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The role of the state in regional development: application of contemporary regional development theories in the case of selected support programs
Hána, David ; Blažek, Jiří (advisor) ; Květoň, Viktor (referee) ; Toth, Petr (referee)
The state plays a prominent role in the process of regional development. State interventions might bring radical influences into the entire socioeconomic system, to which the other actors of regional development have to adapt. Importantly, the state administrates a large amount of funds, creates large numbers of jobs, and it is led by "elites" which might influence the other people's opinions. The need for studying of the role of the state and the expenditure side of its budget for an understanding of the mechanisms of regional development is recognized by many authors. However, deep discussions of the function of the state could be hardly found in regional development theories. The aim of this dissertation thesis is to contribute to understanding of the role of the state as one of major actors in regional development via investigation of the regional impacts of public support programs. To provide concrete scrutiny, parliamentary grants (so-called "pork barrel") were depicted through which deputies annually sent large sums of money from the state budget during its approval process in the Chamber of Deputies on projects with local impact. The topic of parliamentary grants is a traditional topic for international studies within the concept of the so-called pork barrel politics, which includes all activities...
Selection of quantitative and qualitative methods for comprehensive evaluation of PPP projects
Jílek, Petr ; Toth, Petr (advisor) ; Peková, Jitka (referee) ; Luňák, Josef (referee)
Abstract Dissertation deals with theoretical concepts and providing the basis for the use of forms of financing and acquisition of public goods and services through partnerships between the public and private sectors, as well as PPP (Public Private Partnership). Suitability PPP project in this work is assessed primarily in terms of developing a new methodology for evaluating projects. The theoretical part of the thesis aims to clarify the issue of PPPs in the context of regional and local regional development theories, principles and mechanisms of PPP legislative and institutional backing of the PPP, clarify the distinction between PPP and public procurement procedures and current assessment of PPP projects. The practical part focuses on the development of a methodology using a selection of qualitative and quantitative methods for evaluating investments and to form a complex output that will clearly and distinctly testify about the appropriateness of using the PPP method. For this purpose it is used in work processes, which are normally used for business valuation-generators values, property valuation, yield valuation, valuation based on market analysis, combining technologies and their incorporation / recast in the current assessment methodology, which is based on a Public Sector Comparator and determinants of value for money
The role of municipalities in the indebtedness of the public sector
Maixnerová, Markéta ; Toth, Petr (advisor) ; Michalička, David (referee)
This thesis focuses on the issue of indebtedness of Czech municipalities and their role in the total public debt. The first part represents the theoretical basis and legislation, which includes defining key terms. The practical part is focused on analyzing the evolution of indebtedness of local governments and of other levels of the public sector. The analysis was made on the basis of compiled time series of the debt for the period 1994-2014. The indebtedness of municipalities and counties had a growing trend during the reported period. In recent years, municipal debt, unlike regional, is stable. The share on debt of municipalities and regions is the size of the public debt is not significant. The largest share of the debt is government debt, which constantly grows from the begging of the period. Part of this work is to compare two methods of evaluating municipal debt, namely debt service and SIMU. Five selected municipalities were compiled both types of indicators for the period 2010-2014. Based on this comparison it was shown to have better presentation of the indicators SIMU than debt service. The thesis seeks to comprehensively evaluate the development of each level of indebtedness of the public sector in order to show, what proportion represents Czech municipalities.
Evaluation selected valuation methods of housing
Pejchalová, Martina ; Toth, Petr (advisor) ; Lukavec, Martin (referee)
This thesis deals with methods of valuation, especially apartments. The aim of the work is to evaluate housing units, and then assess the advantages, disadvantages and using different methods. The work is divided in four parts, the first part is focused on housing and real estate market. The second part focuses on valuation methods, the third part deals with housing policy and valuation in the Czech Republic and the last chapter is a practical part, where two residential units are evaluated - the first in Prague and the second in Chrudim. For the practical part, were chosen three methods of valuation - cost, comparative and yield.
