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In-line skating training methodology for the preschool children
Entová, Klára ; Bačáková, Radka (advisor) ; Gnad, Tomáš (referee)
Title: In-line skating training methodology for the preschool children Objectives: The aim of this work was to create a methodology for teaching inline skating to preschool children, mainly in the form of games. Methods: The literary recherche and the empiricism were used in this thesis. The theoretical part was written based on the literary recherche and contains essential information regarding the in-line skating, history of this sport and information regarding the development regularities in the preschool age. The empiricism and the literary recherche particularly are combined in the practical part. Individual games and exercises were created based on my empiricism obtained during the teaching of the in-line skating of the preschool children. Results: Composition of the simple methodology plan of the in-line skating training in the form of a game. Selected preparatory exercises and games shall the children tackle without major issues. The thesis contains following simple steps - falls, standing up, postures and basics of the ride forward and backward. All these movement skills can be developed in the form of a game. Keywords: skating skills, kindergarten, age regularities, game, physical fitness, sport, health
Sporttester With Bluetooth Le
Blažek, Vojtěch
This project deals with the design of a sporttester, which is able to measure the cadence of steps and the impact force during running. The measured values are then sent via Bluetooth Low Energy to the mobile application.
Healthy lifestyle of adolescents
Štěpánková, Veronika ; Strnadová, Mirka (advisor) ; Pekáček, Ondřej (referee)
The bachelor thesis titled Healthy Lifestyle of Adolescents examines the different types of free time activities for teens, focusing on healthy lifestyle and related opinions. It also looks into social networks and their influence on people aged 15-19. This age category comes with self- development and learning about one's personality, sometimes a person becomes more susceptible to commit to certain activities than in other age categories. The thesis emphasizes the effect of physical activity on health which is related to consuming wholesome or unhealthy food and other factors, and the differences in the perception of social media between boys and girls. I mainly focus on exploring the relationship between the young adults' views on healthy lifestyle and their participation on social media, I wish to help understand what healthy life means to youngsters and if their views vary depending on gender. To be more specific, using quantitative research in the form of an online questionnaire, I was able to find out that the gender is connected to choosing the type of healthy lifestyle in which the adolescents are interested in, that there is a connection between the time spent on social media and the teenagers' amount of interest in healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, I discovered there is a connection between...
The level of first-aid procedures knowledge amongst floorball trainers
Kylarová, Radka ; Majorová, Simona (advisor) ; Vilikus, Zdeněk (referee)
Title: The level of first-aid procedures knowledge amongst floorball trainers Objectives: The primary aim of this research was to identify to what extent trainers of the Czech highest female floorball league are familiar with the first-aid procedures. Methods: In this research, the sampling method was carried out in the form of an anonymous questionnaire, which was constructed from two parts. The first part of the questionnaire assessed general knowledge (7 questions). The second part tested the participants through a random scenario (15 questions). The number of respondents counted a total of 17 B-licensed trainers, both male and female. The questionnaire was completed with the assistance of the Czech Floorball Union, and the collected data was presented in graphs. Results: Based on the anonymous questionnaire, the findings showed the above-average experience of trainers providing first-aid, during both floorball practice or competition. The most common injures were the least serious, such as the wind knocked out, muscle / ligament strain. The results showed that the knowledge of coaches in not sufficient (the average percentage of correct answers among respondent is only 62 % in total), and moreover they are influenced by the scope of the first aid course and when the course was graduated. But...
Movement preparatory in preschool children
Sodomová, Federica ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Kaplan, Aleš (referee)
Title: Movement preparatory of preschool children Objectives: The main goal of this work is the physical activity of preschool children and the acquisition of basic movement skills based on movement experience. Partial goals are analyzing the determinants of movement, defining principles of movement within programs, organizing a space for intervention, and developing a program where consistent practice occurs, movement deficits in pre-school children can be improved. Methods: Based on a literature research, an intervention is proposed to reduce the movement deficit in preschool children. The search was divided into two parts. First part consists of analysis of the determinants of motion. Second part of the work is a synthesis of acquired knowledge. Based on my own judgment and practice in the field, keywords were chosen (movement, development, development, preschooler, child, motor skills, fitness, health, lifestyle, abilities, skills, bones, joints, CNS). The keywords were then used to search for relevant studies in the PubMed research database. The strategy of growing pearls and trimming served to narrow down the selection of studies found. Keywords: development, preschooler, motor skills, literacy, fitness, health, healthy lifestyle, abilities, skills, bones, joints, CNS Results: The results of...
