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Implications of the institutional theories of regional development for the emergence of the regional innovation systems in the Czech Republic
Žížalová, Pavla ; Blažek, Jiří (advisor) ; Jeřábek, Milan (referee) ; Skokan, Karel (referee)
Title: Implications of the institutional theories of regional development for the emergence of the regional innovation systems in the CzechRepublic Author: Pavla Žižalová Summary The accelerated intensity of the economic globalization and its implications for all segments of the society during the last couple of days have changed profoundly the workings of contemporary capitalism. Increased pressure is put on national and regional economies to continuously upgrade their competitive advantages and at the same time new learning opportunities occur at a faster rate than ever. As a result, in recent years, almost all have come to a consensus that today's advanced economies are "knowledge-based" economies -economies directly based on the production, distribution and use of knowledge where learning and innovation creation is the most fundamental process for competitiveness not only for firms and organizations, but also for nations and regions. Parallel to the globalization process there are, however, strong forces of localization. To some extent paradoxically, empirical studies have revealed that knowledge intensive industries - the most potentially footloose of all activities - tend to agglomerate in space, often in proximity to universities and research institutes. Indeed, the most knowledge- intensive of these...
Seizure of property and seizure of part of the property in the current legislation
Blažek, Jiří ; Richter, Martin (advisor) ; Vokoun, Rudolf (referee)
Criminal Code Act No. 40/2009 Coll. distinguishes criminal sanctions into penalties and protective measures. This distinction is called dualism of criminal sanctions. Protective measures are broadly subdivided into protective measures restricting personal liberty and protective measures affecting property. These 'property protection measures' have long been represented by the protective measure of seizure of property under Section 101 of the Criminal Code, which was linked to similar protective measures in previous substantive criminal law. Amendment No. 55/2017 Coll. to the Criminal Procedure Code, in response to the so-called Confiscation Directive 2014/42/EU, introduced a new protective measure of seizure of part of the property pursuant to Section 102a of the Criminal Procedure Code. An alternative solution with significant doctrinal support was considered, including the creation of a special regulation for a more comprehensive solution to the confiscation issue and a more appropriate settlement with the principles contained in general criminal law. The seizure of property serves to seize an item through which there is a threat of committing or supporting criminal activity. The seizure of part of the property, similarly to the provisions of Section 101 of the Criminal Code, aims at the...
Delay and Tremolo Guitar Multi-Effect
Blažek, Jiří ; Hanák, Pavel (referee) ; Kubánek, David (advisor)
This work deals with the design and construction of a delay – tremolo type multi-effect unit. In the theoretical part, it thoroughly studies the functioning of both types of effects in detail. It further focuses on circuit solutions and provides a detailed description of the schematic. The work subsequently verifies the functionality of these schematics in the Ltspice simulation program. Then the simulation results are compared with measurements on a breadboard. In conclusion, the work focuses to the PCB design and the construction of the multi-effect pedal.
Slot-spiral antenna array
Blažek, Jiří ; Pítra, Kamil (referee) ; Raida, Zbyněk (advisor)
The semestral thesis considers a Archimedean spiral slotted leaky-wave antenna as having a beneficial antenna parameters [7], thus aiming at reproducing the results so as to either validate or disprove them. The antenna is fabricated in a way of commonly known leaky-wave antenna, which is based on a substrate-integrated waveguide. Archimedean spiral slots are introduced into the substrate, creating unique structure fed by coaxial conductors. Moreover, claiming to attain beam switching ability, double-layer substrate-integrated waveguide is proposed, having four feeding ports. Both aforementioned structures are created, simulated and comparison is made using the ANSYS HFSS software.
The effect of DGE on the attainability of mathematical reasoning for geometry problems among mathematics teacher education students.
