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Possibilities of studying tourism under the Erasmus+ programme for students from the University of Economics
Knopová, Patricie ; Jarolímková, Liběna (advisor) ; Indrová, Jarmila (referee)
This thesis examines the possibilities of studying tourism at partner universities of the University of Economics in Prague participating in the Erasmus+ programme. The aim of the thesis is to find universities which could offer new tourism courses for students from the University of Economics in Prague while studying abroad. To achieve this, the offer of tourism courses among all partner universities of the University of Economics in Prague was analysed. The analysis showed that the University of Economics in Prague does not have bilateral agreements involving tourism studies with some of the partner universities. These agreements lack the possibility of studying tourism at one level of study, campus or faculty on which tourism is taught. To facilitate negotiations on new bilateral agreements, it has been proposed to add specific tourism courses taught in English. Another aim of this thesis is to propose modifications of the tourism courses taught at the University of Economics in Prague, which should ensure easier recognition of the subjects studied abroad into the group of compulsory courses. To achieve this goal, the most frequently taught tourism courses were found. These courses were afterwards compared with similar courses taught at the University of Economics in Prague. However, the comparison showed that specific adaptations could not be recommended. The main contribution of this work is the examination of the current situation for outgoing tourism students and suggestions for improvements of this situation.
Accessible tourism in the chosen destination
Suchá, Kateřina ; Petrů, Zdenka (advisor) ; Indrová, Jarmila (referee)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to analyse barrier-free tourism in the destination Lipno. It provides the comprehensive overview of barrier free accessibility of attractivities, transport, accommodation and food and beverage facilities for handicapped people. The thesis is divided into three parts. The first one is theoretical where the basic terms of tourism, such as barrier-free or accessible tourism and free barrier access are explained. The second, practical part, is focused on the analysis of accessible tourism in the destination Lipno. The last part is an assessment of barrier-free accessibility, conclusions and recommendations.
Accommodation facilities aimed at specific clientele (families with children, cyclists)
Kroulíková, Lucie ; Indrová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Kvítková, Zuzana (referee)
The aim of the bachelors thesis is to characterize accommodation facilities aimed at specific clientele (families with children, cyclists) and their analysis. The theoretical part deals with accommodation facilities and services, characterizes the main segments of tourists, specific requirements of families with children and cyclists for accommodation facilities and gives examples of good practice of baby-friendly and cyclist-oriented accommodation facilities in selected countries of the European Union. The practical part represents an analysis of certified accommodation facilities aimed at families with children and cyclists on the Czech market. The last chapter of the thesis includes the authors recommendations for improving the quality of accommodation services for their future development and proposals for better promotion of accommodation facilities.
Customs and traditions of Moravian Slovakia and their role in tourism
Skokaničová, Šárka ; Indrová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Kvítková, Zuzana (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on ethnographic region of the Czech Republic - Moravian Slovakia. The aim is to determine the importance of respecting traditions and folklore for tourism, and how knowledgeable the citizens of the Czech Republic are about Moravian Slovakia and its customs. The theoretical part deals with basic tourism terms, characteristics of tourism in the Czech Republic and with cultural heritage. The analytical part defines the researched area and analyses its features suitable for tourism. Crux of the thesis is an evaluation of author's own survey and suggestions for the future.
Sustainable development of tourism in Slovenia
Ječmínková, Irena ; Indrová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Chaloupka, Radek (referee)
The final thesis deals with the concept of sustainable tourism development and its application in Slovenia. The aim of the thesis is an evaluation of the current tourism and sustainable development in this country. The first chapter tries to explain the sustainable development in general, including its assumptions and indicators. The second chapter provides the general and economic characteristic of Slovenia. It describes attractiveness of tourism, the infrastructure, incoming and domestic tourism. The third part is focused on sustainable development of tourism and its form in Slovenia. In the last part is evaluated the questionnaire survey and also contains an interview with the Chief of the foreign representation of the Slovenian Tourist Board in Prague. Finally, was made evaluation and recommendations.
