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Spatiotemporal mobility of the inhabitants of Prague: Evaluation through carsharing usage data
Janeš, Jan ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Kraft, Stanislav (referee)
The thesis focuses on the topic of carsharing transport, which represents a still understudied but dynamically developing segment of urban mobility. The initial objectives include mapping the current carsharing market in Prague and outlining the basic mechanisms of this type of transport in comparison to car ownership. The subsequent geographical analysis relies on the importance of spatiotemporal contexts, which co-create the main factors that determine the distribution and concentration of carsharing vehicles. Finding the main spatial differentiations is essential to elucidate the causes of clustered locations, with a particular emphasis on analyzing large-scale data to identify and explain regularities. The analysis is based on data provided by a private carsharing company, which includes information on more than 17,000 rentals of shared vehicles. Part of the thesis also focuses on the potential optimization of the current setup of the carsharing company to achieve maximum efficiency. Key words: carsharing, transport, urban mobility, sustainable transport
Analysis of D1 Motorway Influence on Regional Development of Humpolec after 1989: Comparison of Socio-economic Factors to Chotěboř
Mikula, Karel ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Kraft, Stanislav (referee)
The relationship between regional development and traffic infrastructure is one of the most frequent question among scientist and even publics at present time. On the other hand there are very few qualitative publications in the Czech republic that deals with this topic. This diploma work deals with the impact of highway infrastructure on regional development. Main part of this work is case study that examines the impact of D1 motorway on Humpolec down after 1989 and compares the results to the reference town Chotěboř. These analysis are based on quasi-experimental method and explore several different socio-economic indicators, especially indicators dealing with companies. The results of this exploration are supported by the questionnaire which has more informative character due to its low recoverability. Based on the analysis, we have proved that D1 has positive impact on Humpolec, especially on companies and employment. This aspects along with good local authorities and other factors have ignited widespread regional development of Humpolec. We can state that D1 motorway was one of the most important factors of regional development in town.
The geographical aspects of pricing in the field of freight road transport
Čermák, Jan ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Kraft, Stanislav (referee)
The aim of this paper is to show what relation is between the distance and the transport price and which factors can contribute to the expected irregularity. Based on the real freight transport prices the paper is looking for and finding significant differences in the relative transport prices between chosen regions. It seems that the quality of the transport price is influenced by factors like the location of the target region within Europe and towards Czechia, within transportation routes and networks, its economic power and structure and possibly also by the mutual relations that the source and target regions have within the global supply chains. The quality of the transport connection between the regions is further compared with the connection that these regions have within the global city network. As was found out, these two kinds of connection do not have to necessarily be the same. A short questionnaire was taken among chosen transport experts to get the basis for a better interpretation of the paper's conclusions and also to get their opinion on the sense of the geographical research in the field of international transport and logistics. Keywords: international freight road transport, transport pricing, transport price, logistics, supply chains, geographical aspects of pricing
Possibilities and potential impacts of development in electromobility in the Visegrad Group countries
Görcs, Jan ; Matějček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Kraft, Stanislav (referee)
1 Possibilities and potential impacts of development in electromobility in the Visegrad Group countries Abstract Electromobility is currently a very current and widely discussed topic, in connection with the significant negative impacts of road transport on the environment. However, often are presented only its positive aspects in comparison with conventional cars with internal combustion engine. Neglected negatives include not only the impact on the environment in connection with the extraction of the necessary raw materials, but also due to their charging with electricity. The aim of this work is therefore to evaluate the potential impacts of electromobility on energy and the environment in the Visegrad group countries, until 2030. To achieve the goal of this work will be used scenario approach, which is used to determine the future state. However, the aim of this work is not to accurately predict the future, but to evaluate and compare the potential impacts of electromobility in individual countries based on predefined input parameters and variables. As will be shown, these impacts are not entirely negligible in some countries and must therefore be considered before the further development of electromobility. Key words: electromobility, electric mobility, battery electric vehicles, vehicles with internal...
European air hubs in the context of network and its resistance against disturbances
Šulc, David ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Kraft, Stanislav (referee)
EUROPEAN AIR HUBS IN THE CONTEXT OF NETWORK AND ITS RESISTANCE AGAINST DISTURBANCES Abstract The submitted master thesis is addressing the theme of connectivity of European Air Transport Network, its properties and resistance against negative influences based on data from flight schedules for winter season 2018. The main objective of the thesis is to analyse European Air Transport Network from the point of connectivity in order to find out the most important airport hubs according to their geographic conditions, community structure and resistance of the whole network. Used methods are based on the Graph Theory and the centrality measures as indicators of connectivity. The empiric part of the thesis is divided into three parts. The aim of the first part is to find out, what airports are the most important in the European Air Transport Network. In the second part are explored properties and structure of the network. The last part is aiming to analyse the resistance of the European Air Transport Network from the view of robustness and resilience. Among the most important air hubs in Europe belong airports, that are serving world cities and tourist attractive localities. There is a strong dominance of the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, the El Prat airport in Barcelona and the Frankfurt Airport. The European Air...
Ride out of municipalities in the Czechia to work based on time and distance: Its development in 1991 - 2011.