Dynamic Geometry Environment (DGE) programs appeared in the early 1980s, but they did not begin to be used in education until the beginning of the new millennium. Today, they are widely used in teaching of mathematics. DGE class programs allow to mediate the abstract world of Euclidean geometry to students due to their features such as precision of construction, illustrativeness and the possibility to change the construction dynamically. It is generally accepted that appropriate implementation of DGE software in teaching improves its quality. A related question is what is the benefit of this software if a student uses it in the process of finding a solution to a solution to a mathematical problem. This question represents the general research problem of this thesis. The objects of the research were prospective teachers of mathematics at the Faculty of Education. The following findings were found in the research: 1) The software significantly facilitates the discovery of relevant hypotheses, even those for which their relationship to the solution of a problem is not evident from the assignment of the problem. 2) The software significantly helps in the development of logical justification. (Yet, a significant number of students in the research were unable to complete the proof even with the maximum help the software could provide.) 3) Finding relevant hypotheses using the software tools depends in most cases on students' ability to apply formal mathematical knowledge and to think logically. Facts that can be discovered with software tools by chance, without specific student intent, are likely strongly limited. Research has also dealt with the question of why some students are unable to complete a proof even with the help of software. The thesis contains seven chapters and an appendix. In the first three chapters, the research topic of the thesis is generally described. In chapter four, the research questions are formulated. In the following chapter, a model is presented to categorize the actions of the problem solver in the DGE with respect to the goal he/she pursues. Chapter six presents the research methodology, the data obtained and their interpretation. The results are summarized in the final chapter. The appendix contains two challenging geometric problems author has worked on during his studies and in whose solutions the DGE software played a crucial role.
Role of the US Foreign Policy Advisers
Blažek, Jiří ; Klepárník, Vít (advisor) ; Koubek, Jiří (referee)
This thesis focuses on the role of the advisors in the US foreign policy, especially in the decision-making process, which constitutes a part of presidential system in the United States of America. The methodology of the conceptual part is based on individual typologies of presidential control of the US administrations. The thesis also describes evolution of this discipline, which in the USA is studied in the field of Foreign Policy Analysis. The conceptual scheme of the presidential control is based on the models by Johnson, George and Mitchell. The theoretical approach to the roles of advisors is patterned on the models of Mulcahy, Crabb and Hönig. The thesis combines these theoretical bases to describe and explain the evolution of presidential control typologies. Some problematic particularities of the Mitchell typology are also reviewed in this part. The next part based on the theoretical models analyses empirical reality. The analytical part constitutes of two case studies, which describe the role of the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs in the key deliberations of the presidential administrations of William J. Clinton (reaction to the conflict in Bosnia) and George W. Bush (preparation of the invasion in Iraq). The aim of this thesis is to applicate the typologies of...
Forming of developmental axes and regions in the Czech Republic
Lauermannová, Anna ; Blažek, Jiří (advisor) ; Müller, Jan (referee)
The aim of this study is to answer the question if it is possible in first decennium of 21st century to identify development axes or poles in Czech republic. In my research I focused on local level (NUTS V), because in many previous studies it is said, that the proces of spatial differentiation is in these days shifting from higher hiearchical levels to local level. I used the method of spatial autocorrelation because it helps to identify clusters of municipalities with high level of development potential (hot spots) or low level of development potential (cold spots) The development poles are defined as cluster of municipalities with high development potential. The main hypothesis is that the development axe between Pilsen - Prague - Liberec is deepening and that there will be discernible new development axe connecting Prague with Hradec Králové and Pardubice. This study also gives an overwiev of the most important theoretical concepts concerning development poles and axes. I also describe the aplication of these concepts in Czech republic with regard to acceptance of Territorial Agenda of the European Union .
Evaluation of ESF funded interventions aimed at persons endangered by exclusion from the labour market
Vostradovská, Barbora ; Blažek, Jiří (advisor) ; Jungwiertová, Lucie (referee)
This thesis deals with the efficiency of the measures, which are implemented within the projects supported by the European Social Fund and are aimed at the endangered groups of parents (mostly women) on the labour market. The theoretical part introduces the concept of labour market segmentation, theory of human and social capital and finally outlines labour market policies within the framework of the EU and the Czech Republic. Empirical research uses techniques of interviews and a questionnaire in order to evaluate the implementation of the measures and targeting of the funds towards the needs of this specific group of women which is under a long term threat on the labour market. The contribution of this thesis is primarily in a detailed study on the efficiency of the system of subsidies in one part of the support from the ESF from the perspective of non-profit organizations. Key words: Labour market, European Social Fund, evaluation, non-profit organizations, Prague

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