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Budgeting works for the purposees of expert reports
Nykodýmová, Veronika ; Comorek, Martin (referee) ; Hromádka, Vít (referee) ; Marková, Leonora (advisor)
In the more expert practice, we need an expert report, the main part of the budget works.The budget for the construction of the most by the degrese of project documentation. For the purposes of the budget for expert in most cases does not have the komplete project documentation, is contained in the file on the basis of oral communication to stakeholders and on the basic of which it requires, or which shall ensure in the measurement. The more quality work is available, the more accurate the output in the form of a budget.There is currently no single procedur efor the construction of production in an expert opinion. For theis mason, i tis the main aim of this thesis in a flowchart, the overview of the possibilities of obtaining the neceséry supporting documents to the budget and the tool works and how Theky should proceed in that report. Use the flowchart in expert practice shall be verified at model examples in the conclusion of this dissertation.
The investment cost of construction
Novotná, Eva ; Brázdová, Eva (referee) ; Marková, Leonora (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is to determine the price of construction investment position, so as to achieve the greatest possible effectiveness for the investor. The theoretical part deals with the life cycle phases, creating price structures and contractual documents. The practical part deals with the application of theory to a case study. Specifically, it examines the lucrative sale of buildings over long-term lease.
Calculation of the operating costs of the construction machinery
Šarlejová, Petra ; Ing.Jan Horalík (referee) ; Marková, Leonora (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on a cost calculation for the operation of construction machine. Because this group is a signifiant volume of the total costs, and it affects not only the amount of profit but also the overall cost production, it is important to track these costs, especially in the construction companies that carry out the ground works or construction of roads. The next section carried out a calculation of prices of construction work, as well as a determination of rental billing rate of the equipment. Other area of research is to determine the overall performance of the track excavator under certain conditions and circumstances.
Bank guarantees of contractor of construction order
Šoula, Michal ; Comorek,, Martin (referee) ; Marková, Leonora (advisor)
The thesis deals with the topic of bank guarantees in the construction industry focusing on the contractor of the construction commission. The aim of this paper is the definition of bank guarantees in legal and economic terms, and on the basis of available literature, and also a proposal for the application of a bank guarantee in construction contracts. This thesis includes an overview of the products offered by national bank institutions in the field of bank guarantees and their comparison. The thesis contains an overview and description of bank guarantees used in the construction industry. The thesis focuses on a bank guarantee for the proper execution of the work (for the correct execution of the contract for work). There is described the progress of the guarantee from the contract for work until the warranty exercise and any dispute over the amount paid under the guarantee. Further, the paper deals with the use of bank guarantees in practice from the point of view of construction companies, focusing on the guarantee for the proper execution of the work. The thesis also describes solutions in the field of bank guarantees of construction companies, ways of surety, credit limits and bank charges for bank guarantees. In conclusion, there are described terms of the bank guarantee in the contract for work for the specific construction contracts and a method of preparation of the bid price for the contract with regard to where the cost appears applying the bank guarantee at the contractor's bid price. The contribution of this thesis is a comprehensive overview of bank guarantees in the construction industry and their application intended for a contractor of the construction commission.
Functional parts valuation of the building
Ševčík, Jaroslav ; Nový, Martin (referee) ; Marková, Leonora (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with comparing of current awards by Classification of building structures and works and awards by Functional parts. It is possible to calculate Building life cycle costs by Functional parts. This is definately the advantage of the system because the calculation cannot be done by Classification of building structures and works. A new law on public procurement deals with Building life cycle costs as an evaluation criterion. So it is recommended to use Functional parts awards. The other goal of the thesis is to find bridges between Functional parts and the issue of BIM. BIM is a trend of global construction industry.
Technical improvements of building
Chalupová, Hana ; Vítková, Eva (referee) ; Marková, Leonora (advisor)
The diploma thesis presents the procedure for calculating the value of the technical improvements of building owner for accounting registration and taking account of another way to use of the building. In this work are explained the concepts related to technical improvements of building. The practical part deals with the practical example revitalization of the block of flats in which it is applied methodology for the technical improvements.
