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Reaction of Czech freight transport to the Covid-19 pandemic: national statistics and the example of a transport company
Štěpánek, Zdeněk ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Randák, Jakub (referee)
The aim of this master thesis is to analyse and to describe the influence of the world wide pandemic of Covid 19 on czech freight transport. Firstly the analysis is focused on the national point of view, where we compare the alterations in volume and performation of the czech freight transport during the years 2015-2021. Further off, the thesis describes the government's anti- epidemic regulations and compensations, which relate to transport. Chronology of goverment's regulations makes interpretive framework for case study of ESA logistics s.r.o. company, which is one of the biggest companies of its kind in Czechia. The case study is focused particulalry on economic and operational impacts on the society during the pandemic. National progression of freight transport is evaluated by statistic analysis of data from the statistical yearbooks from Ministry of transportation, from legal documents issued for the carriers, articles written by carriers and other reliable sources. The case study of ESA logistics work with internal company data, articles as well as semi-structured interview with one of the executives. Overall we can state, that the pandemic of Covid-19 has had more significant impact on the road transport than it had on rail transport. There has been a chaos in issuing the precautions in the...
Spatiotemporal mobility of the inhabitants of Prague: Evaluation through carsharing usage data
Janeš, Jan ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Kraft, Stanislav (referee)
The thesis focuses on the topic of carsharing transport, which represents a still understudied but dynamically developing segment of urban mobility. The initial objectives include mapping the current carsharing market in Prague and outlining the basic mechanisms of this type of transport in comparison to car ownership. The subsequent geographical analysis relies on the importance of spatiotemporal contexts, which co-create the main factors that determine the distribution and concentration of carsharing vehicles. Finding the main spatial differentiations is essential to elucidate the causes of clustered locations, with a particular emphasis on analyzing large-scale data to identify and explain regularities. The analysis is based on data provided by a private carsharing company, which includes information on more than 17,000 rentals of shared vehicles. Part of the thesis also focuses on the potential optimization of the current setup of the carsharing company to achieve maximum efficiency. Key words: carsharing, transport, urban mobility, sustainable transport
The contribution of geography from the perspective of high school students
Žalud, Martin ; Řezníčková, Dana (advisor) ; Marada, Miroslav (referee)
The main aim of the thesis was to know and understand how pupils of grammar schools perceive the contribution of geography to their personal and future academic and professional life. This aim was concretised and fulfilled through 4 research questions. The research questions are: How do grammar school pupils perceive the usefulness of the different topics in the subject of geography and the skills developed in the subject of geography? How do grammar school pupils see the application of geographical knowledge and skills in their current and future academic and professional life, and how do they see the application of geographical knowledge in professional life in general? How do grammar school pupils perceive the contribution of geography to their future study and working life and how do they perceive the overall contribution compared to other subjects? What contribution do pupils who perceive the usefulness of the knowledge and skills from geography lessons in their future personal, academic and professional lives attribute to the subject of geography? The resulting findings correspond to the following questions. The source of quantitative and qualitative data was a questionnaire survey conducted among pupils in Czech grammar schools. Through the first research question (RQ1), the ranking of the...
Changes in traffic behaviour over the course of a lifetime: findings from a retrospective questionnaire survey
Nejedlá, Štěpánka ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Zevl, Jiří-Jakub (referee)
This bachelor thesis thematically falls under the topic of mobility biographies. The research focuses on events during the life of individuals that change their thinking about the choice of means of transport or influence the conditions under which the choice is made. Since this perspective on traffic behaviour research has been practised abroad for many years, this bachelor's thesis will be based on already obtained results from foreign countries. The main goal of this work will be to identify these events and determine their influence on the choice of means of transport. The methods used were a retrospective questionnaire, which brought information about the traffic behaviour, both from the present and especially from the past. The retrospective questionnaire was in the online form on social networks and distributed with the help of personal contacts. Ninety-two respondents filled out the questionnaire. Through the research in this thesis, it was found that traffic behaviour in our conditions is changing, namely based on key events that were among the most frequently mentioned in research in foreign countries as well. The impact of key events is different, and the power with which they can change the choice of transport mode is also diverse. All the events mentioned in this work, however, somehow...