Analysis of the use of building savings in the Czech Republic
Zahálková, Anna ; Toth, Petr (advisor) ; Nevyhoštěná, Olga (referee)
This thesis deals with the possibilities of financing housing, in particular savings instrument. The main goal is to determine, what are the differences between building savings banks, especially in the product. Another goal is to monitor and evaluate the options selected housing financing in the Czech Republic. The work focuses on market analysis, building societies and comparison of their products. The first part deals with the explanation of the concepts of housing and savings, including the establishment process of building savings and loan drawdown of savings. Attention is also paid to support housing programs from various government entities. Another part describes building savings banks operating on the Czech market. The last part describes and compares the conditions of products, what conclusions arise that are described in the summary at the end of work. Finally, the work summarizes the most important facts from all the chapters.
Analysis of the effectiveness of public investment using the method of costs and benefits (cost-benefit analysis)
Žilík, Lukáš ; Toth, Petr (advisor) ; Balcarová, Tereza (referee)
Czech participation in the drawing from Structural Funds of the European Union brings with it the question of efficient use of these resources. The number of projects financed by European funds represents a significant part of the investment made in our country. Additionally, the pressure arising from the comparison of the effectiveness of private projects leads to the question of how to avoid unnecessary wastage. Authorities, considering redistribution, should have full-featured documents that are necessary foundations for proper negotiations. These documents also include a professionally processed cost-benefit analysis (aka CBA). The aim of this thesis is to apply theoretical knowledge on selected issues CBA assessing the effectiveness of public investment in a particular project the Czech Republic. The theoretical part will briefly summarizes current knowledge concerning the effectiveness of public investment, the methods used in their assessment, followed by description of the basic assumptions of CBA and propose a method of processing. In the practical part the project will be primarily introduced and then analyzed subsequent application of the design process with a focus on selected issues of investment efficiency evaluation. The ultimate result of the work should be high-quality data to investigate the appropriateness of the use of this method and the CBA based on data identifying effective or vice versa inefficient use of public funds.
Evaluation of the effectiveness of public projects – Cost Benefit Analysis
Vorlová, Šárka ; Toth, Petr (advisor) ; Ševčík, Miroslav (referee)
The goal of the diploma thesis Evaluation of the effectiveness of public projects Cost Benefit Analysis is an application of obtained theoretical knowledge from analysis of costs and benefits on specific public project the construction of water supply and sewerage system in the city Kamenice. The introduction of the theoretical part begins with the definition of public sector, public finance, public project and describes methods of evaluation of public projects. In the next chapter of the theoretical part is dedicated in detail process of Cost Benefit Analysis. The practical part of thesis is about applying Cost Benefit analysis on a specific project from area of environment Kamenice: Water supply and sewerage system. On this real project will be analyzed the costs and benefits and after this analyse it will be possible to say if applicant held a methodology of CBA and if project is beneficial for public. The methods used in developing the topic of this diploma thesis is a literary review, descriptions, analysis, interviews, results of empirical investigations and an imperical synthesis of learned facts.
Current anti-corruption government steps affecting local government units
Vondrovic, Robert ; Toth, Petr (advisor) ; Horník, Jan (referee)
This paper analyzes the anti-corruption steps of the Czech government affecting local government units. It deals with the issue of corruption and explains, on the basis of anti-corruption indicators, the importance of this issue. Furthermore it compares the Government Anti-corruption Strategy with the proposed amendments to the laws on local self-government units and concludes that this adjustment is insufficient. The final comparison of legislations of the neighboring countries confirms the need for amendments and recommends cooperation of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Use of information technologies by financial and property analysis of municipalities and their passportization
Nevěřil, Jakub ; Toth, Petr (advisor) ; Rieger, Pavel (referee)
The thesis is focused on the evaluation of the socio-economic situation of municipalities, especially by using the method of financial and property analysis (FAMA). The objective of the thesis is to gather such a data volume in an appropriate structure (passport of basic indicators FAMA) in order to enable on its basis the construction of quality enough working standrads, ie to construct the average value of individual FAMA indicators. When evaluating a particular municipality, it will be possible then to compare the municipality with these standards and so get a better picture of its situation. Longer time series of the indicators will also enable to make models of future development of the municipalities. The means to achieve the objective is a thorough analysis of available data sources and existing technical solutions. On the base of the analysis own technical solution will be proposed. Technical solution that will enable to gather efficiently the necessary data and to transform them into passports and working standards.

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