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Peer consultants as a means of handling crises while working for the Police of the Czech Republic
Hanušová, Karolína ; Hudcová, Eliška (advisor) ; Macek, Ondřej (referee)
The master thesis Peer Providers as a Means of Support during Crises for the Police of the Czech Republic explores the role of peer providers in assisting police officers during times of crisis. The theoretical section of the thesis explains the concept of crises, including their causes, typology, and progression, while also showcasing various means of assistance available during such situations. It presents an overview of the Police of the Czech Republic and highlights the requirements and unique aspects of police work, emphasizing the associated burdens. Furthermore, the thesis delves into the options of psychosocial support offered to police officers within the Police of the Czech Republic, with particular focus on the peer support system provided by peer providers. To gather empirical data, the research conducted semi-structured interviews with ten police officers who serve as peer providers within the Prague Regional Police Directorate. Through this research, the study examined the role of peer providers in helping police officers navigate crises. It explored the circumstances under which police officers seek assistance from peer providers, elucidated the procedure followed for providing support, and investigated the reasons why police officers turn to peer providers. The thesis offers valuable...
Development risks for children under three years old brought up by a depressed mother
Hanušová, Karolína ; Šírová, Eva (advisor) ; Skřivánková, Petra (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the development of toddlers whose mothers have acute symptoms of depression. In the literary-overview part, which is split into four chapters, there is initially a description of the toddler period in terms of main developmental characteristics. The subsequent part of the work then focuses on describing early quality mother-toddler interaction, the changes in their relationship, and a definition of an emotional and social attachment. The next chapter deals with the depressive disorder, particularly describing the symptoms and changes in parental behaviour in depressed mothers. At the end of the literary-overview part there is a summary of selected researches dealing with the development of toddlers brought up by depressed mothers. The fundamental part of the thesis represents a suggestion for a research project. The goal of the research is to compare language development of toddlers brought up by depressed mothers and those brought up by mothers without acute symptoms of depression. Also, using the method of observation, the quality of mutual interaction will be compared between a depressed mother and her toddler, and a non-depressed mother and her toddler. The selected mothers will be divided into an experimental group and a control group using the Beck Depression...
Yield (revenue) management and its utilisation in hotel industry
Hanušová, Karolína ; Indrová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Kondrashov, Alexey (referee)
Tourism trade as well as hotel industry plays an important role in the services sector of the national economy of many countries, including the Czech Republic. The success of the whole branch is significantly influenced by demand fluctuations which usually occur in seasonal terms. Nowadays, however, when the world economy is afflicted by economical crisis, the demand downturns are apparent even in the times of high season. That is why the companies search for methods which would help to soften the impact of the crisis. Yield management appeared in hotel industry more than 20 years ago and is now used in many hotel chains and even small independent hotels. Its goal is to eliminate the demand fluctuation through an effective use of the hotel capacity. In practice it means to ensure that the right rooms are sold to the right customer for the right price. The aim of this thesis is a presentation of an application of Yield management theory in practice, in case of Hilton Prague hotel and to find out the opportunities of the Yield management to reduce the impact of economical crisis. First, we will need to define the base and principals of Yield management. Then we will apply them in practice to the Hilton Prague hotel. Finally, for the use of this hotel, we will examine the methods of smoothing the stroke of the crises.
Strategie rozvoje cestovního ruchu v turistickém regionu Český ráj
Hanušová, Karolína ; Vaško, Martin (advisor) ; Lechnýřová, Zuzana (referee)
práce hodnotí postup realizace strategie rozvoje cestovního ruchu v Českém ráji a analyzuje její dopad na vnímání regionu návštěvníky

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