Car dependence in Czechia: the example of municipalities with extended power Černošice and Kralovice
Dvořáček, Jan ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Zevl, Jiří-Jakub (referee)
Car dependence is a problem that has been closely linked to transport and land use planning since the mass spread of motoring in the second half of the 20th century. Excessive or total dependence on the car has many negative impacts, especially environmental and social ones. The aim of the study was to investigate the extent of car dependence in the Czech Republic in selected areas representing typical problem areas (periphery and suburbia), to identify and characterize the most dependent places in them. For this purpose, a network analysis of public transport accessibility carried out using a transport model of pedestrian accessibility in a GIS environment and the calculation of an indicator of car dependence were used. The results show that in the Czech environment in the study areas, the problem is more strongly related to small, mostly without the status of independent municipality rather than suburban neighbourhoods, which are most frequently mentioned in the Anglo-American literature. A very poor situation was also identified in what were formerly purely recreational second homes, but which are now partly permanently inhabited. Key words: car dependence, public transport, mobility, network analysis
Influence of perceived difficulty on the origin of misconceptions in geography tuition: occurance and genesis of selected misconceptions
Cimová, Tereza ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Knecht, Petr (referee) ; Baarová, Barbara (referee)
The dissertation thesis deals with two related researches - pupils' and teachers' perception of the geography content matter difficulty as a factor determing the occurence of misconceptions and qualitative research aimed at revealing the origin of selected misconcepts. The first part of the research is based on the assumption that the incidence of misconceptions will be higher with an increasing perceived difficulty of the content. First, the study examines the percieved difficulty of geographical topics by pupils and teachers. Then, a didactic test verifies the occurrence of misconceptions in topics selected on the basis of perceived difficulty by pupils and teachers. This part of the thesis also includes a discussion of the definition of the difficulty concept. Author defined the difficulty by three dimensions: cognitive difficulty, subjectively perceived difficulty of the subject matter and motivation to learn. The results indicate that students perceive the difficulty more "realistically" in accordance with the assumption that they will solve easy questions with higher success. In turn, the teachers' estimate corresponds to the occurrence of expected misconceptions. A higher success rate was recorded when teachers and students agreed on the difficulty (including difficult topics). There are...
Travel behaviour of Czech football clubs' fans
Dvořák, Filip ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Burda, Tomáš (referee)
In this paper we describe the travel behaviour of football fans based on a literature search and a questionnaire survey. The aim of this thesis is to describe what drives fans to visit football stadiums. We know that there are many fans of football clubs in the Czech Republic, but also that their behaviour is often very heterogeneous. Starting, for example, with the frequency of visits supporting their favourite club during home and away matches. We expect the support at the home stadium to be much higher. But more interesting for us will be mainly the outings of football fans. Whether to support their favourite team at away games in the Czech Republic or on long cross-border trips. It is not uncommon for an individual to support their club that is located a long distance from their home. We expect that large Prague clubs will have a fan base spread more widely across the country, while provincial clubs such as Viktoria Plzeň or Sigma Olomouc will have fans more concentrated in their region. Therefore, we want to find out the frequency of trips, what means of transport they choose, who they travel with, etc. But also how much time they spend in the city and whether they visit any sights or shops together with the match. A very specific group will be the European Cup matches, which Czech clubs play...
An impact of the 1st wave of Covid-19 pandemic on transport services in municipalities of Czechia
Procházková, Kristina ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Randák, Jakub (referee)
Covid-19 pandemic affected the whole world in short period of time. Big impact was registered by transportation sector. Public transport was affected by Covid-19 disease as soon as it started spreading. This thesis observes specifically a period of February and April 2020. One of the main problems was decreasing demand for public transport. This bachelor thesis aims to determine the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on bus and train connections in municipalities of Czechia. The aim is achieved by data analysis obtained from central timetable of IDOS. The analysis examines the microregional level from angle of population size of municipalities, and from angle of specifics of individual regions. In another level, this thesis examines connection of individual regional cities, and then concludes the study by evaluating the impact of pandemic on international travel. In general part, this bachelor thesis examines measures and restrictions introduced to fight the disease around the world, and in Czechia. Then continues to describe the means of providing and financing the public transport and the specifics of transport serviceability. Data shows, that higher absolute and relative decrease of connections occurred in larger cities, but that the impact of connections reduction was more noticeable in smaller...
Local Government's Approach to D3 Highway Construction: Case Study of City of Tábor
Vrtiška, Miroslav ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Mikula, Karel (referee)
Local government's approach to D3 highway construction: case study of city of Tábor Abstract This thesis analyzes attitudes by political representatives from local administration of two biggest cities in southern Bohemia towards D3 highway. The main part of analysis focuses on district city of Tábor and partially on regional metropolis of České Budějovice. D3 Highway is supposed to become not only the important intrastate corridor but also the new connection between Czechia and Austria. Projected impacts of highway are compared with literature while the thesis concentrates on perception assessment of D3 highway by political representatives from selected city of Tábor. The main evaluation criterion is the perception of D3 highway as one of the basic requirement for general development of the region. Main research tool of analysis is half-structured interview with representatives of selected cities. Key words: D3 highway, Tábor, České Budějovice, perception, development, interview
Globalization and Air Transport: Strategies of Central European Legacy Carriers
Kořený, Petr ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Kopačka, Ludvík (referee)
As the world changes because of the globalization, the environment of the aviation changes as well. The airlines are forced to adapt to these changes and choose new strategies to operate successfully. The main objective of this thesis is to, according to the title, describe, identify and explain the processes which significantly affect current image of the world of aviation and focus on four Central European legacy carriers. The issues of globalization and its affect on behavior of economic actors, which airlines are, are discussed as first. The following part is dedicated to the characteristics of aviation and its components, the milieu and the behavior of the airlines as well as the newest strategic trends that are being chosen is described as well. The theoretical part is followed by the empirical one where the particular steps of examined airlines are analyzed and explained. The hypotheses concerning the probable behavior and adopted strategies of four analyzed carriers are expressed according to the discovered theoretical principles of the operations of current legacy (network) carriers. Whether the hypotheses are completely or partially confirmed, is discussed at the end of the empirical chapter. Key words: globalization, air transport, legacy carriers, airline alliances, hub and spoke, codeshare

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