Revenue Management - current status and prospects for further development in the hotel industry
Jenčková, Jiřina ; Indrová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Abrhám, Josef (referee) ; Jankurová, Andrea (referee) ; Kameníček, Jan (referee)
This doctoral dissertation thesis focuses on current turnover management following principles of Revenue management in the field of hospitality in the Czech Republic. Final part of the thesis offers also prognosis of future development. The goal is to introduce Revenue management as an economic and management approach to direction of accommodation establishments, which maximize turnover. It uses optimum recovery ratio of accommodation capacity in combination with maximum average rate and price per available room, leading to optimization of economic results (when costs adequately controlled). It is a very complex theme which surpasses the capacity of this thesis. Therefore, the author chose a few segments with important influence on key economic indicators of accommodation establishments and where the initial optimum strategic settings are very important. These segments were examined both theoretically and practically. The author defines key terms using Czech and foreign literature, her own training materials and structured interviews with revenue/hotel managers. Several questionnaires, foreign case studies and personal experience of revenue management techniques implementation in accommodation establishments in the Czech Republic were used in the period from 2013 till 2016 as supporting materials for the practical part of the thesis. Results show that Revenue management has developed and requirements for the third generation of revenue managers are on the same level as for the top management. Czech accommodation establishments have, in comparison with western world or international chains, still room for improvement. The situation improves also in regions thanks to strong enlightenment and necessary reaction to strong competition and difficult economic conditions. Research shows that the best practice combines adequate modern technologies with well-trained and experienced human resources. Results point out room for further development of research in the field of Revenue management techniques usage, not only for hospitality services, but also for the field of tourism generally.
Eco-labelling of accommodation facilities
Vaks, Maya ; Indrová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Petrů, Zdenka (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the history of sustainable behavior, especially in the tourism industry, and on the development of ecolabels with the emphasis on accommodation facilities. The evaluation of competitive advantage of ecological lodging establishments and the process of applying for the certificate are as well included in the thesis. The main aim is to discover how important is a matter of protection the nature and care for environment for tourists, and how strong can it influence their decision-making process and willingness to pay extra for using certified services in Prague. The hypothesis of the author, that the clients of lodging establishments in Prague are willing to pay more for these services, was assessed by the questionnaire. In conclusion, author expresses his point of view regarding the topic and suggested probable next steps.
Evaluation of gastronomic services in Bratislava 1
Hubáčková, Terézia ; Indrová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Petrů, Zdenka (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is the evaluation of gastronomic services in Bratislava 1. The first chapter explains the typology and forms of catering facilities. It also describes Slovak cuisine, its development and typical dishes with beverages. The second chapter presents the history, the culture of Bratislava. At the same time, the thesis does not omit the development of tourism and catering facilities in Bratislava. The third chapter of the thesis analyzes the offer of catering services via questionnaire survey. At the end of the chapter, the overall survey results are summarized. With the help of SWOT analysis, the potential for tourism in the catering sector has been evaluated.
The analysis of barrier-free tourism in a chosen destination
Neuwirthová, Pavla ; Petrů, Zdenka (advisor) ; Indrová, Jarmila (referee)
The bachelor's thesis is engaged in the evaluation of accessible tourism in the centre of Prague for wheelchair users and comparares it with a state from 2013. First chapter defines significant terminology connected to accessible tourism. Second chapter is devoted to the analysis of the accessible tourism in Prague. The analysis evaluates state of chosen hotels and restaurans. Furthermore the thesis evaluates Prague transport, Prague airport, Royal Route and supply of travel agencies and touroperators focused on accessible tourism in Prague. Last chapter summarizes the results and provides recommendation for barrier-free tourism in Prague.
The Comparison of Selected Food Festivals and the Proposal of a Marketing Strategy
Knytlová, Magdalena ; Kvítková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Indrová, Jarmila (referee)
The Diploma Thesis deals with the marketing activities of the Garden Food Festival Olomouc. The objective of the thesis is to design specific marketing activities for the forthcoming year of this festival on the basis of the comparison with the foreign festival and the festival´s marketing, especially the marketing mix and communication. The theoretical part is dedicated to the history and significance of food festivals in the Czech Republic; furthermore, it introduces the areas of the marketing of services where the marketing mix and communication play a leading role. The subsequent practical part presents the comparison of a domestic food festival with a foreign one. To fulfil the objectives of the thesis, analysis of the marketing mix and communication as well as SWOT analysis is selected. The conclusions drawn are supported by a questionnaire survey about the awareness of the festival and its marketing. On the basis of the analyses performed and the data collection in the questionnaire survey, the concluding part of the thesis proposes specific features that the food festival could include in its marketing activities in the future.

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