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Strategies of use of general geographic map as a source of information
Trokšiar, David ; Hanus, Martin (advisor) ; Marada, Miroslav (referee)
The main topic of this thesis are map skills, and the key point of interest are strategies used for map analysis. General reference map was found as a suitable map given its frequent use in the school atlases. The main goal of this study is evaluation of the general reference map analysis strategies in terms of their dimensions, i. e. their repertoire, distribution, efficiency, and adaptability. 20 upper secondary school students participated in an eye-tracking experiment that consisted of the test and the follow-up questionnaire. The eye-tracking data were analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively to obtain information about the strategy dimensions. Results showed that students used broad repertoire of strategies when analyzing the general reference map and they pointed to the most chosen strategies as well. In some cases, students used more than one strategy to solve the task and thus the most frequent strategy combinations were detected. The efficiency of strategies was evaluated based on the students' success rate and the length of the solving cycle which was affected by the type of elements, respectively map content, used for solving the task. The ability to adapt to specific task demand was proven by addition of elements needed into the strategy or using entirely different strategy type. The...
The impact of transportation on the development of Kralupy nad Vltavou since the middle of the 19th century
Brys', David ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Hanus, Martin (referee)
The purpose of this essay is to describe development of the Kralupy nad Vltavou in defined time period. The main goal is to find out and possibly prove influence of developing transportation on the Kralupy nad Vltavou. The development is assessed by the building-up infrastructure, industry, housing and changes in the population size. Key words Kralupy nad Vltavou, railway, industry, development, building-up
Spatial analysis of urban rail transit stops' pedestrian accessibility in Prague
Míka, Ondřej ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Tittl, Lukáš (referee)
Spatial analysis of urban rail transit stops' pedestrian accessibility in Prague Abstract In this thesis, the author discusses qualities and characteristics of three modes of urban rail transit in a general manner, as well as in Prague urban area. The author mainly focuses on geographical aspects of rail transit stations and discusses topics such as ideal distance between individual stops, accessibility by walking, pedestrian path networks and the relationship between planning of urban rail transit stops' locations and population density in a city. The author lists and analyses planned Prague rail transit stops from the perspective of quantitative pedestrian accessibility, as well as all rail transit stops that were in operation in the year 2020. Author produced plentitude of network analyses in ArcMap to quantify accessibility of all Prague rail transit stops and identified which densely populated neighborhoods of Prague can not be accessed by a comfortable walk from a rail transit stop. Key words: Prague, urban rail transit, station, accessibility, network analysis Počet znaků: 88 487 (bez mezer)
Freight transport in Czechia: analysis of the structure of performance and transport policy strategies
Štěpánek, Zdeněk ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Randák, Jakub (referee)
The first aim of this bachelor thesis is to determine and assess the meaningfulness of the current strategic documents of the Ministry of Transport, which address the change in current state of the domestic freight transport. The second aim is to identify those commodities which are transported by road and that could be in the future transported by an alternative way. At best, it should be ways which are less environmentally demanding and makes less load on the road. My own personal analysis of the current state of domestic and international transport in Czechia is used as a means to achieve these aims. Some of the strategic documents of Ministry of Transport contain beneficial development plans but on the contrary some of them are useless for the current situation. In Czechia there are freights for which it could be found more adequate ways of transport. In the international transport it can especially be recommended the use of combined transport as it is quite heterogeneous. KEY WORDS freight transport, railway transport, road transport, environment, development, Czechia
Influence of railway No. 024 on population and houses changes and regional development in Ústí nad Orlicí district in period 1869-2011
Slanina, František ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Burda, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis deals with the historical influence of the railway infrastructure of Orlickoústecko on regional development in the monitored area in the period of 1869-2011, with special regard to the road No. 024. The main goal of this work is to assess the impact of line No. 024 on the monitored area in a given time horizon and to determine the changes of its importance in the process of settlement development and regional development. A partial task is to characterize the general significance of the railway in the Orlickoústecko region in the given time periods. The introduction summarizes the general impacts of the railway on territorial development and from these impacts the effects essential for the Orlickoústecko region are selected. Furthermore, the track is characterized from a general point of view using historical and regional literature. The circumstances of the origin of line No. 024 are outlined and its possible variants and current form are presented. In the following chapters, which are divided into two parts, the first one deals with the contemporary context of Orlickoústecko with the help of historical and regional literature. In the second part map outputs are included, which present indices of changes in the number of inhabitants and houses in individual time periods and are...
