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Production single parts "HOLDER"
Wagner, Jan ; Špaček, Jindřich (referee) ; Žák, Ladislav (advisor)
The diploma thesis is elaborated within frame of masters study programme 2303T010. The work is submitting design of technology production of the drawn part – the holder. The work is based on the study of problems of the deep drawing process and related calculation was designed drawing in instrument with holder according to drawing documentation 2-5M68-12/00. The lower ejector is using for extrusion component. The drawing instrument make use of standardised components and it is solving forms of customary stool close-set on the crank drawing inclinable press LESP 63 A (producer ŠMERAL Brno, plant Trnava), with nominal tensile force 1000 kN. Drawing punch and drawing die are produced from alloyed instrumental steel 19 573, heat-worked according to drawing documentation.
Overview of the family Deinotheriidae C.L. Bonaparte, 1841 [Mammalia, Proboscidea] with direction to fossil discoveries in Czech Republic.
Šmejkal, Roman ; Mazuch, Martin (advisor) ; Wagner, Jan (referee)
This work presents the family Deinotheriidae including the subfamily Chilgatherinae. Morphological differences of teeth point to anatomical differences between the genders Chilgatherium, Prodeinotherium and Deinotherium. Further, the anatomical differences of skull and postcranial skeleton of the Deinotherinae subfamily are described. The Extension of the family Deinotherium is tied to the migration routes from Africa to Asia and Europe. The Occurrence in the Czech Republic is confirmed by 2 important discovery sites. The first one is located in Horní Ves near Franzensbad where the skeleton of the species Prodeinotherium bavaricum was discovered. The second one is located near Česká Třebová and represented by the fragments of the lower jaw of the species Prodeinotherium cuvieri. The discussion focuses on the use of the lower tusks and the method of food intake.
Hamsters (Rodentia, Cricetinae) in the Quaternary fossil record of Czech Republic and Slovakia
Lebedová, Klára ; Horáček, Ivan (advisor) ; Wagner, Jan (referee)
1 Abstract The material of hamster remains in the Quaternary fossil assemblages from Czech Republic and Slovakia was analyzed in details with aid of biometric comparisons and contextual analyses focused on stratigraphic position of particular records and structure of the small mammals communities accompanying them. Cricetus as well as small hamsters (Allocricetus-Cricetulus) were recorded in all main Quaternary biozones (MN17-Q4). Yet Cricetus was recorded in few assemblages only mostly just with a single specimen only, except for several Q2 sites and those from the present glacial cycle (with peak abundance in preboreal and boreal). Despite obvious common trends (enlarging size from MN17 to Q3) all samples show roughly the same pattern of dental variation supporting a concept of Cricetus as a monotypic genus with a single species, C. cricetus covering all fossil forms separated as its subspecies. Correspondingly, our results support congeneric status of MN17-Q3 Allocricetus and Q4 Cricetulus, despite separating them as independent species, i.e., Cricetulus bursae and Cricetulus migratorius. Analysis of subrecent samples of C. migratorius from Turkey revealed a very broad span of phenotype variation in extant species covering both the variation framework of extant Phodopus sungorus and metric variation in a...
Proposed reward system of employees in selected company
Kabourková, Lucie ; Wagner, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Petera, Petr (referee)
This thesis deals with proposed system of rewards in a specific company that will be used to increase employee motivation and subsequently their economical productivity. Multidisciplinary literary research from fields of productivity measurement, direction of human resources, psychology and positive economy, represents the theoretical level of this Thesis. Practical part then describes selected company, it introduces reader to specific department and explains jobs of employees, and later it proposes and discusses complex reward system. This particular system is designed based on literature and interviews with employees of individual departments. The Thesis analysis possibilities of salary division into fixed and variable parts, it deals with connection of variable parts to specific scales, outlines issues with bonuses as well as other non-financial motivations, such as teambuildings and promotions, that increase employee motivation.
