Active Ingredient Delta-9 THC in Biological Marerial and Hemp Drugs
This bachelor's thesis deals with the matter of abusing hemp drugs and its products in the past as well as at present day. The thesis focuses on possible contributions to well-being of using hemp but also health risks, which come with the abuse of hemp and hemp drugs. The aim of this thesis is to partly chart the data about THC abuse from three South Bohemian hospitals. The hospitals are: the hospital of České Budějovice, the hospital of Písek and the hospital of Strakonice. The data involve the number of tests done in hospital facilities in order to confirm or to confute the presence of THC in biological material, most commonly in urine. The thesis describes preanalytical and analytical phase of sample treating where mistakes must be avoided. The bachelor's thesis is than occupied with the principles of the assessment of THC in biological material in both qualitative and quantitative ways of assessment of active ingredients. It contains findings gained during practice in a form of personal assistance and data from which is then made the conclusion of this thesis. The aim of this bachelor's thesis also involves charting of hemp abuse in a part of South Bohemian Region during past few years. This bachelor's thesis can serve as a base for those, who are interested in the discussed topic. Another contribution can be an extension of general knowledge amongst students and public, considering the curative benefits and the effect of hemp abuse at the same time. In the conclusion the bachelor's thesis concerns with how many tests were positive and how many were negative during the years charted in a certain hospital but also compares the hospitals mutually. It involves the development of hemp drug abuse through time in each region.
Education of adolescent girls with addictology problem in institutional care
Štromajerová, Kristýna ; Presslerová, Pavla (advisor) ; Vídršperková, Lenka (referee)
This paper focuses on adolescent girls who are clients of a diagnostic institution and have been transferred to a specialized ward with more addictive support due to substance abuse. In this ward, they then attend school facilities that are not part of the institution and, according to the documentation of said ward, they are not successful in their studies and in most cases drop out of high school or apprenticeship. Therefore, the aim of this study was to find out what are the reasons and obstacles that prevent them from successfully completing their studies. The data collection was based on semi-structured interviews with the clients, the teaching staff of the diagnostic institute, the teaching staff of the schools where the clients attend and the parents of the clients. Another method used in this thesis was a detailed analysis of the documentation of the relevant department where the clients are placed. On the basis of the analysis of the interviews by means of selective coding, 41 categories were determined and these were subsequently narrowed down to 6 coherent themes that can be considered as direct causes of the school failure of the mentioned clients: self-assessment, finances, choice of field of study, problems at primary school, method of education, lack of information of class teachers....
Occurence comparison of socio-pathological phenomena in school facilities in areas with different population size
Klusáčková, Renata ; Marádová, Eva (advisor) ; Kučírek, Jiří (referee)
The object of this work is action research and analysis of its results, which relate to the socio-pathological phenomena studied in two schools in areas with different populations. It is a school of Jan Werich in Prague 6, which represents the big city school facilities and school Libice nad Cidlinou representing rural schools in areas with low population. The theoretical section deals with the short characteristics examined social pathology in the research section is devoted to analysis of the results.
Crimes related to substance abuse
Abu Dayeh, Christián ; Říha, Jiří (advisor) ; Hořák, Jaromír (referee)
Crimes related to substance abuse Criminal offences related to substance abuse are still a highly topical issue having serious social, health-related, financial and security impacts on the whole society. Since the subject is very broad, I decided to focus on substantive law of so-called drug-related crimes. The thesis is divided into eight sections. In the first one I define the basic terms that are frequently used in the thesis and whose definition is crucial for understanding the text as a whole. Second section contains historical background of the current legal form of drug- related crimes in the Czech Republic, while also some international legal rules are included as they influenced local legal development as well as many legal obligations result from them for the Czech Republic until the present. Third section covers current legislation; it contains a common introduction for individual elements of the drug-related offences as well as a broader context within the Penal Code, and it also mentions certain non-penal legislation that is closely connected to this topic. Substance of this thesis is in sections 4 - 8 describing individual elements of the drug offences. In each section there is also some part devoted to analyzing current issues. In the fourth section I deal with an act of cannabis...
Crime relating to the abuse of addictive substances
Mandík, Jan ; Vokoun, Rudolf (advisor) ; Bohuslav, Lukáš (referee)
The purpose of my thesis is to analyse crime relating to the abuse of addictive substances. This is a very broad topic that affects many non-legal areas such as health care or economy. It is also associated with many criminological questions. However, in my thesis I focused on drug offences stated in the Czech Criminal Code. This topic was already processed several times, yet it still remains topical since the drug scene is constantly evolving, especially thanks to advanced technologies. The thesis is composed of seven chapters and the first chapter is aimed on defining the basic terms, which I consider crucial for the understanding of the issue. In this chapter I also define the basic terminology used in the thesis. The next chapter deals with the history of the legal regulation of the abuse of addictive non-alcoholic substances. I focused especially on the national legislation and to the limited extent also on international treaties. The first act I mentioned is "Břetislav decrees" from 1039 and gradually I'm getting to the current Criminal Code. One part of the chapter is devoted to the previous Criminal Code no. 140/1961 Coll. The merit of my thesis is contained in the chapters 3 - 7. Each chapter describes one of the drug offences, which are found in the articles 283 - 287 of the Criminal Code....