Horalík, Jan ; Puchýř, Bohumil (referee) ; Abraham, Karel (referee) ; Marková, Leonora (advisor)
The income evaluation is one of the basic methods to establish a price of a real estate. It deals with a discount rate. But there is any obligatory methods how to establish the discount rate. The principle of yield property valuation method is the determination of future net profits transferred to the present value. The amount of the discount rate is affected by the large amount of criteria that take into account the risks associated with the property. The risk represents the financial loss which the owner of real estate created if the immovable thing ceased to produce such income, which is calculated in the valuation. But at present experts the risks associated with the real estate does not quantify and discount rate is determined mostly by the professional estimate. The main aim of the Ph.D. Theses is to propose a methodology to more accurately determine the discount rate. This methodology will be based on the free risk rate and risk premiums. The free risk rate shall be determined on the basis of income on government bonds, which are considered the least risky asset. Risk premiums will reflect the technical quality of the property, economy of real estate and legal level of real estate through eleven criteria. The discount rate could be by this methodology simply calculated using the software support of Microsoft Excel.
Alternative ways of setting the material value of buildings
Mikš, Radim ; Marková, Leonora (referee) ; Kropáčková, Barbora (referee) ; Bradáč, Albert (advisor)
In the process of property appraising, the material value of a building is usually set in these ways: - through a proceeding in compliance with the regulation to the law on property appraising without considering the coefficient of marketability (Kp), - through a detailed item budget or with the aid of aggregated items, - through a calculation based on technical-economic indicators (THU). In all cases, calculation of wear based on the age of the building or its parts is applicated without sufficient considering the real technical condition of the building. The thesis is concerned with working out a more precise option of the last mentioned way of setting material value of a building, i.e.on the base of price indicators. The aim of the thesis is to suggest a method of property appraising through an alternative way that would more precisely consider the real technical condition of the building and its wear. This aim can be reached by using a set of differentiated price indicators and by giving precision to the calculation of wear deduction based on evaluation of the real technical condition of defined particular parts of the building. To reach this aim, the thesis suggests a procedure of using price indicators from the Catalogue of buildings and compounds, a procedure of dividing a building into functional segments, and a procedure of setting wear deduction based on real defects of functional segments and on the level of their degradation. The thesis follows results of a grant task Optimalization of technical-economic characteristic of a building, on which the author participated in a close cooperation with the Qualiform company, RTS company and the Institute of Construction Economics and Control of VUT FAST.
Optimization procedure for the determination of usual prices of flats in development projects
Vlčková, Iva ; Marková, Leonora (referee) ; Mikš, Lubomír (referee) ; Bradáč, Albert (advisor)
The pricing of developer projects and housing is a broad area. Setting the right common price is important especially in case of court actions, execution proceedings, the privatising of housing, company mergers, capital investments in companies, estate settlements, liquidations etc. In all these cases substantial financial values are at stake and that is why it is necessary to have quality, correct factual grounds. The sole and at the same time most important basis is an expert opinion, which should guarantee an objective assessment of all circumstances that may influence the common pricing of property, in order to prevent any prejudice to the parties involved, or ensure there is no doubt in respect of possible graft. At present there is no methodology for common pricing of units (apartments and commercial premises) within a larger complex, which would take locality, placement, size, fittings, general state and other parameters that influence the price, into consideration. Yet it is common knowledge that the same unit will have a different price on the first floor, higher floors or top floor, window orientation and view, better surrounding area etc. It is also common that a larger unit with the same fittings and appurtenances will have a lower unit price than a smaller unit. The pricing in these cases is more intuitive, rather than based on analyses and reasoning. The dissertations´ aim was a methodology of pricing individual units in houses or larger complexes, which would simultaneously objectify subjective pricing, providing a rationale that would be unambiguous. This is important especially in case of court actions, execution proceedings or the privatising of housing, to preclude any bias or suspicion of corruption. The methodology also includes a software application that automatically computes input data and allows reviewing of results.
The Discaunt Rate for the Determination of the Market Value of an Enterprise
Prodělal, František ; Mařík, Miloš (referee) ; Marková, Leonora (referee) ; Korytárová, Jana (advisor)
The work is focussed on the determination of capital structure in its market values, determination of the cost of non-own capital, and determination of the cost of equity, primarily by using the CAPM method. In terms of the CAPM procedure the work deals with the main parameters required by the method, such as risk-free yield rate, risk market premium, and beta coefficient. Furthermore, attention is given to modifications resulting from the inaccuracies of the CAPM method to make the method correspond as much as possible with the actual yield and risk of shares historically achieved at the capital market, and likewise to modifications needed when applying the CAPM method to the valuation of Czech businesses. The recommended procedure of determining the market discount rate for the valuation of an enterprise is applied on an example. Data obtained from the capital market of the Czech Republic are used to calculate the risk premium of the Czech capital market and beta coefficient of selected ten shares out of the Czech capital market, giving an assessment of the possibility of using the data obtained from the Czech capital market for the valuation of businesses incorporated in the Czech Republic.

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