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The position of the CDU in Baden-Württemberg on the issue of asylum policy
Prokhoshin, Aleksei ; Kunštát, Miroslav (advisor) ; Filipová, Lucie (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the topical issue of the asylum policy, which is one of the most pivotal topics in contemporary German politics. It focuses on the state politics of Baden- Württemberg and deals with one political party, namely the Christian Democratic Union of Germany, which is one of the key actors on the state level. This thesis analyses the period 2011-2021, so it intentionally avoids the Ukrainian refugee crisis as a consequence of Russian aggression. The bachelor's thesis presents basic information about the position of the CDU on asylum policy and provides the historical context of immigration to Germany and specifically to Baden-Württemberg. Afterwards, it analyses the development of the attitude towards the asylum policy of CDU Baden-Württemberg's key personalities chronologically, also analysing the argumentation of their stances, for which primary and secondary sources are used. The primary sources are session protocols from the Landtag of Baden-Württemberg; the secondary sources are regional news articles and several chosen monographs, which serve to provide the thesis with political and social context, which is crucial for a more precise interpretation of CDU Baden-Württemberg politicians. Based on the conducted analysis, one may conclude that the biggest shift in...
German energy policy towards Russia after the annexation of Crimea
Etrych Goldscheidová, Jana ; Nigrin, Tomáš (advisor) ; Handl, Vladimír (referee)
This work deals with reasons why Germany have not seen, or rather have not wanted to see, Russia as a dictatorial regime, with which Germany have been building dependent energy relations for decades threatening Germany's energy security. The aim of the work is to reveal motives of democratic Germany leading to energy dependence on an authoritarian country. The work analyzes German-Russian relations, which had been started during the Cold War as part of Brandt's Ostpolitik and strengthened regardless of political parties and wars provoked by Russians in Chechnya, Georgia and Ukraine, as well as by extorting of customer countries when disagreement with Russian international policy. The first chapter looks at Germany from a perspective of an international actor, because unhealthy relationships lead to the limitation of democratic decision-making in domestic and foreign policy, which was evidenced by Germany's reserved attitude to the war in Ukraine 2022. The next chapter explores the length and depth of German-Russian relations. Under heavy lobbying, Schröder pushed for close ties between German and Russian energy industries for a purpose of the economic prosperity of Germany and himself. Although after the annexation of Crimea in 2014, Germany's rhetoric towards Russia was harsh and Germany declared...
Disinformation on German Twitter Accounts during the 2019 European Parliament Elections
Ženka, Ctirad ; Eberle, Jakub (advisor) ; Kochnowski, Roman (referee)
The master thesis addresses the social network Twitter and the spread of disinformation in the last weeks before 2019 European Parliament elections in Germany. The target of the research is to analyze the spread of disinformation immediately before the elections and determine the specifics of the German Twitter landscape. The theory of information disorder by Wardle and Derakhshan enabled a deep study of disinformation. The thesis explains the basic theory of disinformation and its connection to the right-wing populist movements. In Germany, this phenomenon is connected to AfD - Alternative für Deutschland party, that follows the topics of migration, alleged censorship, and climate skepticism, which are also the defined topics of disinformation in Germany. Through a content analysis of quantitative data from 1st to 25th May 2019 explains the types of disinformation according to the information disorder theory and the spread of disinformation in German landscape, interpretates the topics and is trying to link the spread of disinformation directly to the AfD party. The researcher analyses three Twitter accounts: the account of the party election leader Jörg Meuthen, the account of German conservative right-wing media Junge Freiheit and the account of a supporter of the party. The thesis aims to map...
Comparison of Personal Income tax in the Czech Republic and the Germany
Marková, Tereza ; Bělušová, Kristýna (referee) ; Kopřiva, Jan (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with comparison of personal income tax in the Czech Republic and the Germany. The theoretical part contains a terse explanation of tax theory, basic concepts of taxation, and characteristics of personal income tax of countries mentioned above. In the practical part is theory applied to model examples using the methods of personal income taxation in both countries. At the end of the work, the taxation methods in both countries are compared.