Taoism and health: selected aspects
Tomek, Jaroslav ; Parry Martínková, Irena (advisor) ; Strnad, Pavel (referee)
Title: Taoism and health: selected aspects Objectives: The first objective of this thesis is to present and interpret Taoist way of thinking with a special emphasis on its teachings regarding health. The second objective is to presents selected aspects of this 'spiritual philosophy' and its health benefits (nutrition, fasting, breathing and physical exercises and others) and tests them against currently available scientific studies. The prolonged goal would be to point out methods which complement the techniques and processes of western health care systems. The third objective examines the legislative situation in the Czech elementary education system regarding the health education topic and beneficial effect of Taoist methods to use. Methods: This master thesis is purely theoretical, focusing on the analysis of primary and secondary source material with continuous and subsequent synthesis. These methods have been complemented with compilation and comparative methods. Results: Based on the available source material, the Taoist way of thinking has been presented including his approach to health. Furthermore, traditional Taoist health promoting practices which were also an inspiration for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) were being discussed. Based on scientific articles and studies, benefits and...
Business plan for establishing a private rehabilitation facility
Charvátová, Gabriela ; Povolná, Pavla (advisor) ; Kapounová, Martina (referee)
This thesis acquaints the reader with specifics in health care business, it defines closely a field of influence of a medical rehabilitation and also describes a provision of health care services in the field of physiotherapy. The main goal of the thesis is to prepare basis and elaboration of the business plan for establishing of a private health care facility and an independent physiotherapeutic practise in Tachov district in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part describes the health care system in the Czech Republic, further defines medical rehabilitation and it specifies field of physiotherapy closely. At the same time in my thesis, I mentioned a theoretical basis for establishing of a company including a brief and clear instruction on how to proceed in setting up a private health care facility "step by step". In the practical part, an analysis of the internal and external environment in the area of the newly developed health care facility in Tachov district is performed. Furthermore, in this part, a SWOT analysis is processed and described, which determines the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities and threats for the new enterprise. In this part of thesis it is crucial the preparation of the business plan, which takes into account demographic data, the location of health care facility and...
Quality of life of elderly people living in a retirement home
Šimánková, Simona ; Mareš, Jiří (advisor) ; Kutnohorská, Jana (referee)
Name and surname of the author: Simona Šimánková Institution: Charles University, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové, Department of non- medical studies Title: Quality of Life of elderly people living in a retirent home Supervisor: prof. PhDr. Jiří Mareš, Csc Number of pages: 105 Number of of attachments: 7 Year of defense: 2020/2021 Keywords: Quality of life, gerontology, geriatrics, senior, old age, aging, health, illness, social care, nursing homes The bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of quality of life in a home for the elderly. The bachelor thesis is divided into theoretical and empirical part. In the theoretical part we discuss the concept of quality of life in a general context and quality of life focused on the quality of life of seniors. Furthermore, the theoretical part deals with the issues of old age, aging, geriatrics and gerontology, the needs of seniors, describes the changes that the elderly population is facing. The work also notes the various social care options for seniors, treatments for the elderly and health problems faced by older seniors. The empirical part is focused on determining the quality of life of seniors in the home for the elderly Oasis in Nové Město nad Metují. The research is conceived in the form of a mixed approach. In the quantitative part, an...
Implementation of health education into the school educational program of the selected school
Vrbová, Simona ; Kovaříková, Miroslava (advisor) ; Kočí, Jana (referee)
The work is divided into a theoretical part and a research survey. In the theoretical part I deal with concepts in the field of health, health promotion at school, the field of Human and their health, the subject of health education, I describe the framework educational program and school educational program. Last but not least, I focus on the implementation, explanation of this concept and the actual implementation of health education in the school curriculum. The second part is focused on the analysis of the school educational program, where I examine the school educational program of a specific school. The next part is a semi-structured interview and a questionnaire, which will take place online. The data will be displayed in graphical form. In the end, I will present the proposals for changes in the school educational program of health education on this school, which I will create on the basis of the obtained data. The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to find out whether the school has suitable conditions for teaching health education and whether teachers and students are satisfied with the concept of teaching and how they differ. I found that the respondents are largely satisfied with the teaching of health education, teachers in their classes also use various group or individual work, which...

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