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Laminating of metal surface by Cu-foil
Vyoral, Marek ; Němec, Karel (referee) ; Molliková, Eva (advisor)
Theme of this bachelor’s thesis is lamination of copper foil on metal surfaces, testing of usability and applications. Thesis describes problems and solutions which occurred during development of this technology.
Electronic auction in healthcare
Vyoral, Marek ; Toth, Štefan (advisor) ; Jan, Jan (referee)
Working with the theoretical part focuses on the regulation of electronic auctions in terms of legislation both Czech and foreign, given that we are members of the European Union. Furthermore, the work explains the possible ways to use electronic auctions, which are mostly used in both the Czech Republic and abroad. At work I also am trying to shed light on the current use of auctions on the auction portal Aukro examples, which is widely used by people for personal use. Finally, the theoretical part I try to outline the future development of electronic auctions. The practical part is focused primarily on its activities in the hospital Pardubice Region, Inc. where I introduced the auction. In several examples, visible results, which not only brings centralization entire purchase, but also the use of electronic auctions as a tool for communication and bidding suppliers with the lowest purchase price for a group of hospitals. The work also draws from the Ministry for Regional Development, which is responsible for the preparation of the most important regulations for electronic auctions in healthcare, namely the Public Procurement Act. Electronic auctions are a tool very interesting, because it is the most transparent way of evaluating procurement by parameters rates. Whether if electronic auction in health care and efficient purchase option will be discussed in this work.
3D Application for Mobile Phones
Vyoral, Marek ; Žák, Pavel (referee) ; Láník, Aleš (advisor)
This thesis considers with 3D graphics interfaces M3G and MascotCapsule, both designed for platform J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition). First of all it provides basic information about platform and then about both interfaces. Afterwards, interfaces are compared from implementation point of view. It is followed by comparision of performance based on testing on real mobile devices. Then this thesis describes implementation of demonstration application, which uses M3G interface.
Video Editor For Android Platform
Vyoral, Marek ; Zuzaňák, Jiří (referee) ; Láník, Aleš (advisor)
Main goal of this thesis is implementation of a simple video editing application for Android platform. In the theoretical part are described present-day possibilities of video editing on computers and mentioned also existing applications for Android. Then the platform itself and its features are described with focus to development of applications, especially native ones. The FFmpeg library for multimedia processing is described next. It was used in implementation of application. The next part of thesis considers with implemented application and describes its design, structure, user interface and process of implementation. Then the results of video processing performance tests and their evaluation are presented. In the end is the application compared with similar existing applications.

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