The anti-alcohol measures in Russia and life satisfaction
Baydadaeva, Nigina ; Fialová, Kamila (advisor) ; Opatrný, Matěj (referee)
1 Abstract The long-standing issue of the alcohol consumption level in Russia, remaining among the highest in the World, has resulted in the introduction of strict anti-alcohol regulations aiming to mitigate the negative aftermath. Substance abuse influences many spheres of life, including life satisfaction. Moreover, in the special case of Russia, hazardous drinking led to the increase in the probability of men's death. This thesis examines the relationships between the newly introduced anti-alcohol policies in Russia during the period from 2009 to 2014 and the life satisfaction of alcohol consumers. To perform the analysis, the Difference-in-Differences principle is applied to the sample derived from the two waves of the non-governmental survey conducted by The Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey - Higher School of Economics (RLMS-HSE). The respondents are divided into two groups: alcohol consumers (treatment group) and abstainers (control group). The analysis is firstly performed on the whole sample of the Russian population, then on the masculine subsample. The results of both parts of the analysis show no evidence of an increase in the life satisfaction of alcohol consumers following the implementation of the anti-alcohol regulations over the period under review. Keywords: taxes, life satisfaction,...
Substance abuse crime
Šolcová, Šárka ; Říha, Jiří (advisor) ; Hořák, Jaromír (referee)
1 Abstract Crime relating to the abuse of addictive substances This thesis deals with the issue of substance abuse and criminality associated with this pathological phenomenon. Addiction and substance abuse can be considered a significant criminogenic factor, which is a common cause of traffic accidents, domestic violence, reduced self-control, increased aggression and other crime-related behaviors. Criminality related to the production, distribution and use of addictive substances covers a wide range of offenses, from trivial offenses bordering on offenses to the diverse activities of international organized crime, which can be consider a global issue. Subject matter of this thesis is to link this stated issue with fundamental knowledge about narcotic and psychotropic substances and its effects on individuals, along with their potential influence on the delinquent behavior of drug users, while providing a theoretical definition of crimes related to substance abuse and an effort to quantify this phenomenon. This thesis is devided into four parts. The introductory chapter focuses on interpreting concepts related to substance abuse, which is necessary for a comprehensive understanding of the stated issue. As a follow up to this, the second chapter deals with narcotic and psychotropic substances' fundamental...
The issue of legal regulation of drug related crimes in Czech criminal code
Janošíková, Veronika ; Jelínek, Jiří (advisor) ; Pelc, Vladimír (referee)
The issue of legal regulation of drug related crimes in Czech criminal code Abstract The thesis deals with the alcohol and drug-related substantive crimes and aims to provide the reader with the detailed analysis of the basic substituent elements of a crime with the analysis of the basic terms of the problematic and application of the existing case law. The analysis of some vague terms which are the subject of unending discussion of both the legal community and the general public is also provided in the thesis. I processed the thesis with the focus on the substantive law with emphasis on the drug- related crimes regulated in legislative provisions § 284 to § 287 of the Criminal Code and further on the chosen crimes from the area of secondary drug-related criminal activity, especially on the crime of endangerment under the influence of drugs or alcohol according to provision § 274 of the Criminal Code and the crime of drunkenness according to provision § 360 of the Criminal Code. The thesis is divided into eleven chapters. The first chapter is dedicated to the problematic of addictive substances in terms of their characteristics, division into groups according to their properties and effects and within them are listed the most known addictive substances. Furthermore, it focuses on the individual risks...
Crime relating to the abuse of addictive substances
Pacovský, Josef ; Bohuslav, Lukáš (referee)
Crime relating to the abuse of addictive substances The abuse of addictive substances is an issue of the whole society, which in current globalized world, considering continuous development of drug scene, still remains topical. The abuse of addictive substances, as a significant criminogenic need, relates to all kinds of different criminal offences, both those committed by addicts and those committed against them. This includes for example property crimes, crimes against life, person and health, or endangerment. Because of such wide scope of crimes related to the abuse of addictive substances, the focus of my work is on substantive regulation of so-called drug offences, which is stated in the articles 283 - 287 of the Criminal Code. The purpose of this thesis is to analyse constituent elements of the particular drug offences, coherent case-law, as well as some questionable issues related with this kind of criminal offences. It is for instance, the issue of determining the term "greater than the small amount" and regulation of making cannabis accessible for medical use. Higher consideration is given to the questions of so called growshops and the issues of the distribution of drug addiction. The thesis is divided into general part and special part. In the general part, there is a definition of some...

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