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Diagnosis selected bridge structure
Novák, Jakub ; Láník, Jaromír (referee) ; Žítt, Petr (advisor)
The Diploma thesis deals with the Diagnostics of Reinforced Concrete Bridge in the village of Luhačovice. This thesis also describes the individual Diagnostic methods and instruments used in purpose to make Diagnosis of bridge constructions. The main aim of the Diagnostics is to determine the current state of the Bridge which consists in verification of the actual road structure, determination of the physical and mechanical parameters of the Concrete (strength, depth of carbonation) and in some parts of the bridge structure to determine the type, number and position of the bending or shear reinforcement. Based on the evaluation of the laboratory tests a static calculation of the selected part of the Bridge structure is performed. The final evaluation is the determination of the load and the subsequent design of the necessary and recommended measures for maintaining or improving the functionality of the bridge structure.
Modular strucutres
Holubec, David ; Novák, Jakub (referee) ; Tobola, Ondřej (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the design of recreational garden architecture, which will serve as a shading object and will use the principles of tensegrity structures.
Balková, Natálie ; Novák, Jakub (referee) ; Tobola, Ondřej (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with possible layout plan of a camper van and considers different possibilities of its utilization and tries to find the best possible ways of comfortable living on roads. The goal of the thesis is to show meaningful ways of connecting the sanitary, living and sleeping zone to achieve ideal balance among those. When living in the cramped space of the camper van, the goal is to provide ergonomic environment without any obstacles caused by poor design of the interior. The thesis shows the layout plan that would comply with comfort both on short trips and also on longer tours. Important thing is to deal with the design of windows to utilize the possibilies of using the natural daylight as a source of lighting. Larger windows would also contribute to a better connection with van’s surroundings. The outcome of the thesis is visualisation of 3D model, architectural study showing possible layouts, physical model and additional visualisations.
Analysis of the highest and best use of a building in Brno
Novák, Jakub ; Hlavinková, Vítězslava (referee) ; Klika, Pavel (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the analysis of the highest and best use (HABU) of the property, which is applied to a specific example in the practical part of this work. The theoretical part describes and explains the four basic hypotheses of which the analysis consists (legal admissibility, physical possibility, financial merits and maximum profitability). The analysis is performed on the building of the former dining of Military Academy in Brno, which is currently unused.
Guitar processor
Novák, Jakub ; Hadinec, Michal (referee) ; Friedl, Martin (advisor)
Analog effects are an integral part of modern musician. Advancing time makes players change and create new sounds emanating from the sound system. Unfortunately, it is not possible with one effect, but necessary to connect a combination of selected and appropriate effects. With the coming of digital multi-effect, in compared with an older analog effects, the quantity of sound effects increased, on the other hand, the quality decreased. This bachelor thesis, guitar processor, links the quality of analog effects with simple operation via microprocessor. Turn several effects at once is certainly great advantage. In comparison with the original analog equipment, which consists of several individual units, the project offers connection of selected effects in one unit. The processor saves not only time but also space.
Design and realization of extrusion head and connecting members for extrusion of circular plastic profiles
Novák, Jakub ; Veselý, Oldřich (referee) ; Koutný, Daniel (advisor)
In this work is developed a proposal for extrusion head for extruding plastic wires of small diameter. There is a new conceptual design of cooling, which allows shape extruded products already in the extrusion head and thereby eliminates the need for large cooling tanks. To determine the optimal design is used software named Virtual Extrusion Laboratory, which is used in practice for the simulation of the extrusion process. Then it is experimentally determined behavior of plastic material, when the temperature of the melt in the extrusion head is reduced.
Single cylinder compressor
Novák, Jakub ; Nohál, Libor (referee) ; Dvořáček, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with a design of single cylinder compressor. The thesis contains basic calculations and proposal of compression unit completed with drawing documentation. Finally the thesis proposes the concept of compression unit along with a pressure tank and a drive placed together on the carrying frame.
The influence of the change of moisture content of timber on its physical-mechanical properties
Novák, Jakub ; Komárková, Tereza (referee) ; Heřmánková, Věra (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the physical and mechanical properties of spruce wood at different humidity and verifies the individual properties, depending on the humidity of the wood. The theoretical part of this work is focused on the description and characteristics of the general characteristics and structure of wood. The practical part deals with the testing and measuring of wood samples at different moisture and evaluate the physical and mechanical properties. Finally, static calculation verifies difference resistance of structural members stressed bend at different humidities.
Design of outdoor meteorological station
Novák, Jakub ; Rubínová, Dana (referee) ; Zvonek, Miroslav (advisor)
The main contens of this bachelor thesis is a design of a home weather station which should respect functional, technical as well as technological principles. My design is trying to be satisfactory for most of the users by chosen ergonomical and practical way in minimalistic fullfilment.
The deposition of Ga and GaN nanostructures on silicon and graphene substrate
Novák, Jakub ; Jarý, Vítězslav (referee) ; Mach, Jindřich (advisor)
The thesis is focused on the study of properties of GaN nanocrystals and Ga structures on the surface of silicon and graphene substrate. In the theoretical part of this thesis, the basic properties of Ga/GaN and graphene are described, as well as their applications or connection of both structures together in different devices. The ability of metal nanoparticles to enhance not only photoluminescence, due to the interaction of the material with surface plasmons, is also shown in several examples. The experimental part of the work first deals with the production and characterization of graphene sheets prepared by Chemical Vapor Deposition. Ga/GaN growth on both types of substrates was performed in a UHV chamber using an effusion cell for Ga deposition and an atomic ion source for nitridation. Prepared structures were characterized using various methods (XPS, SEM, AFM, Raman spectroscopy or photoluminescence). In the last step, GaN nanocrystals were coated with Ga islands to study the photoluminescence enhancement.

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