Dolák, Štěpán ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Kraft, Stanislav (referee)
This thesis deals with a commuting to work phenomenon and is focused on distance and time consumption of the commuting. In the thesis, with the help of domestic and foreign literature, individual aspects that influence time and distance of work commuting are discussed in detail as well as how has the work commuting changed in time. In the analytical part, using the results of the SLDB, the weighted average distance and weighted average time of commuting to work was calculated for all Czech municipalities in years 2001 and 2011 with the aim of answering an unanswered question of how far and how long the Czechs commute to work, and what are the regional differences of these aspects. Also the time development of the issue is analyzed and the final outputs are presented using tabular overviews and cartographic methods. The final output of the thesis is a typology of municipalities based on aspects of distance and time of commuting, in which municipalities are divided into 9 types. Work commuting kilometer distance has been proven to increase and commuting time to decrease, but the results are significantly different in each region. This is mainly due to traffic congestions in large cities as well as the construction of speed transport infrastructure. Keywords: commuting to work, commuting time,...
Approaches to the study of spatial interactions in geography: an example of evaluation of transport relationships among settlement centres in Czechia
Chmelík, Jakub ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Kraft, Stanislav (referee) ; Horňák, Marcel (referee)
Spatial interactions considerably influence complex geographic organisation and the shaping of settlement structures, explaining and describing the importance of interrelationships in the landscape sphere on all scale levels. This is why they are called one of the crucial general terms of geography. When it comes to this topic, the biggest emphasis on it is primarily laid in the study of transport as well as transport networks that we can consider the main support for interactions. The topic of evaluation of spatial interactions or, if defined narrowly, of transport relationships, is characteristic due to its important interdisciplinary nature because the questions of interrelatedness of individual centres and their needs in the context of transport offer are dealt with by transport engineering fields, economic fields, land-use planning specialists, etc. Similarly to other spheres of social and economic geography, where this occurred earlier, present-day geography of transport is undergoing a change in the form of a variety of methodological approaches, "internal" specification of a more detailed delineation of the subject of study and new application challenges. As a rule, the topic of intensity and nature of transport relationships is associated with quantitative methods of cognition of the...
Perception of D3 motorway impacts by municipal representatives
Vrtiška, Miroslav ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Kraft, Stanislav (referee)
Perception of D3 motorway impacts by municipal representatives Abstract The thesis analyzes in detail the perception of the impact of D3 motorway by the representatives of the affected municipalities, who represent three different parts of society - community leaders, a representative of business and general population. The expected impacts of a new motorway in the given area are discussed with technical bibliography, which provided the basis for research questions and hypotheses. Field research was conducted in municipalities, which will yet be affected by the planned D3 motorway, and in municipalities in Central and Southern Bohemia, where part of D3 motorway had already been completed. Semi-structured interviews and questionnaires were used as the main research tools. The finding about the perception of the D3 motorway in the affected municipalities were based on detailed analysis of statistical data and in-depth analysis of the interviews. The findings show that the resulting perception of the impact varies depending on various aspects like geographical aspects, such as the location of the village (with regard to the highway route) or the population size of the municipality. Generally speaking, the motorway is positively perceived by municipalities that are currently substantially burdened by heavy...
Spatiotemporal mobility of pensioners in the environment of the city of České Budějovice and its hinterland: evaluation with use of modern geoinformation technologies
Květoň, Tomáš ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Kraft, Stanislav (referee)
This diploma thesis studies the issue of spatiotemporal mobility of pensioners in the environment of the city of České Budějovice and its hinterland. This research uses a combination of two methods. The first method is a questionnaire survey in witch each respondent received two questionnaires. Journeys made were recorded into the first questionnaire and characteristics of respondents and their households into the second one. The second method uses GPS loggers to collect spatial data on mobility of people. The theoretical part of this thesis deals with concepts of time geography, mobility specifics of pensioners, the issue of retirement age in the Czechia and the potential use of modern geoinformation technologies for mobility research. The methodology part presents methodological procedures for evaluating the obtained data, criteria for selection of respondents and the process of research. Followed by evaluation of actual results of surveys and their interpretation with regard to sub-goals of this thesis. The results are in many cases formed using a combination of data from both research methods. The main results, that relate to the specified individual goals and their consequent hypotheses, deal with the daily rhythms of the spatiotemporal mobility, evaluate the use of vehicles with regard to...
Impact of Prague orbital motorway on localization of firms
Sýkora, Bedřich ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Kraft, Stanislav (referee)
The thesis deals with the impact of the Prague orbital motorway, specifically with the influence the sections put in operation in the southwestern part of the capital have on the location of firms. First, the theoretical framework is developed based on the available bibliography followed by the outline of the methodological approach of the conducted research. The area defined for the purposes of the research corresponds to the area most affected by the existence of the Prague orbital motorway. The centerpiece of the thesis is affected by an analysis of the firms. This analysis draws upon the available secondary source data and was also conducted using a questionnaire method which provided primary data for the research. The research shows that the Prague orbital motorway has got some influence on the location of the firms. This effect is intensified in a synergy when other highways are present in the vicinity, namely the highways D1 and D5. Apart from the newly developed sites, re-located firms can also be found in the vicinity of the orbital motorway utilizing the distributive effect of the Prague orbital motorway. Key words: Prague orbital motorway, localization of firms, transport infrastructure, regional development

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