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Truth vs ordo amoris in the history of mankind and individual moral development
Tóth, Štefan ; Pavlík, Ján (advisor)
The goal of this study is to supply arguments for the existence of objective moral order. In my research, I consider ordo amoris theory, developed by Scheler, in which emotionally valued stances have an important role in discovering objective moral order. Philosophical elaboration of the ordo amoris theory follows historical excursion in which I build on ideological roots of the ordo amoris. Furthermore, I analyse basic terms of the theory with an emphasis on the term individual moral development. A Significant characteristic in the individual moral development is being freed from outer factors, which rule over man and lead to the creation of free individuality. In the second chapter, I elaborate on and specify an observation of emotions by using the examples of love, repentance, shame and sympathy. These emotions play an important role in individual moral development. In the third part of my work I demonstrate that the historical development of a society is subject to patterns that are similar to the development of the individual. A breach of the objective moral order ends up in decline.
Electronic auction in healthcare
Vyoral, Marek ; Toth, Štefan (advisor) ; Jan, Jan (referee)
Working with the theoretical part focuses on the regulation of electronic auctions in terms of legislation both Czech and foreign, given that we are members of the European Union. Furthermore, the work explains the possible ways to use electronic auctions, which are mostly used in both the Czech Republic and abroad. At work I also am trying to shed light on the current use of auctions on the auction portal Aukro examples, which is widely used by people for personal use. Finally, the theoretical part I try to outline the future development of electronic auctions. The practical part is focused primarily on its activities in the hospital Pardubice Region, Inc. where I introduced the auction. In several examples, visible results, which not only brings centralization entire purchase, but also the use of electronic auctions as a tool for communication and bidding suppliers with the lowest purchase price for a group of hospitals. The work also draws from the Ministry for Regional Development, which is responsible for the preparation of the most important regulations for electronic auctions in healthcare, namely the Public Procurement Act. Electronic auctions are a tool very interesting, because it is the most transparent way of evaluating procurement by parameters rates. Whether if electronic auction in health care and efficient purchase option will be discussed in this work.
Price Disparity Of Bioproducts And Their Substitutes
Řeháková, Julie ; Toth, Štefan (advisor) ; Pavel, Pavel (referee)
This bachelor thesis is devoted the differences of perception of organic food and organic products customer. The thesis analyzes theoretical concepts relating to organic food on the Czech market and the concepts relating to consumer behavior. It includes market research on consumer behavior trough a questionnaires. The results of online research are formulated graphically and verbally, and the results show that current customers can buy organic food, but the price increase would mean a big drop of customers.
Appreciation of investment tools at buying agricultural machines
Čížek, Jan ; Toth, Štefan (advisor) ; Pavel, Pavel (referee)
This bachelor thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. At the first section of the first part is, there is description of particular agricultural machines, their components and principles of working. At the second section of theoretical part, there is description of financinf ways and informations about that. At the practical part of thesis, there is choosing of the most convenient machine from the category. Then it is compared and there is choosed the most convenient investment tool for its financing.
Foreign Trade of the Czech Republic with Ireland focusing on a selected company
Dekanová, Jana ; Toth, Štefan (advisor) ; Jan, Jan (referee)
The work is focused on the evaluation of the development of Czech foreign trade with Ireland, focusing on specific Czech company seeking to acquire a significant market share on the Irish market. Within the literary research is generally characterized by foreign trade and relations between the Czech Republic and Ireland in connection with foreign trade. Attention is also focused on strategic analysis, necessary to obtain a competitive advantage and long-term market success. Own part presents the company Fenix Ltd., which operates in the market for a long time. Based on the analysis of external and internal surroundings through SWOT analysis summaries are designed corporate strategy that will result from the strategic analysis .
Issues of Corn Market development
Černěnková, Eva ; Toth, Štefan (advisor) ; Jan, Jan (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with one of the most widely grown crop in the world that is corn. The diploma thesis consists of theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part describes corn as an arable crop, aims at its history and trading patterns. The special attention is devoted to crucial factors which are affecting the corn market. The first subchapter of practical part focuses on analysis factors like production, harvest and planted area of corn in United States of America. Based on the graphic analysis are shown and duly commented on the long-term developmental trends of indicators in the timeframe of last fifty years. The next subchapter of the thesis deals with the analysis of time series of individual determinants affecting maize market. In the last subchapter is built econometric model, which is used to compare predictions of ex -post with reality. The conclusion of the thesis evaluates the results of modelling, describes and critically valorizes the influence of individual determinants on the maize market , and outlines the potential development of the corn market.
