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Patterns of use of psilocybe mushrooms among students of art universities and its influence on artistic creation
Matoušková, Adéla ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Zachová, Kateřina (referee)
Background: Psychedelics are substances that affect the nervous system and have the ability to influence thinking, perception and feelings of the user. In the Czech Republic, psilocybe mushrooms are the second most used psychedelic. 5.7% of the population over the age of 15 used them at least once in their lifetime, and over 70,000 people in the last 12 months. Research shows that this hallucinogen has potential uses in medicine and psychotherapy, especially in the treatment of depression, anxiety or PTSD. In the past, psychedelics were associated with the phenomenon of psychedelic art, in which artists were inspired in their works by psychedelic experiences they achieved under the influence of hallucinogenic substances, which entails significant risks. Patterns of magic mushroom use among artistic college students have not yet been adequately described. Objectives: The aim of the work is to find out the patterns of use of psychedelic mushrooms among university students with an artistic focus, to find out what effect the use has on their artistic creation and what is the motivation for using it. In this work, I will focus on the prevalence and amount of hallucinogenic mushrooms used by students and try to evaluate whether there is a connection between the pattern of using psilocybin mushrooms and...
The impact of advertisement and promotion of alternative tobacco and nicotine products on tobacco users: online survey
Jirásková, Alžběta ; Kulhánek, Adam (advisor) ; Zachová, Kateřina (referee)
Background: In the last few years, a large number of nicotine products have appeared on the Czech market, which are intended, among other things, to serve as alternatives to conventional cigarettes. These alternatives are often visually very distinctive and attractive. They are often perceived by users as less harmful and suitable for substitution for conventional cigarettes. At the same time, these products are not subject to legislation as strict as conventional cigarettes or packaged tobacco. Currently, approximately one quarter of the Czech population are at least occasional smokers, and a significant proportion are either currently using alternative nicotine products or are considering changing their use. Aims: The main objective of this work was to determine how active tobacco users perceive new alternatives on the market, specifically in terms of health harms, marketing presentation and appearance. In particular, another objective is to map preferences in the choice of use form and to compare the above mentioned alternatives with conventional cigarettes. Methods: The data was obtained through quantitative research. It was carried out using an online questionnaire survey in the Survio platform interface and distributed in the social networking environment. Respondents were collected through...
Determination of Chlorophyll Content in Birch and Pine Trees Using Hyperspectral Data
Zachová, Kateřina ; Potůčková, Markéta (advisor) ; Brodský, Lukáš (referee)
The master thesis deals with the determination of the chlorophyll content in birch foliage (Betula pendula Roth) and Scots pine using hyperspectral data. The first part of the thesis concentrates on the literature search dealing with the methods of chlorophyll content in the foliage of selected plant species. In the practical part the emphasis is on the study of spectral reflectance curves and finding their relation to the chlorophyll content from the laboratory determination. Images taken with the hyperspectral sensor HyMap and spectral reflectance curves obtained with the ground ASD FieldSpec 3 spectrometer were available. Using the derived regression model chlorophyll maps were created for Scots pine for three selected locations in the Sokolov coal basin area.
Liberated Theatre in a culturogical perspective
Zachová, Kateřina ; Czumalo, Vladimír (advisor) ; Matějů, Martin (referee)
Liberated theatre is specific, Czech theatre formation, it is specific in the whole Czech cultural context. Many works were released on this subject, begins with the materials produced by theatre itself and ends with the expert works. In our thesis, we tried by the compilation of the work from the field of theatrical history and theory, history of society, political history and texts about social climate of the period, in which Liberated theatre acted, to look at this formation in its integrity. Every theatre exists in the space and in the time, which define its character, and conversely, the theatre defines the character of the period and the society, in which it acts. This fact counts double on Liberated theatre. Therefore, this work looks at the creative activities of Liberated theatre as at the cultural feature, which is situated to the political and social conditions. It deals with the three basic persons of the theatre, describes its history and evolution, arts forms and technical instruments, which were used by the theatre. Also it refers the message, which was notified to the society by the central comic pair, and it takes a think about the live heritage of Liberated theatre to the present.
Spirituality of professionals in addictology inpatient services: a questionnaire survey
Zemina, Jiří ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Zachová, Kateřina (referee)
Background: For dealing with addiction, bio-psycho-socio-spiritual paradigm which is the main subject of this paper. The first three topics are mostly concerned about research rather than spirituality theme itself. The majority are focusing particularly on feeling spirituality of the researched clients Aims: The main aim was to map spirituality of workers that are supporting residual addiction treatment, which could bring new findings with possible implementation to bring spirituality to practice. Aims: The main focus of the paper is to describe spirituality of residual addiction treatment workers. Methods: For data gathering, Prague spirituality questionnaire was used, where individual approach to spirituality can be assessed. The questionnaire consists of social and demographic questions combined with personal spirituality position together with its impact. There were 49 respondents consisting of residual addiction treatment workers. Results: The outcome describes differences between individual professions of which nurses are the group with biggest impact of spirituality while addictologists on the opposite site. Analysis further reflects link between spirituality and age of the respondents, which is clearly higher with increasing age. On top of that, men clearly feel drugs as a source of...
