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Low-frequency active threshold-less voltage detectors
Litovska, Anna ; Theumer, Radek (referee) ; Šotner, Roman (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with various solutions of the active topology of voltage detectors and rectifiers that do not use diodes. Specifically, it focuses on discrete detectors with multipliers and voltage-to-current converters, a discrete peak detector with transconductors, and an integrated RMS detector with an AD734 multiplier. This thesis includes theoretical design of parameters of circuits for required features as well as verification by computer analysis (PSpice) and experimental measurement. This work includes documentation for construction of the product, including the block arrangement and the design of the printed circuit board.
Complete implementation of pulse oximeter
Doležal, Lukáš ; Kaller, Ondřej (referee) ; Šotner, Roman (advisor)
This thesis deals with the design of a pulse oximeter. The resulting device allows to measure human blood oxygen saturation and heart rate in a non-invasive way. Easy portability is enabled by battery power supply and the used colour graphical display ensures clear display of the measured data. The paper describes in general terms the principle of pulse oximetry, a description of the chosen electronic components and the firmware developed to ensure the device's operation. Verification of correct operation was performed by comparing the measurements with similar devices available on the market.
Comlete design of class D power amplifier
Bistrý, Jan ; Šotner, Roman (referee) ; Petržela, Jiří (advisor)
In this bachelor's project was at first described a principle of class D power amplifiers. There was performed a characteristic of particular blocks. In the concrete steps were described particular solutions of these amplifiers with PWM driver, amplifier as an IC chip and were described advantages of this topology. It was performed an overview of the modern integrated amplifiers which are currently available. According to further requirements of this bachelor's project were designed a scheme and a board of printed circuit for this amplifier. In more details were described possibilities of output LC filter and performed its simulation. At the conclusion of this project was performed a laboratory measurement of realized amplifier which verified its performance and compliance with engaged parameters.
Realization of simple active elements employing commercially available BJT/MOS arrays
Vyčítal, Jaroslav ; Dvořák, Radek (referee) ; Šotner, Roman (advisor)
The subject of the work is an introduction to the functions of the current mirrors and differential pairs. Consequently, understanding and simulated simple circuits composed of these circuits. The simulation results are in Chapter 5, which are also included diagrams of simulated circuits..
All-pass filters with various active devices
Novotný, Jakub ; Šotner, Roman (referee) ; Petržela, Jiří (advisor)
The theme of the semester project is to provide an overview of the function and use of analogue all-pass filters. It deals with their specific implementation using active functional blocks, i. e. using LT1228 transconductance amplifier manufactured by Linear Technology, using transimpedance amplifier AD844 manufactured by Analog Devices and using negative three port second generation current conveyor EL2082 manufactured by Intersil (formerly Elantec). Further outlines the concept of laboratory exercises on all-pass filters with the aforementioned integrated circuits. The exercise will consist of three separate units.
Design of class AB stereo audio power amplifier
Podr, Michal ; Šotner, Roman (referee) ; Brančík, Lubomír (advisor)
This thesis describes the design of a complete amplifier operating in class AB. It contain two power amplifiers with working in the bridge mode correction amplifier with volume control, bass, treble, and also with the choice of loudness. Preamplifier with three different inputs and the choice between stereo and mono modes.
Utilization of circuit elements described by fractional-order dynamics in analog phase shifters
Zedka, Radim ; Šotner, Roman (referee) ; Petržela, Jiří (advisor)
This document deals with fractional passive dipole structures, their mathematical description, design methods and practical use with respect to limited frequency range. Two fractional dipole design methods are being described while one of them is used for practical realization of three fractional dipole samples. All of them are well measured and documented. Analog phase shifters implementing this fractional-order dipole are being discussed theoretically and they are practically constructed and measured. Concisely the fractional-order two-port design method implementing biquadratic filters is described.
Model of four-quadrant analog multiplier AD835 for PSpice
Kuřátko, David ; Brančík, Lubomír (referee) ; Šotner, Roman (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the analog behavioral modeling of the AD835 multiplier and its simple applications in PSpice. The first part of this thesis is focused to the theoretical analysis of analog multiplier in general. This is followed by an analysis of individual elements, which are suitable for modeling of this multiplier AD835 and possibility of substitution by other elements. The next part deals with the description of the multiplier AD835, an analysis of the proposed model and confirmation of several parameters with measurement. Finally, there was noted several applications with analog multiplier AD835. Simulation results of these applications are compared with ideal expectations.
Portable music player
Rozsíval, Adam ; Šotner, Roman (referee) ; Dřínovský, Jiří (advisor)
The thesis deals with the project of a portable music player with an amplifier in the class D. The device is powered up by connected power supply unit, eventually by built-in accumulator. Audio signal is played by bluetooth module, sound card or headphone output. Switching inputs and power supply of the accumulator is managed by a micro-controller. A correction equalizer for sound control is also embedded in the booster. All peripheries are put into a wooden baffle board. The sound is reproduced by a pair of loudspeakers.
Realizations of mathematical model of wind turbulations as lumped electronic circuits
Bürger, David ; Šotner, Roman (referee) ; Petržela, Jiří (advisor)
This semester work deals with implementation of the mathematical model known as modified Lorenz system as an electronic circuit with lumped parameters. Dynamical system is autonomous, deterministic and is described by a set of first-order ordinary differential equations. Our aim is to derive three different circuitry realizations each having specific properties. In the first case realization is canonical in the sense of the integrator block conception where the internal system parameters are adjusted by three potentiometers. Second realization represents modification towards independent adjustment of all four system parameters and, consequently, to tracing dynamical evolution of model solution. Last oscillator, on the contrary to previous circuits, work in current mode rather than voltage regime.

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