Issue of the Farm Markets in the Czech republic
Prošková, Jiřina ; Toth, Štefan (advisor) ; Jan, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with problems of farmers´ markets. The Consumers still prioritize lower prices over the food quality. The Czech Republic is trying to promote organic food and propagate it.This approach is not increasing only sales success, but also the renewal of a healthy lifestyle. There is direct correlation between promotion of regional foods and selling of these products.Marketing role is in the hands of the dealers, who are forced to attract attention and sell their products. The Marketing role is based on current legislation, standards and regulations, including notonly business processes, but also the environment. To farmers´ markets relate the same laws like any other food sellers. Another form of sales are expanding farm shops. The main goal of this diploma thesis is the identification of determinants of consumer behavior during buying of organic products from farmers and historical development of farmers´markets.Using literature search to handle the issue of farmers' markets from their historical origins to the expected course of development in the upcoming years. Using surveys to determine their attendancein the Ústí region and create a proposal for further measures leading to the development of farmers´markets. Subsequent analysis of the provided informations by vendors offering organic products and the target group of buyers.
Evaluation of the Organic products Trade
Macháčová, Kamila ; Toth, Štefan (advisor) ; Pavel, Pavel (referee)
Bachelor's thesis deals with organic food. The first chapters are definitions of terms that are closely associated with this topic. Chapters include concepts as organic farming, focusing especially on plant cultivation and animal husbandry because these two industries produce organic food. In the following chapters we find a description of manufacture, inspection, marking and prices of organic food. The important part is devoted to the franchise concept Sklizeno. The aim of this part is make a business strategy for the company and draw up proposal most advantageous locations in the Prague for the placement store Sklizeno. Bachelor's thesis used method of describing a quantitative method (used in the form of interactive and field survey). The aim of these methods is obtain sufficient information about areas of Prague and its population, which serves as a material for selection of a suitable location. Conclusion contains a business strategy for franchising project Sklizeno and proposal suitable area to locate their store.
Problem of CITES in the Czech republic
Trampotová, Šárka ; Toth, Štefan (advisor) ; Jan, Jan (referee)
Thesis topic is "Problem of CITES in the Czech Republic." It´s main objective is to identify the "Convention on Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora" (CITES) and in case of deficiencies, propose measures to eliminate them. The work consists of two parts - a literature review and a practical part. The literature search involves the formation, functioning, organization and legislation Convention, defines the specimens on which the Convention applies, and which may include attachments. Finally, focusing on the illegal trade of endangered species. The practical part defines the principal organs, which are in the Czech Republic operate in ensuring compliance with the Convention. Instantiates a specimen important for the Czech Republic, how they should be handled, register them and hold. Finally, the course focuses on the most important cases and controls found in the Czech Republic. In the end the results are evaluated and suggested various recommendations to improve.
Implementation of a Regional brand in South Bohemia
Jarolímková, Kamila ; Toth, Štefan (advisor) ; Pavel, Pavel (referee)
Bachelor thesis deals with the origin and implementation of a regional brand grouped in the Association of Regional Brands, r. s. Currently, this association covers 26 regions with their own brand in the Czech Republic and in neighboring foreign countries. Necessary problematics associated with this process are described in the theoretical part of the thesis. A part of the South Bohemian region was selected for simulation of the implementation of the new brands. In the practical part of the work, all the requirements of the association to create the new brand has been step by step fulfilled. It was found out that the whole process of the implementation is financially demanding and time consuming. Nevertheless, the result of this study recommends to present this new regional brand in selected areas. The selected South Bohemian areas offer rich traditional and handicraft products that would deserve an appreciation. In conclusion, the author of the present study has highlighted the possible complications that can occur during implementation of new brands. Moreover, the recommendations for its successful development in the future have been set.

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