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Analysis of properties of openings with respect to infiltration in buildings
Zapletal, Miroslav ; Klepárník,, Jan (referee) ; Polášek,, Josef (referee) ; Šťastník, Stanislav (advisor)
The dissertation thesis is primarily focused on the analysis of the properties of openings constructions with respect to infiltration in constructions, specifically related to the permeability of opening fillings and the permeability of buildings. The main aim of this work is to find out how the overall air permeability of a building can be influenced in relation to the openings and their properties, which are related specifically to the air permeability at the specified tightening degree of the used all-round fitting. In relation to the overall air permeability of the building, the energy balance of a particular building will be calculated in cooperation with the determined results of the air permeability of the building at a defined degree of tightening of used all-round fitting at levels 0%, 50% and 100%. The results of tests and measurements will be reflected in a concrete calculation of the energy balance of the assessed building in the form of numerical simulation.
Study of the influence of composition and curing of self-leveling cement screeds on their properties in the early stage of maturation
Powetz, Dominik ; Štenko,, Miroslav (referee) ; Šťastník, Stanislav (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the study of the influence of composition and curing of self-leveling cement screeds on their properties in the early stage of maturation. Within this work, various concepts of ensuring the volume stability of cement self-leveling screeds were verified. An anti-shrink additive based on neopentyl glycol and an expansion additive based on hard-burnt lime were used as modifiers. The reduction of plastic and overall shrinkage using various types of liquid membrane-forming compounds was verified on the most volume-stable screed using the optical dilatometry method. The effectiveness of the individual solutions was monitored by continuous measurement of the intensity of evaporation from the screed surface. Subsequently, the effect of membrane-forming compounds on the residual moisture of the cured treated cement self-leveling screed was measured by the carbide method and also the effect of this curing on the adhesion of bonded ceramic tiles.
Reflective insulations for effective use in low energy buildings
Kalánek, Jiří ; Ingeli,, Rastislav (referee) ; Šťastník, Stanislav (referee) ; Ostrý, Milan (advisor)
The dissertation thesis is focused on thermal insulating properties of reflective insulation under boundary conditions typical for low-energy buildings. In the introductory part of this thesis the attention is focused on the heat transfer process. There is described primarily heat transfer by radiation. There is also described the reflective insulation and the methods of determination their thermal performance. The remaining part of the thesis deals with the analysis of the results obtained in experimental measurements. Measurement results are compared with the calculation model. Conclusions for technical practice including possibilities of further research are summarized in the final section.
Analysis of methods used for measurement of moisture in building materials
Burešová, Eliška ; Žák,, Antonín (referee) ; Šťastník, Stanislav (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on the issue of measuring the moisture content in building materials using indirect methods that allow its long-term measurement. The theoretical part of the thesis provides an overview of the forms of moisture in porous building materials and provide an overview of the principles of measuring moisture content. In the experimental part of the thesis, the aim is to verify the available methods for long-term monitoring of moisture in building materials built into building structures. Proven methods of measuring humidity include resistance, capacitive and microwave methods and their comparison with the results of gravimetric measurements. At the end of the work is an evaluation of knowledge and recommendations for further research in this area.
Tepelné toky ve vybraném objektu zemědělskopotravinářského komplexu
Šťastník, Stanislav
The thesis is focused on the energy demands of storage objects with low controlled indoor operating temperature maintained at a constant value with year-round operation. Heat processes in freezer and refrigerator buildings are performed irregularly, heat losses by heat dissipation through the surrounding envelope, air exchange, lighting, service personnel, transportation technology, latent heat from the air, The simulation program SIM_Stabil is used for modeling of non-stationary heat flows and it can be used for evaluation of the building object in the annual energy consumption parameter needed to ensure the internal low controlled temperature, covering heat losses through all envelope structures in sunlight, lighting, handling, ventilation, etc. It serves as a benchmark for comparison with real energy consumption in an object.
Study of maturing process of volume stabilised floor flow screeds
Konvičný, Václav ; Štenko,, Miroslav (referee) ; Šťastník, Stanislav (advisor)
The diploma thesis is devoted to the comparison of drying processes of various types of poured floor self-levelling screeds under conditions close to construction practice, especially during maturation under different climatic conditions. These properties were observed by several methods. The course of strength increases and final strength of tested materials under different climatic conditions were also found and compared. The conclusion summarizes the knowledge about the course of drying and the course of development of strengthening of individual floor materials.
Use of polypropylene waste particles for building thermal insulation
Baránek, Šimon ; Čermák, Jan (referee) ; Šťastník, Stanislav (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is the issue of waste economy, waste management and reuse in the field of waste plastics. The thesis summarizes information about thermal insulation materials, plastics, recycling and plastics waste management. In the experimental part, were verified the possibilities of processing of available plastic waste for produce thermal insulation material.
Identification of Thermal Conductivity and Thermal Capacity of Building Materials by the "Hot Wire Method"
Průša, David ; Čermák,, Jan (referee) ; Šťastník, Stanislav (advisor)
This aim of task deals with study of heat dissipation mechanisms and the description of physical phenomena, which is accompanied by non-stationary measurement of thermal characteristics by the method "hot-wire method". In particular, we observe the coefficient of thermal conductivity and its dependence on various variables such as the temperature of the measured sample, its moisture state, the volume of the sample and its porosity. The above mentioned findings are used for the invention of the measuring device of a nonstationary gauge, which is based on regular heating and is dedicated to measuring the thermal conductivity coefficient and the heat capacity by the "hot-wire method" method. In the last part of the thesis is verified functionality of the proposed measuring device, the suitability of the created algorithm for the processing of the measured data and the evaluation of the results was verified. The reproducibility of the measurements was verified and the measured results were compared with the measurement methods, which are commonly used. the influence of humidity on the coefficient of thermal conductivity.
Possibilities to reduce energy consumption of objects with controlled indoor temperature
Karmín, Luboš ; Čermák,, Jan (referee) ; Šťastník, Stanislav (advisor)
The field of a research of this diploma thesis is building with controlled internal temperature. The research is focused on main heat fluxes at this type of buildings and how it contributes to the energy consumption of the building. The main objective of the analysis is heat loss caused by heat flux through the building envelope and air exchange at the building. As next it is described heat gain resulting from the operation inside of the building. To obtain the results of the research part is used software on the platform Delphi Pascal, temporarily called SIM_Chlad. The aim of this computer modeling is non-stationary heat fluxes from the mentioned heat sources in the building. The computed heat balance analyzes the energy consumption of the building for a period of one year. The diploma thesis evaluates impacts reflecting local weather conditions, the structural system of the building and the operation in the building. A cooling machinery analysis is not the subject of the research at this diploma thesis.
New directions for waterproofing of underground transport
Čech, Tomáš ; Čížek, Luboš (referee) ; Šťastník, Stanislav (advisor)
This diploma thesis focuses on the implementation of waterproofing of underground constructions using an LLDPE membrane hinged on anchors. In the future, this method will replace the commonly used waterproofing system in Scandinavia with extruded polyethylene foam. This method of tunnel construction and waterproofing is compared with the NRTM method, often used in Central Europe. The thesis describes the installation of a waterproofing system, especially materials, accessories, welding devices and auxiliary installation equipment. The main focus of the thesis is to verify the reliability of the individual types of welds and to assess the waterproofing system in terms of implementation and environmental demands.

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