The history of the horror genre in literature with a focus on German literature
This bachelor thesis focuses on horror literature, with an emphasis on German horror literature. Its goal is to define the genre of horror in literature, to examine the most important points of its history, namely the most important authors and works, to explain its development and then to present its current form. In the individual chapters, the thesis gives special emphasis to horror literature in Germany. In the practical part, the thesis analyses the horror elements in the novel "Der Golem" by Gustav Meyrink. The aim of the practical part of the thesis is to show the typical elements used in horror literature with specific examples and also to demonstrate the development of horror literature by briefly comparing it with selected genre books that came before and after it. Information gathered from both book and internet sources, focusing on the history of horror literature, the analysis of the horror genre, or the overall history of German literature, was used to develop the thesis.
Analysis and comparison of French and German poster propaganda in the first world war
Beer, Kamil ; Pešek, Jiří (advisor) ; Alt, Jaroslav (referee) ; Vlnas, Vít (referee)
English abstract The dissertation analyzes French and German poster propaganda as it was used in and shortly after the First World War. It observes the visual motives, their cultural categories and the displayed themes. By examining 500 French and 500 German posters, the goal of the work is to create a detailed analysis of their contents, usage and argumentation, with which it wants to achieve closer understanding of the contemporary propaganda used by Germany and France. The mentioned motives, categories and themes are then compared between the two nations. Through this comparison, the work strives to find out the unique (or similar) message and language of the propaganda used by each country. Keywords: First world war, propaganda, posters, France, Germany, comparation, analysis
Multilevel governance in environmental policy: a comparative analysis of Republic of Austria and the Federal Republic of Germany
Čuprová, Barbora ; Romancov, Michael (advisor) ; Tesař, Jakub (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to analyse the nature of multi-level governance in climate protection policy in Germany and Austria and to compare the analysed cases. The concept of multilevel governance is used as the theoretical basis of the thesis, the key idea of which is the mutual integration and influence of the levels of governance. Using this concept, the thesis analyses the horizontal and vertical levels of policy making and implementation involving both state and non-state actors. The analysis is carried out through four features of multilevel governance, predefined on the basis of an analysis of the literature, which are: diffusion of competences, non-hierarchical institutional framework, consensus-based decision-making and the principle of partnership. These features are also the dimensions on the basis of which the selected cases are compared. The multi-level governance in the climate protection policy of Germany and Austria is then classified on the basis of the typology of Liesbet Hooghe and Gary Marks. The thesis also includes an analysis of the instruments and policy processes of climate policy in both countries, which will provide insight into the role and influence of the different levels of governance in the formation of policy in the analysed area of governance.
Regional identity: The Role of the Czech Republic and Poland in maintaining Sorbian identity
This master thesis focuses on the Sorbs, a small Slavic minority living in Lusatia, Germany. The Sorbs are only 60 000, and their identity is currently threatened. This research aims at knowing to what extent the Czech Republic and Poland, as Slavic neighbours, can help the Sorbs maintain their identity. 6 semi-structured interviews were conducted with Sorbian, Czech, and Polish people. Several topics were addressed: the Sorbian identity, the personal experiences with the Czech Republic and Poland, the Sorbian-Czech and Sorbian-Polish relations as well as the Sorbs' relations with Germany. The results show that Sorbian identity is highly threatened and provide a state of play of the current Sorbian-Czech and Sorbian-Polish relations. Finally, the role that the Czech Republic and Poland could have in maintaining Sorbian identity in the coming years was discussed.
Cross-border Cooperation in French-German Non-profit Organisations
KLOTH, Melina
This master's thesis pursues the questions of how the firefighters are organised in Germany and France and of what consequences the Covid-19 sanitary crisis had on their cross-border cooperation in the Upper Rhine region.The qualitative research has been carried out in the context of an internship at the central public administration for the fire and rescue services of the French department of Bas-Rhin. In total, three semi-structured interviews have been conducted with German voluntary and professional firefighters and two narrative interviews have been done with French administrative and operational staff of the training institution. Light has been shed on the terms cross-border cooperation, civil security, risk management and the communication of risks, organisational structures and culture as well as on the European funding programme INTERREG and the current situation of projects involving firefighters.

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