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Analysis of employee costs in a construction company
Lajner, Adam ; Tuscher, Martin (referee) ; Kocourková, Gabriela (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on the analysis of labor wage costs in the construction industry, comparing employees of companies with external workers (self-employed). The main aim is to compare the costs associated with these two types of labor on a specific construction project. The theoretical part addresses wage policy in the Czech Republic, explaining fundamental concepts such as wage, salary, net and gross wages, as well as the differences between guaranteed and minimum wages. It also focuses on pricing in the construction industry. The practical part of the thesis deals with a specific construction project and conducts a comparative analysis of wage costs for self-employed workers and employees. It describes the project, the developer and construction company, a specific residential building, and its budget. Wage costs associated with the activities of individual participants in the construction are anylyzed In conclusion, the acquired information and data are summarized and analyzed, providing a clear picture of the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of employing internal workers compared to hiring self-employed workers in the construction industry
Determination of price indicators of paved surfaces
Svobodová, Michaela ; Kosňovský, Michal (referee) ; Tuscher, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on determining average indicators of prices, mass, and standard hours for paved surfaces per square meter. The theoretical part introduces the theory of ground communications, pricing, and budgets. The practical part describes the basic data of the selected category D0 A and describes all the subcategories for which itemized budgets are set. Data obtained from itemized budgets are analyzed and sorted into databases of prices, mass, and standard hours. The result is the evaluation of these databases and their application in practice on a model case. The databases can serve as a useful tool for public authorities, suppliers, investors, designers, and project managers.
Analysis of prices in the construction industry in recent years
Papoušek, Lukáš ; Hanák, Tomáš (referee) ; Tuscher, Martin (advisor)
The Bachelor's thesis deals with the analysis of trends in the prices of apartments, houses, and construction materials in the Czech Republic over the past ten years. This analysis examines how macroeconomic conditions, legislative changes, and significant economic events have influenced these prices, thereby providing a deeper understanding of the dynamics and dependencies in the construction sector. The results of the analysis provide a deeper understanding of the dynamics and dependencies of prices in various areas of construction and can serve as a valuable basis for the strategic decision-making of construction companies, developers, investors, political and economic decision-makers. The thesis thus contributes to a broader understanding of price trends in construction and their impact on the overall economy.
The valuation of the building before and after the reconstruction
Musílková, Silvie ; Biolek, Vojtěch (referee) ; Tuscher, Martin (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor thesis is the valuation of the building work before and after the reconstruction. The thesis is divided into a part theoretical and practical. The theoretical part defines the basic concepts of valuation and valuation methods. The practical part deals with the valuation of the property before and after reconstruction by the comparative method according to the regulation n. 441/2013 for making the law about the valuation of property in the version of later regulations and market valuation by the comparative method. The itemized budget is the basis for determining costs and assessing the reconstruction of the property.
Analysis of working capital of construction company
Havlínová, Andrea ; Tuscher, Martin (referee) ; Vítková, Eva (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis „Analysis of working capital of construction company” deals with the analysis of working capital in the chosen construction company STAKO s. r. o. The aim of the thesis is to analyze individual parts of working capital and the factors which influence their amount. The theoretical part characterizes the basic terms such as construction company, set of financial statements, categories of working capital, factors affecting working capital and approaches to management of working capital. The practical part analyzes the annual reports and the sets of financial statements of current assets, the development of structure of working capital, and the activity ratios and liquidity ratios in the chosen construction company during the years 2013 – 2017.
Personnel costs in the construction industry
Paulišová, Martina ; Tuscher, Martin (referee) ; Hanák, Tomáš (advisor)
This diploma thesis solve problematic of personnel costs in a construction industry. In theoretical part is described construction industry as a field, defined bussiness costs and personnel costs. Practical part is analyzing personnel costs in a construction industry by questionnaire survey and controlled interviews with representatives of enterprises. The research findings are summarised in conclusion and recommendations for construction companies in the area of personnel costs are proposed.
Effective evaluation of losses to buildings affected by flood
Tuscher, Martin ; Schneiderová-Heralová,, Renáta (referee) ; Kocanda,, Pavel (referee) ; Zeleňáková,, Martina (referee) ; Hanák, Tomáš (advisor)
This doctoral thesis deals with the valuation of damage to buildings affected by floods. In its individual parts, it researches floods as a risk, focuses on the damage caused by this natural phenomenon and examines the methods used to assess the damages caused by floods. With the beginnings of human settlement, the vicinity of rivers has been inhabited for the many befits that watercourses bring. However, there are many dangers associated with this, especially the ones associated with the spillage of riverbeds – with floods. This phenomenon causes considerable damage to property, the environment or human health and lives. There are many measures to eliminate the risk of flooding, or at least mitigate its effects. This work further researches the mitigating of impacts – it examines the methods of determining the amount of damage to buildings caused by floods, looks for factors and parameters influencing the amount of damage and focuses on streamlining these methods. The aim of the thesis is to find a suitable methodology/model that can automate the calculation of the amount of damage, or in other words, to find a quick and at the same time sufficiently accurate solution to this problem. The main output of the thesis is the equation of the damage curve and a model for the amount of damage calculation based on the principle of damage curves using the hybrid genetic algorithm. Another output is a practical tool that works on the basis of the said algorithm and automatically calculates the amount of damage to the building when entering very basic information about the damaged object.
Costs associated with the capital construction of the ski area
Kašparová, Klára ; Mikulík, Michal (referee) ; Tuscher, Martin (advisor)
This thesis deals with the analysis and creation of budget indicators for costs associated with capital construction of the ski areas. The first part is aimed at clarifying the basic concepts of this topic, especially capital projects, prices, costs and creating budgets. The second part contains a summary of all permits required for the construction of ski areas. The practical part analyzes the data of realized projects. It also determines the interrelationships of particular construction costs and sets general indicators.
Influence of the type of window elements to the cost price of construction
Chmelařová, Kateřina ; Tuscher, Martin (referee) ; Krejza, Zdeněk (advisor)
This thesis explains the influence of the type of window glass openings on the cost price of the building. Price depends on choosing the type of windows in a combination of different materials. The theoretical part describes the type of window apertures, their characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. The result of the study is to determine the percentage of volume, price of shares selected variants of window apertures on the cost price of the object.
Valuation of the damage by fallen tree to a recreation cottage in Roudná u Nových Hradů
Šoula, Michal ; Tuscher, Martin (referee) ; Šmahel, Milan (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to determine the amount of indemnity for total damage caused by a falling tree during the gale on a cottage in Roudné near Nové Hrady. The theoretical part deals with basic insurance terminology and basic terminology and methods used in property evaluation. The practical part describes the original condition of the property and its evaluation before the insured event using a cost method and complying with the evaluation regulation. Furthermore, this thesis deals with determination of the costs through the itemized budget for bringing the property to its original state. The conclusion deals with the impact of reconstruction on the extent of indemnity.

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