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Design of multipurpose generator of low- and high-frequency sub-bands
Caban, Dominik ; Brančík, Lubomír (referee) ; Šotner, Roman (advisor)
The thesis focuses on the generation of harmonic and non-harmonic waveforms in the low and high-frequency domains. The thesis aims to design and implement a portable multipurpose signal generator with a user interface powered by its own battery. The design focuses on the implementation of a function generator, a high-frequency generator, and a pulse generator with Gaussian characteristics within a single portable device. The thesis describes an introduction to signal generators, the selection of the individual components, the design procedure for each circuit, and their subsequent hardware implementation either within the development kit or the final product.
Design and construction of audio amplifier with advanced functions
Polkorab, Jaroslav ; Šotner, Roman (referee) ; Brančík, Lubomír (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on the design of a low frequency class-D amplifier with the minimum output power of 2x50 W. This amplifier will be used for personal use as a HiFi system with advanced features. The design focuses on an encoder controlled preamplifier with an IR remote control, a power amplifier and a switching mode power supply. The PSpice program was selected for the circuit simulation. The schematic designs are created in Easyeda, KiCad and PSpice.
Low-frequency active threshold-less voltage detectors
Litovska, Anna ; Theumer, Radek (referee) ; Šotner, Roman (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with various solutions of the active topology of voltage detectors and rectifiers that do not use diodes. Specifically, it focuses on discrete detectors with multipliers and voltage-to-current converters, a discrete peak detector with transconductors, and an integrated RMS detector with an AD734 multiplier. This thesis includes theoretical design of parameters of circuits for required features as well as verification by computer analysis (PSpice) and experimental measurement. This work includes documentation for construction of the product, including the block arrangement and the design of the printed circuit board.
Diode shaping circuit examples for educational purposes
Kasatkin, Alexey ; Petržela, Jiří (referee) ; Šotner, Roman (advisor)
Tato bakalářská práce je věnována návrhu a realizaci diodového obvodu tvarovače a diodových omezovačů obou polarity s různými zapojeními pro laboratorní. Prvním z nich je tří segmentový obvod tvarovače s aktivním prvkem (operačním zesilovačem). Obvod převádí trojúhelníkový signál na harmonický signál. Druhým obvodem je vykrajovač s proudovým sledovačem, který signál na výstupu odřízne. Třetí je jednoduchý omezovač s nezávislým nastavením úrovně omezení. Cílem konstrukce bylo dosáhnout co nejmenšího zkreslení signálu na výstupu. Funkčnost obvodů byla ověřena simulací a měřením.
Laboratory task dedicated to filters with switched capacitors
Khaibullin, Rishat ; Šotner, Roman (referee) ; Petržela, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis describes the basic principles of circuits based on switched capacitor technology. The advantages of using this technology are described, and the different connection types of switched capacitors are shown. A graphic comparison of the operation of classic analog filters and filters based on switched capacitor technology is also provided. A solution for the implementation of a laboratory board for use in education is offered. The board has been successfully tested, and an example of a laboratory problem solution is given.
Complete implementation of pulse oximeter
Doležal, Lukáš ; Kaller, Ondřej (referee) ; Šotner, Roman (advisor)
This thesis deals with the design of a pulse oximeter. The resulting device allows to measure human blood oxygen saturation and heart rate in a non-invasive way. Easy portability is enabled by battery power supply and the used colour graphical display ensures clear display of the measured data. The paper describes in general terms the principle of pulse oximetry, a description of the chosen electronic components and the firmware developed to ensure the device's operation. Verification of correct operation was performed by comparing the measurements with similar devices available on the market.
Organic matter impedance extraction and modeling
Vyplel, Vojtěch ; Balada, Radek (referee) ; Šotner, Roman (advisor)
This thesis addresses the problem of extracting impedance characteristics from organic materials. The aim was to explain the modelling of impedance characteristics using non-integer models of electronic circuits. Also to explain the principle of electro impedance spectroscopy, what is a constant phase element and the Cole model. Based on this knowledge, impedance characteristics were measured and analyzed and circuit models were developed. The resulting measured data are confronted with the theoretical knowledge.
Design of low-frequency phase locked loop for sensing applications in low-voltage TSMC 0.18 um process
Svoboda, Marek ; Dvořák, Radek (referee) ; Šotner, Roman (advisor)
The work deals with the design of FM modulation chains and their sub-circuits, which construction is based on analog multipliers produced in the TSCM process 0.18 m 1.8 V. One chain operate with a rectangular carrier and the other one with a harmonic carrier wave. The basic carrier frequency is 100 kHz, and the basic test modulation signal is 1 kHz harmonic waveform. Demodulators are built on the principle of the phase-locked loop, and the aim of the work is to verify the functionality of such a loop and to determine its limiting properties. The work also contains graphical outputs from the Cadence Virtuoso development package, in which all simulations were performed.
Class AB stereo audio amplifier with output power 2 x 120 W / 4 ohms
Pavlovič, Matúš ; Šotner, Roman (referee) ; Kratochvíl, Tomáš (advisor)
In this bachelor thesis we will deal with the design of a stereo amplifier with a power stage in working class AB with a nominal power of 2x120 W / 4. We decided to design the audio amplifier itself into blocks, while we can expand the individual blocks by others if necessary. In the first chapter we propose frequency corrections for an audio amplifier using operational amplifiers. In the second chapter we will propose an indication of the excitation of the audio amplifier, using the integrated circuit LM3915 in connection with LED diodes. In the third chapter we will design the power stage of the audio amplifier operating in class AB with a power of 120 W. In the fourth chapter we will design the protection of the connected speaker to the amplifier. In the sixth chapter we will design the power circuits for the audio amplifier. The next chapters will describe the implementation and measurement of the proposed audio amplifier.
Analog studio compressor with adustable band-pass filter
Ledvina, Matej ; Kratochvíl, Tomáš (referee) ; Šotner, Roman (advisor)
This thesis deals with design of a dynamic range compressor complemented by an adjustable band pass filter. This device features wider usability than a standard dynamic compressor while simultaniously being able to replace specialized ones. Presented solution utilizes voltage controlled filters of KHN topology to limit the bandwidth of either the processed signal or the controling signal and integrated voltage controled amplifiers for adjustment of dynamics. The design requirements are verified by computer simulation.

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