Geographical literacy in work with graphics for 15-year-old pupils at lower secondary schools
Štochl, Vojtěch ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Měkota, Tomáš (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of a part of geographical literacy, specifically the skills associated with working with graphics such as tables, graphs, maps, or pictures, but, to a lesser extent, with the necessary knowledge. The thesis is divided into a theoretical part, where the literature on the topic is discussed and a practical part, where I describe the process of creating the test, its application and evaluation. The results are then subjected to analysis and discussion. In the research, I used the method of testing pupils of different schools - from elementary schools (lower secondary stage) to grammar schools and from Prague's schools to the Central Bohemian's ones. The testing took place in electronic form. The research sample of testing consisted of ninth-grade elementary school students and their equivalent groups from grammar schools - quarters. This is therefore a group of children aged about 15, for whom it is assumed (mainly for lower secondary ones) that they will no longer come into contact with formal geography education, and therefore they should be elementary geographically literate youths. The results of the work show that geographical knowledge is an important prerequisite for the development of geographical skills. Furthermore, the marks that students receive at...
Selected factors of mode choice on the Prague-Munich route in the context of the planned high-speed rail construction
Petříček, Jakub ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Chmelík, Jakub (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to define in more detail a safety factor, a factor of passage of time and an ecological behaviour factor influencing the mode choice on the Prague-Munich route in relation to railway as a reference mode, and to estimate the change in mode choice after HSR completion with emphasis on defined factors. The work qualitatively analyzes the sets of ideas and understandings of selected factors, which in turn affect the travel behavior and the mode choice. Defining these factors creates space for estimating and proposing perspectives for the development of expected travel behavior in the context of the planned HSR system on the Prague-Munich route. The presented thesis discusses and interprets the comparison of selected factors between existing modes of transport. The significance of the thesis lies in the understanding and definition of selected factors that are important for HSR planning strategies between Prague and Munich. Keywords: high-speed rail, travel behaviour, transport safety perception, perception of time, grounded theory, theory of planned behavior
Reading in geographical teaching: teacher's approach in a wider context
Kafková, Michala ; Řezníčková, Dana (advisor) ; Marada, Miroslav (referee) ; Hofmann, Eduard (referee)
The dissertation is focused on the issue of disciplinary reading in the Czech Republic, which is explored through the approaches of geography teachers. The theoretical basis of the dissertation discuss the key concepts (disciplinary reading, teacher's approach, text and its difficulty) and put the studied issue into the broader context of teacher's professional learning. The research carried out within the dissertation draws on the questionnaire survey; uses the grounded theory method to analyze data. The research is divided into two parts, the first research tries to reveal in the teachers' statements how they approach the inclusion of the disciplinary reading in geography teaching, what factors prevent them from implementing the disciplinary reading and what they help. The second research is aimed at revealing the perspectives used by geography teachers to assess the difficulty of texts useful in geography teaching. Based on a paradigmatic model, a typology of geography teachers' approaches to disciplinary reading was developed. The resulting types are four and reflect different forms of the two typology categories. Typology is based on how the teacher links reading with the achievement of geographic goals, as well as the character of pupils' activities defined by levels of thought operations and...
European air hubs in the context of network and its resistance against disturbances
Šulc, David ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Kraft, Stanislav (referee)
EUROPEAN AIR HUBS IN THE CONTEXT OF NETWORK AND ITS RESISTANCE AGAINST DISTURBANCES Abstract The submitted master thesis is addressing the theme of connectivity of European Air Transport Network, its properties and resistance against negative influences based on data from flight schedules for winter season 2018. The main objective of the thesis is to analyse European Air Transport Network from the point of connectivity in order to find out the most important airport hubs according to their geographic conditions, community structure and resistance of the whole network. Used methods are based on the Graph Theory and the centrality measures as indicators of connectivity. The empiric part of the thesis is divided into three parts. The aim of the first part is to find out, what airports are the most important in the European Air Transport Network. In the second part are explored properties and structure of the network. The last part is aiming to analyse the resistance of the European Air Transport Network from the view of robustness and resilience. Among the most important air hubs in Europe belong airports, that are serving world cities and tourist attractive localities. There is a strong dominance of the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, the El Prat airport in Barcelona and the Frankfurt Airport. The European Air...
Ride out of municipalities in the Czechia to work based on time and distance: Its development in 1991 - 2011.
Dolák, Štěpán ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Kraft, Stanislav (referee)
This thesis deals with a commuting to work phenomenon and is focused on distance and time consumption of the commuting. In the thesis, with the help of domestic and foreign literature, individual aspects that influence time and distance of work commuting are discussed in detail as well as how has the work commuting changed in time. In the analytical part, using the results of the SLDB, the weighted average distance and weighted average time of commuting to work was calculated for all Czech municipalities in years 2001 and 2011 with the aim of answering an unanswered question of how far and how long the Czechs commute to work, and what are the regional differences of these aspects. Also the time development of the issue is analyzed and the final outputs are presented using tabular overviews and cartographic methods. The final output of the thesis is a typology of municipalities based on aspects of distance and time of commuting, in which municipalities are divided into 9 types. Work commuting kilometer distance has been proven to increase and commuting time to decrease, but the results are significantly different in each region. This is mainly due to traffic congestions in large cities as well as the construction of speed transport infrastructure. Keywords: commuting to work, commuting time,...

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