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Automation of RC Models Control
Vávra, Jan ; Musil, Petr (referee) ; Zemčík, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis is about controlling RC model with microcontroller ESP-32 through WiFi enabled mobile device with OS Android. Goal of this thesis is to make controlling RC model easier and more fun. Parts of this thesis are dealing with using pulse width modulation to control servos, creating a user interface and making a protocol for comunication between RC model and mobile device. Result of this work is application on OS Android, which sends instructions on microcomputer, that controls steering servo and elecromotor. System has predefined stunts on microcomputer and operator has a choice of defining custom stunt in application, which is send to microcomputer in series of individual instructions.
Design of appliance for assembling of sealing
Vávra, Jan ; Vlašic, František (referee) ; Prokeš, František (advisor)
The object of this bachelor thesis is designing and constructing plant for manual deployment rubber gasket while production connectors to cars. Part of the work is devoted general orientation the assembly plant, another part is devoted itself alternative solutions design variants and selection of appropriate alternative solutions. The reset of this work is 3D model of plant.
Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis with Hydraulic Knee
Vávra, Jan ; Robenek, Dětřich (referee) ; Koutný, Daniel (advisor)
This master thesis deals with the engineering design of a knee-ankle orthosis and subsequent implementation of a functional sample. The subject of the first part of the thesis is the design of internal shape of the shell on the basis of the patient's leg using CAD software. The second part deals with the design of the hydraulic knee. The knee joint with hydraulic controlled bending enables easier movement for patients who are not able to bring up stairs and uneven surfaces than existing joints. In the implementation was used SolidWorks 2012 and Geomagic Studio 12.
Wireless dimmer
Vávra, Jan ; Šteffan, Pavel (referee) ; Pavlík, Michal (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to design and realization wirelessly controlled light dimmer. The microcontroller CC430F513x made by Texas Instruments is used as a control unit. It ensures data transfer from a user to the lighting itself. Information will be transmitted by radio frequency at 868 MHz. The design will include light bulb lights and energy saving LED light sources, which are from manufacturer intended to regulate brightness.
Production of forging piece "Spanner"
Vávra, Jan ; Kopřiva, Miloslav (referee) ; Novotný, Karel (advisor)
Projects developed within the bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, presented a proposal technology forged wrench - the hot-rolled steel bars 11 523.0. The thesis also compares the past with conventional methods of production and considering the new technological process of manufacturing. Based on the literature studies about fitting and calculations, was chosen to die forging hammer KHZ 2 A (producer ŠMERAL Brno, plant Hronov), with nominal energy of 20 kJ working pressure of 16 MPa and 30 kW electric power.
Experimental estimation of arterial collagen waviness
Vávra, Jan ; Man, Vojtěch (referee) ; Polzer, Stanislav (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the experimental estimation of collagen waviness in arterial . The aim of this thesis is to get orientation of fibres from polarized light microscopy. This is possible thanks to phase correlation and image analysis in programe called MATLAB. After that, it is needed to vertify results in program called Hyperfit. Its done by estimating coefficients of constitutive model and comparing them with biaxial tests of porcine aortas.
Graphical Simulator of Superscalar Processors
Vávra, Jan ; Mrázek, Vojtěch (referee) ; Jaroš, Jiří (advisor)
Práce se zabývá implementací simulátoru superskalárního procesoru. Implementace se odvíjí od existujících simulátorů a jejich chybějících částí. Simulátor umí vykonávat instrukční sadu RISC-V, ovšem je umožněno přidání jakékoli RISC instrukční sady. Simulátor má deterministickou predikci skoku. Části procesoru lze upravovat. Součástí je i editor kódu pro danou instrukční sadu.
Smart Nightstand Device
Vávra, Jan ; Žák, Jaromír (referee) ; Macháň, Ladislav (advisor)
Master’s thesis describes design of smart nightstand device. Aim of this system is to monitor and recognize stages of sleep with subsequent transfer of the data to alarm clock to provide the most comfortable awakening. The alarm clock is backed up by batteries. The system controls parameters of surrounding environment using advanced sensors. The device is equipped with a removable light part which is backed up by power supply for illumination during a potential power outage. A pad for wireless charging with standard Qi is also part of this system.
Design of a Project Planning and Management in the Software Company
Čtvrtlík, Miroslav ; Vávra, Jan (referee) ; Videcká, Zdeňka (advisor)
The thesis is focused on analysis and optimization of processes in a company realizing software projects. Its aim is to find deficiencies in the process of realization of an individual customer requirement and to design improvements. According to the analysis of the process of requirement realization, the deficiencies were analysed from which the most important were selected and used for designing optimization of this process.
Optimal layout proposal of technological workplaces in a small mechanical engineering company
Vávra, Jan ; Dvořák, Milan (referee) ; Štroner, Marek (advisor)
This thesis deals with the optimization of technological layout of workplaces in company Petr Bližňák – Metal Fabrication. For optimization are used methods of technological designing. Process of our solution proposal is preceded by a literature search of the issue and explanation of basic concepts in designing. It is followed an analysis of the internal and external environment of the company and assess the current state of the company. Proposals for solution variants are based on calculations of capacitance to minimize manipulation distances and reduce production costs. In conclusion have been selected most advantageous variant and its technical-economic evaluation.

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