The design of the ABC model on the example of the healthcare facility
Golovkova, Anita ; Wagner, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Šoljaková, Libuše (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of the formation of the ABC model in healthcare facilities. The aim of this work is the formation of the ABC model on the example of the Infectious Department of the selected teaching hospital. The work is divided into theoretical and practical part. In the framework of the theoretical part are summarised findings from literature review regarding the Activity-Based Costing method and its application in medical organisations. In the practical part are already constructs of the ABC model itself, based on an annual data basis using a procedure adapted to the medical facilities.
The influence of an organizational structure on an economic structure
Vaníková, Lucie ; Matyáš, Ondřej (advisor) ; Wagner, Jaroslav (referee)
The goal of the diploma thesis is to analyse the influence of an organizational structure on an economic structure of an organization. The theoretical part summarises basic features of responsibility accounting and tries to find out whether the economic structure is determined only by the organizational structure or by more features. The case of a change of the particular company´s organizational structure proves the influence of the organizational structure on the economic structure in practical part.
The use of Managerial Accounting tools for reward system and motivation of employees
Snížková, Žaneta ; Wagner, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Fibírová, Jana (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on Managerial Accounting and its tools and techniques. The main part of it would serve to review whether theoretical principles of Managerial Accounting are efficiently implemented and whether Key Performance Indicators are properly set to fulfil their essential functions to measure, motivate and manage achievement of performance goals. It further investigates Responsibility Accounting, Performance Management and how they influence and impact the reward system and the motivation of employees. This thesis would provide a general overview related to modern techniques such as Management Control Systems, which are nowadays popularly used to coordinate development of human resources, their motivation, assessment and other factors influencing performance. The practical part of this thesis includes analysis of the remuneration system in concrete company, namely Philip Morris ČR a.s. The last chapter also summarizes strengths and weaknesses of the current system and suggests improvements to influence performance and employees motivation more positively and how to prosper from the application of Managerial Accounting tools.
Application of the Balanced Scorecard Method within a Chosen Enterprise
Lužová, Jiřina ; Wagner, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Petera, Petr (referee)
The diploma thesis "Application of the Balanced Scorecard Method within a Chosen Enterprise" deals with the Balanced Scorecard concept from the point of view of its integration in the strategic management of a business establishment. The theoretical-methodological part addresses the topic of business performance strategic management with the use of a Balanced Scorecard method. This part characterises the individual elements of the Balanced Scorecard method, gives reasons for its implementation, outlines the individual perspectives constituting the core framework of this method, describes the proposed implementation of the concept and summarises its limitations and constrictions. The practical part of the diploma thesis applies the findings collected in the theoretical-methodological part to the conditions of the production company Screw & Wire Libčice a.s. As a first step, analyses of the company´s external and internal environments are carried out along with the SWOT analysis. Based on the strategic analysis, the mission, the vision and the strategy of the company are defined. As a next step, the Balanced Scorecard itself is modelled to meet the needs of the particular company. The causal interrelations between the strategic objectives of the individual perspectives are illustrated with the help of a strategy map. Lastly, the diploma thesis comes up with a proposal for the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard concept within the chosen enterprise.
Financial responsibility management of divisionalized companies
Navrátil, Jakub ; Wagner, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Král, Bohumil (referee)
An opening part of the thesis explains the role of responsibility accounting within overall management control system of a company. Individual chapters are focused on the key specific aspects of businesses with a divisionalized organizational structure. A description of principal characteristics related to this type of an organizational structure is followed by a detailed explanation of various types of responsibility centers. A subsequent chapter deals with bookkeeping aspects of responsibility accounting as well as with transfer prices. A theoretical part is concluded after a comprehensive analysis of a characteristic features related to responsibility centers' financial management on different levels of a corporate's hierarchy. An application part of the thesis is based on an assessment of responsibility accounting environment within a chosen responsibility center inside a real divisionalized corporation.

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