The role of stimulants in men having sex with men
Gajdošová, Klára ; Matoušek, Petr (advisor) ; Zachová, Kateřina (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of non- heterosexual men, who use/have used stimulants. In the Czech Republic a minimum of publications deals with this issue. However, foreign studies indicate that non- heterosexual individuals have a higher prevalence of substance use than heterosexual individuals.Furthermore, foreign authors state that the use of party drugs is becoming increasingly popular among men with a non- heterosexual orientation. The aim of the bachelor thesis is to analyze and describe the of the stimulants in the lives of men having sex with men. A qualitative research approach was chosen for the implementation of the research. The data were obtained through a semi- structured interview. Data analysis was performed using the formula capture method and the bunching method. The results are divided into four categories. The results show that the men most often use MDMA and cocaine in an dance party environment. In terms of frequency of use, they are most often among recreational users. The motivation for use is usually the get a positive experience. The results also show that the men partake in chemsex. Furthermore, the results show that men perceive a sense of control over use and do not have perceive thoughs about using during the work week, when they do not use. The results...
Spirituality of abstaining drug users
Liďák, Jan ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Zachová, Kateřina (referee)
The thesis deals with relationship between spirituality and abstaining drug users, focusing mainly on the level of emotional experience. Lot of this work is based mainly on authors Vojtíšek and Říčan as I try to determine the term spirituality compared to terms resembling it such as religiosity and religion. In addition to this I am drawing from research studying relationship of spirituality, health, and addiction. As a background I am using the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model of addiction and assumption that spirituality was during the time, person used drugs, suppressed and suffering. We can see this assumption in many theories by Czech and foreign authors too. My main aim is to understand the experience of spirituality of drug ex-users given their drug career, recovery, and abstinence. Research questions are aiming at experiencing spirituality at a time most of the research participants are in Follow-up treatment programme and how were they experiencing spirituality during rehab and during the times they were still using drugs and going through addiction. What kind of meaning spirituality has in clients' life without drugs in one of the main focuses of this work. The data were conducted through qualitative research using a semi-structured interview with five clients of Follow-up centers and...
Self- harm and addiction, their resemblance and differences
Šilhavá, Tereza ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Zachová, Kateřina (referee)
Backround: In certain aspects, self-harm and addiction share similarities. They both mostly occur among juveniles, moreover, there is an increased prevalence of alcohol and substances abuse among the self-harming clients. Aim: The objective of this thesis is to find the similarities and differences between self-harm and addiction. The research questions clarifying the objectives are: In what aspects do self- harm and addiction match? In what aspects do they differ? How does the self-harming and addicted clientele conjoins? Methods: This thesis is theoretical, the data is acquitted from professional articles and studies and was analyzed using comparison and induction. Results: The results show that self-harm has similar course to the course of addiction and this pattern tends to repeat. In both cases, there is an occurrence of strong emotions preceding the activity followed by a strong relieve right after the performance of the act which is later followed by a desire to repeat the behaviour. Ahigher rate of alcohol and other substances abuse has shown among self-harming client, while depression, borderline personality disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder often ranks among the concurrent disorders for both of those behaviours. Pharmacotherapy does not usually apply in treating self-harm...
Online gaming addiction in the personal history of adolescents who use drugs harmfully
Metelková, Marcela ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Zachová, Kateřina (referee)
Background: Behavioral addictions, particularly so-called online addictions, have become a highly active research area. Nowadays, addictive behavior towards computer games can be included into other risky activities in adolescence such as substance abuse. The connection to personality traits is now being studied by many mental health professionals. The idea of correlation between the effect of excessive online gaming and the personal history of adolescents who are currently treated in a juvenile facility for substance abuse led me towards writing this study. Aims: This thesis aims to present the connection between addictive behavior and online gaming, specifically, the connection between playing computer games in childhood and excessive substance abuse later in adolescence. The goal of this study is to describe the development of excessive online gaming towards substance abuse in the cases of chosen adolescents. The thesis focuses on the occurrence of the combination of selected phenomena in the subject's development considering motivation, while also looking at the personal experiences of respondents. The study of personality traits is also specifically studied in connection to high-risk behavior and other factors that may influence the development of addictive behavior. Methods: The concept of...
Topic "The Puppet Theatre" from the Point of View of Art Therapy
ZACHOVÁ, Kateřina
The Bachelor's thesis focuses on the role of a puppet and puppet theatre in the art therapy for adults. It is based on the method applied to this phenomenon in the Roznov therapy. The theoretical part provides an overview of the principles on which the theme is based. It combines the approaches of art therapy with those of theatre studies. It analyses the theme of a puppet theatre as a specific theatrical genre and examines its metaphorical potential. Furthermore, the thesis elucidates the substance of drama therapy and Roznov therapy. Puppet theatre is unjustly neglected in the field of expressive therapies. Roznov Therapy is able to use it in the therapy of adults what is quite exeptional. But even there the puppet theatre is marginal. There are few written documents descripting its problematics. That is why I decided to summarise key data on the current state of the Roznov analysis of clients production focused on the puppet theatre, in my thesis. That was done based on interviews with eight experienced therapists. A marionette is a specific type of a puppet in terms of its construction. It has an exclusive status in the history of theatre and in the Roznov Therapy. Both the theoretical and practical part of the thesis attempt to answer the question why it is so and what therapeutic and analytical options it offers. That is why the practical part describes a pilot experiment aimed at establishing in what ways adult clients react to a puppet, with a special focus on a preferred specific type of puppet construction (marionette, mannequin, wayang). In the end, the practical part assesses the efficiency of a puppet as a carrier of lateralised transfer and the measure of correlation between a client's preference for a type of puppet construction and his or her personality traits. Pilot experimental screening discovered facts that, beeing proved in future qualitative and quantitative research, will be enriching for further developement of expressive therapies. The pilot experiment resulted in the revision of its form and establishment of hypotheses and a follow-up research directions.

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