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Determination of price indicators of paved surfaces
Svobodová, Michaela ; Kosňovský, Michal (referee) ; Tuscher, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on determining average indicators of prices, mass, and standard hours for paved surfaces per square meter. The theoretical part introduces the theory of ground communications, pricing, and budgets. The practical part describes the basic data of the selected category D0 A and describes all the subcategories for which itemized budgets are set. Data obtained from itemized budgets are analyzed and sorted into databases of prices, mass, and standard hours. The result is the evaluation of these databases and their application in practice on a model case. The databases can serve as a useful tool for public authorities, suppliers, investors, designers, and project managers.
AI-based technology: Legal aspects of data protection and privacy
Hendrychová, Lucie ; Svobodová, Magdaléna (advisor) ; Exner, Jan (referee)
Technology Based on Artifical Intelligence: Legal Aspects of Data and Privacy Protection Abstract The thesis focuses on technologies based on the principles of artificial intelligence and their regulation in the field of the European Union with an emphasis on the data protection. It is divided into three parts. Firstly, the focus is on the term artificial intelligence itself, the definition of which is not simple, but quite indispensable for legal regulation. The second part of the thesis deals with the European Union legislation relevant to artificial intelligence, leaving aside neither soft law, which has an indispensable role in the field of artificial intelligence, nor legislation that is still in the legislative process. This section already demonstrates the legislative shortcomings, which can be divided into two groups. The first group of shortcomings is characterised by incomprehensibility of definitions or excessive vagueness of formulations, which cause interpretative difficulties even in essential facts, which undoubtedly include the scope of the regulation. A common feature of the second group of legislative shortcomings is the lack of reflection on the specifics of artificial intelligence, which can, in the most extreme case, lead to an absurd situation where the obligation laid down by the...
Study on interactions of selected targeted drugs with ABC drug transporters
Svobodová, Markéta ; Hofman, Jakub (advisor) ; Čečková, Martina (referee)
Charles University Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology Student: Markéta Svobodová Supervisor: doc. RNDr. Jakub Hofman, Ph.D. Title od diploma thesis: Study on interactions of selected targeted drugs with ABC drug transporters Cancer is one of the most common causes of death and its incidence is constantly increasing. Treatment mainly includes a combination of drug therapy, surgery and radiotherapy. A new approach, with huge potential, is the use of targeted anti-tumor therapy. This approach is based on specific interaction with tumor cells that reduces the negative effects occuring in conventional chemotherapy. Despite intensive research, we still face insufficient response to treatment. The main cause of therapy failure is the emergence of multidrug resistance (MDR) and the formation of metastases. The MDR phenomenon is most often associated with the overexpression of ATP binding cassette (ABC) transporters. These are responsible not only for the excessive efflux of anticancer drugs from cells, but also mainly affect their pharmacokinetics. Inhibition of these transporters increases the intracellular concentration of the cytostatic and provide the ability to modulate MDR. Therefore, one of the aims of this work was to investigate the inhibitory activity of...
Protecting an Individual from Deprivation of Citizenship of the Union
Uradnik, Šimon ; Exner, Jan (advisor) ; Svobodová, Magdaléna (referee)
Protecting an Individual from Deprivation of Citizenship of the Union This master's thesis poses a central research question of whether the factual relationship between the European Union and a Union citizen is of such quality that it gives rise to the factual relation in the form of the genuine link, respectively, whether the legal relationship between the same subjects is of such quality that it gives rise to the legal relation in the form of the direct bond. As for the genuine link, the assessment is constructed on the basis of two aspects, namely-the mutual societal attachment of Union citizens to the European Union, and the shared political interests of Union citizens, in the sense of shared concern in politics and of shared political objectives. On the other hand, in terms of the direct bond, the legal relationship between the European Union and a Union citizen is examined through two prisms, namely-the autonomy of the form-status of Union citizenship, and the nonvicariousness of the content-rights of Union citizenship. The actual assessment of the factual relationship is conducted on the data from the Eurobarometer, and turnouts of the European Parliament elections in 2019 and of national elections by that time. The examination of the legal relationship is performed by virtue and postulates...
