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Effect of physical exercise on ultrasonographic assessment of Achilles tendon region in runners
Benešová, Adéla ; Machač, Stanislav (advisor) ; Novák, Jakub (referee)
The master thesis entitled "The effect of physical activity on the ultrasonographic evaluation of the Achilles tendon in runners" aims to elucidate the role of physical activi-ty on the outcome of ultrasonographic (USG) examinations. Thirty-two runners un-derwent a 10km run preceded by a USG examination to evaluate and measure their Achilles tendon (AT). These findings were compared with the results of an identical USG examination acquired after the run. Statistical analysis showed significantly diffe-rent values for the following parameters: cross section area (CSA), m. flexor hallucis longus (m. FHL) diameter and heel fat pat compresibility (HFP). Subjectively assessed retrocalcaneal bursa size also showed differences in dimensions. Another focus of the study was to compare the client-centric state of the AT assessed by the VISA-A questi-onnaire with the CSA values and the size of the musculotendinous junction (MTJ) angle of the m. soleus. The size of CSA was inversely correlated with VISA-A values. MTJ angle and VISA-A did not show a statistically significant association.
Heritage conservation of the remains of human activity in the forest
Sklenář, Karel ; Novák, Jakub ; Kadavý, Jan ; Mikita, Tomáš ; Rybníček, Michal ; Bajer, Aleš ; Kučera, Aleš ; Kolář, Tomáš ; Friedl, Michal
The main objectives of the methodology include: 1. setting the issue in the legislative environment; 2. introducing the processes of disturbance of objects in the forest environment; 3. characterization of modern methods of identification of objects in forests; 4. introducing the practical procedure of identification of objects of human activities in forests; 5. proposing procedures for ensuring the preservation and presentation of anthropogenic remains of human activities in forests for state administration and local government. The methodology was developed in cooperation between experts in the humanities and natural sciences. It seeks to apply and combine procedures of different disciplines. The methodology is recommended to be used with methodology Methods and procedures for the protection of anthropogenic objects of historical human economic activity in forests (Kadavý et al. 2022). The two methodologies are complementary to each other.
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Objectice evaluation of postural function of abdominal muscles and intra-abdominal pressure
Novák, Jakub ; Kobesová, Alena (advisor) ; Mezian, Kamal (referee) ; Janoušek, David (referee)
Objective evaluation of postural function of abdominal muscles and intra-abdominal pressure Abstract This dissertation deals with an important mechanism of trunk stabilization, the increase of intra-abdominal pressure. Intra-abdominal pressure is created by the coordinated contraction of the diaphragm, along with the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Intra-abdominal pressure works in all directions, stabilizing the trunk while reduceing axillary compression of the spine. Intra-abdominal pressure is increased during activities that require demands on the stabilization of the spine. Intra-abdominal pressure and trunk muscle activity can be measured in several different invasive and non-invasive ways. In rehabilitation medicine, anorectal or gastroesophageal probes are most often used to measure intra-abdominal pressure and measurements are often supplemented by evaluation of muscle activation using electromyography. However, these measurements are costly, time consuming and inconvenient for patients. The most common tool for evaluating trunk stabilization in rehabilitation practice is digital palpation of abdominal wall tension. However, this evaluation method is subjective. Therefore, new pressure sensors have been developed that allow non-invasive assessment of abdominal wall tensionand thus also the...
Methods and procedures for the protection of anthropogenic objects of historical human activities in forests
Kadavý, Jan ; Sklenář, Karel ; Novák, Jakub ; Knott, Robert ; Kneifl, Michal
The methodology focuses on the use of information about identification, documentation and presentation of anthropogenic objects - relics of historical human economic activity in forests,. These information result from linking forestry, heritage conservation and archaeology. Anthropogenic objects in forests are mainly old roads, sites of historical raw material extraction, raw material processing objects, abandoned settlements, signs of past coppice management, etc. The reason for the development of the methodology is the fear of loss (damage) of these objects by forestry activities. exacerbated at present by the processing of a bark beetle calamity of big proportions on a substantial part of the Czech Republic. If we accepted damage tor destruction of these objects, we would also accept a loss of cultural and historical heritage of the Czech Republic.
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Unfinished higway D8: traffic, environmental and economical consequences
Ulrich, Lukáš ; Novák, Jakub (advisor) ; Vondráčková, Petra (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the unfinished D8 highway, especially the section headed through the protected landscape area of České středohoří, and with the problems arising from this situation. The theoretical part is devoted to describing the negative effects caused by vehicle traffic, possibilities of their elimination and the history of highway construction with the other alternatives. In the empirical part is solved the traffic situation on congested roads that substitute this unfinished section and the resulting consequences in terms of emission. Key words: traffic, highway, Ústí nad Labem
Media and digital technologies in primary school education
Novák, Jakub ; Wolák, Radim (advisor) ; Lucký, Jakub (referee)
The end of the twentieth century is the beginning of significant development in the area of digital technologies. Modern technologies make our everyday life easier, they enable us to work more effectively, and they are a source of fun for all the age groups. Modern technologies have a great impact on us and our environment and thus they deserve our attention. Children, who are in everyday contact with modern technologies since the day they were born, are an especially sensitive group exposed to modern technologies. Thus this thesis aims to investigate whether Czech primary schools are aware of these digital changes in society and whether they react to these. In the theoretical part, an overview of the digital world (media, cyberspace, virtual reality) and the state of equipment at schools is being mapped. The research then focuses on using technologies in everyday life at schools. It concentrates on computer literacy of teachers at public elementary schools in Prague 7, their attitude to digital technologies, and their readiness to adapt to the fast pace of technological innovations.

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