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Employee Benefit System Design
Černá, Miroslava ; Kocianová, Renata (advisor) ; Běhounková, Olga (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the process of employee benefit system design and factors that affect it. The thesis pays attention to employee benefits in terms of human resource strategy and human resource policy, the importance of providing employee benefits and their legislation in the Czech Republic, also employee benefits in the system of rewarding employees and in the context of employee care. Based on the analysis of general project management procedures, a procedure for employee benefit system design has been created. Furthermore, attention is focused on the factors that affect the process of employee benefit system design, Czech and foreign research has been used. The bachelor's thesis includes a qualitative empirical research. By means of interviews with HR professionals of selected medium-sized companies in the Litoměřice district, there are identified procedures of employee benefit system design and factors that affect it. Key words: employee benefits, rewarding employees, care of employees, human resource strategy, human resource policy, job satisfaction, employee retention
Venture Capital Financing and its Impact on Financial Results of Czech Enterprises
Hanusová, Jana ; Černá, Miroslava (referee) ; Zinecker, Marek (advisor)
This thesis deals with venture capital financing and its impact on financial results of Czech enterprises. The first chapter is focused on basic theory in the field of private equity and venture capital, selected financial indicators are described and finally state-of-the-art of venture capital financing of Czech enterprises is depicted. Analytical part is devoted to introducing and individual financial analysis of chosen venture capital backed companies. The economic situation of the companies is evaluated before, during and after the coexistence between the venture capitalist and the company. Based on the financial results proposals of appropriate use of venture capital, which could lead to the development of this form of financing, are given.
The Research and Development Financing of the Innovative Technology in Czech Republic
Dušková, Monika ; Ing.Mgr.Miroslava Černá (referee) ; Kocmanová, Alena (advisor)
The thesis deals with the financing opportunities of a research and development support for small and medium enterprises in Czech Republic from the European Union resources. It mainly observes a managed change in the company and risks related to this change. The thesis is a supporting document for the decision making of the company in the financing of the innovative technologies from European budget and in the international project participation.
Problem of knowledge of a patient indicated for colonoscopy
ČERNÁ, Miroslava
The colonoscopic examination is no only a diagnostic method, but also a therapeutic method applied in gastroenterology. The colonoscopic examination is performed by the flexible endoscope and it is possible to examine the whole mucous membrane of the large intestine and to perform here also minor surgical operations. The necessity for the colonoscopic examination is as perfect as possible defecation of intestines, however, also this depends on the sufficient knowledge of the patient of the examination performance and preparation. This examination is quite stressing and strenuous for the patients. The target of the thesis was to find out the difference in knowledge of clients indicated for colonoscopy within hospitalization and clients coming as outpatients. 2 hypotheses were postulated: Hypothesis 1: {\clqq}The scope of information of dietary measures before colonoscopy provided to hospitalized clients is different than the scope of information provided to ambulatory clients``. The hypothesis 2: {\clqq}The scope of information about the procedure of the examination before the colonoscopy provided to hospitalized clients is different than the scope of information provided to ambulatory clients``. The method of questioning - technology of a questionnaire was applied to the collection of data. The questionnaire was completely anonymous and was determined for patients indicated to colonoscopic examination. The questionnaire included 22 closed and half-closed questions. 130 questionnaires were distributed in the gastro-enterologic ward in the Hospital of České Budějovice a.s. After returning the questionnaires and elimination of the incompletely filled in and empty questionnaires, the examined group consisted of 106 respondents, thereof 53 were ambulatory respondents and 53 hospitalized respondents. The target of the thesis was achieved. It followed from the results that both hypotheses were confirmed, there is really a certain difference in knowledge before the colonoscopic examination between the ambulatory and hospitalized respondents. In both hypotheses, the ambulatory respondents were informed better. This bachelor´s thesis points out the importance of giving the information to the patients and of co-operation between the patient, nurse and physician. To improve the knowledge of patients indicated for colonoscopy I created the draft of a leaflet, summarizing information the patient should know before this examination. The results of this thesis will be provided to the head and management of gastro-enterologic ward of the Hospital České Budějovice a.s. Its topic could be of help to the medical staff in better informing the patients.

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