Trypanosomes transmitted by mosquitoes: occurrence in hosts, transmission, and specificity
Kulich Fialová, Magdaléna ; Svobodová, Milena (advisor) ; Bernotienė, Rasa (referee) ; Modrý, David (referee)
7 Abstract Trypanosomes (Trypanosoma, Kinetoplastea) are dixenous blood protists that require not only a vertebrate host but also a blood-feeding invertebrate to complete their life cycle. Infection of vertebrates can be asymptomatic, but on the other hand can cause serious diseases affecting lives of humans and animals. Thus, researchers usually focus on Trypanosoma species causing Chagas disease and sleeping sickness in humans or nagana and surra in animals, and on their vectors: tsetse flies and kissing bugs. However, mosquitoes are able to transmit trypanosomes as well, specifically, avian trypanosomes and probably mammalian trypanosomes from the T. theileri group. Nevertheless, the role of mosquitoes in the life cycle of trypanosomes has substantial gaps, which are focused in this dissertation. Within the experimental work, it has been demonstrated that mosquitoes of the genus Culex are susceptible hosts of two species of avian trypanosomes: T. thomasbancrofti and T. tertium n. sp. On the other hand, Culex mosquitoes were unsuitable hosts for T. theileri, while the genus Aedes and surprisingly even sand flies (Phlebotomus perniciosus) turned up to be competent vectors. All investigated trypanosomes were able to develop within the guts of mosquitoes and were also found in their prediuretic liquid. This...
International transfers of personal data outside the European union
Pechová, Tereza ; Svobodová, Magdaléna (advisor) ; Exner, Jan (referee)
Cross-border data flows from the EU: Data protection and the right to privacy Abstract This thesis discusses the legal concepts of privacy and personal data protection, the EU legal framework, specifically the relevant primary law and secondary EU law such as the Data Protection Directive and the General Data Protection Regulation. The thesis further examines the concept of international transfers of personal data outside the European Union and the legal basis for such transfers, as regulated by the GDPR, its different methods and their comparison in relation to their scope and specific use. The author considered the definition of the adequacy decision, the process of granting such a decision and its criteria to be essential. Subsequently, the thesis dealt with the presentation of appropriate safeguards as alternative methods of international transfers of personal data under EU law. The focus of the thesis is to introduce the third country regime using the example of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as a former EU Member State. In this respect, the thesis examines the development of UK data protection law in terms of international data transfers after Brexit. The thesis has looked into the negotiations between the UK and the EU on their trade and cooperation agreement. Particular...
Passengers' rights to compensation and assistence in air transport in the light of European Union Law
Petrovič, Ondřej ; Exner, Jan (advisor) ; Svobodová, Magdaléna (referee)
Passengers' rights to compensation and assistance in air transport in the light of European Union Law Abstract This thesis deals with the balance of rights and obligations of passengers and air carriers in Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 February 2004 establishing common rules on compensation and assistance to air passengers in the event of denied boarding and of cancellation or long delay of flights. The first part analyses the history of international and European aviation law together with their interrelationship. In the second part, the Compensation Regulation as such is analysed in detail. Its individual provisions are analysed together with related and recent case law. Particular attention is then paid to denied boarding, cancellation, and flight delays in the light of passengers' specific rights to compensation. In addition to the analysis of the individual provisions of the Compensation Regulation, the author's own reflection on possible improvements to the current regulation in the future and his own view on the aforementioned balance of the Compensation Regulation are included in the thesis. The third part of the thesis then deals with the specific possibilities of recovering individual compensation from the position of passengers and the...
Evaluation of sample geometry effect on creep deformation progress using acoustic emission method
Dvořák, Jiří ; Sklenička, Václav ; Král, Petr ; Kvapilová, Marie ; Svobodová, M. ; Šifner, J. ; Koula, V.
This work deals with the determination of the influence of the sample geometry on the development of failure during creep exposure. Creep tests were carried out at temperature of 600 °C and a stress of 180 MPa in the protective atmosphere of argon. P92 steel samples with a conventional smooth surface and samples with a V-groove notch were chosen for the test tests. The results of creep resistance and fracture behaviour were complemented by detailed microstructural characterization to assess damage initiation and development. Based on the measured results, the creep data was evaluated using neural networks that systematically search for and process the signal from the acoustic emission (AE). Acoustic emission serves here as an effective non-destructive method for early prediction of the beginning of a possible accident of components of power and chemical plants.
Pechánková, Petra ; Svobodová, Marta (referee) ; Cenek, Filip (advisor)
Scaffolding and videoprojection on the gallery floor act like challenge to watch videos from the right focus – from the top of the safoolding. Instalation should mostly force the audience to get in touch with situation, which is unbearable for someone, who is scared from the heights – acrophobic.
Analysis of Some Indicators of the Company AWT a.s. Using Time Series
Svobodová, Marie ; Březík, Petr (referee) ; Kropáč, Jiří (advisor)
The topic of this thesis is an analysis of indicators in the transport and logistics company Advanced World Transport a.s. using time series. The first part of the work summarizes the statistical methods needed for the practical part, the second one is focused on a specific analysis of the selected indicators.

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