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Ars nova eloquentiae, its followers and Bohuslaus Balbinus
Svatoš, Martin
The paper focuses on the penetration of a new literary aesthetics, the so-called new art of eloquence (nova ars eloquentiae) into literature in the Bohemian lands in the 17th century. The Jesuit teacher of Latin style and literature, Bohuslav Balbín, was the first in the Czech lands to reflect the changed literary situation in his literary theoretical writings and to appreciate the appropriate followers of the art of elocution. At the same time, however, he was a classicist and a follower of M. Tulius Cicero, who warned against the excessive and inappropriate use of the wit.\n
Looking back at research on Bohuslav Balbin in Czechoslovakia until the Balbin Conference in 1988
Svatoš, Martin
The author recalls the dismal state of research on Baroque culture and Bohuslav Balbín in Czechoslovakia in the 1970s and 1980s and gives an overview of the papers and speakers at the Balbín conference 1988 held on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of Balbín’s death.
Arbitrability of dispute and International Commercial Arbitration
Svatoš, Martin ; Pauknerová, Monika (advisor) ; Kučera, Zdeněk (referee)
Arbitrability of dispute and International Commercial Arbitration - Summary Bc. Martin Svatoš The objective of this thesis is to explain the issue of arbitrability of disputes in an international commercial arbitration, especially to compare the Czech and the foreign approach. The thesis consists of three chapters, each of them dealing with different aspects of arbitrability. Chapter One is introductory and defines basic terminology used in the thesis: especially the definition of arbitrability and the question of choice-law. It addresses the issue of the institution deciding the objection of arbitrability and the distinction between the subjective and objective arbitrability, too. Chapter Two concerns the subjective arbitrability. The approach of subjective arbitrability argues whether the State or state entities could be a part of arbitration agreement. However, this claim was questioned by some states and some authors. It examines relevant Czech and other legislations, especially the legislation of states with relatively hostile approach to subjective arbitrability, e.g. Iran. It concerns the old approach of Belgium, too. It presents the approach of denial of justice by several states. Finally, it provides an outline of relevant case law and illustrates the today's point of view by important award...
Edition of selected correspondence of Bohuslav Balbín and Alois Hackenschmidt with a commentary and an introductory study
Podavka, Ondřej ; Svatoš, Martin (advisor) ; Zdichynec, Jan (referee)
The thesis deals with the mutual correspondence (with its part from the years 16641667) of a Jesuit Bohuslav Balbín (16211688) and a Premonstratensian Johannes Alois Hackenschmidt (16261683), a canon of monastery of Teplá and a secretary of abbot Rajmund Wilfert (†1670). Preserved correspondence of that time consists of 41 Balbín's and 39 Hackenschmidt's letters. Hackenschmidt was sending information of the history of monasteries of Teplá and Chotěšov and transcripts and excerpts of charters found in archives of these monasteries; Balbín was informing Hackenschmidt about the past of the Lords of Guttenstein. The thesis brings information on the life of both correspondents, summarizes the content of their correspondence and comments on their relationship. Finally, eight Balbín's and six Hackenschmidt's letters, provided by a commentary, are edited in the final part of the work.
Dramatic works by John Amos Comenius
Klosová, Markéta ; Stehlíková, Eva (advisor) ; Scherl, Adolf (referee) ; Svatoš, Martin (referee)
Markéta Klosová Dramatic works by John Amos Comenius (abstract of the thesis) Submittcd thesis analyzcs IOdramatíc works writtcn by Comcnius from the point of view of both historical events and practicc of Centra! Europcan lheatre (especially of school type) of 16'11 and !7'11 ccnturics. firstlhe work discusscs lhc dramatic picccs pcrformcd in so called "gymnasium" in Lcszno, tbc inlroduction of which occurrcd in 1635. First documented pcrfonnances (since 1639) took placc just during thc Comcnius' rectorship. Dramatic pieces, being performcd in l.cszno in 17' 11 ccntury, followcd and wcrc in fl!ll compliance with conlemporary trcnds. Protestant picccs (bcing wrillcn cspccially in German and Latin) bccamc a sourcc oť inspiration i(Jr tbcir authors. llowever, they did not stand aloof from subjects, typical for Jesuit pbywrights. Comcnius' picccs Diogencs Cyniurs rcdivi\'11.\' (pcri(Jrmcd in 1640. issued in 1658) and Ahrahamus palriarch (pcrf(mned in 1641. issucd in 1661 /1662) took placc in Lcszno. as well. As for Diogencs. a part ol" rcsearchers cmphasizc humorous adaplation as well as choosing a peculiar antic topic. Tbc othcrs spcculatc ovcr lirct. why author choose jusl this philosophcr: cynicism is fealurccl with absolutc disallowing social convenlíons including the propcnsity for publicly donc...
Václav (Remedius) Prutký OFM: Itinerarium missionum apostolicarum (introductory study, edition and translation with commentary on part I of the work)
Förster, Josef ; Svatoš, Martin (advisor) ; Hojda, Zdeněk (referee) ; Navrátilová, Hana (referee)
The dissertation presents primarily the text itself of part of Itinerarium (the first 31 chapters) in the form of a critical edition. It thus greatly eases the work of all future researchers in studying the work in the Latin original. The edition was acquired on the basis of a manuscript autograph, the property of the Franciscan Brothers Provenance in Prague kept in the National Library of the Czech Republic. The Itinerarium ranks amongst the most important works from a file of manuscript sources, the authors of which are members of the St. Wenceslas provenance of the order of lesser brothers of St. Francis, who were active during the course of the 18th century on missions in Egypt or Ethiopia and attained a prestigious standing in the mission hierarchy (Jakub Římař, Remedius Prutký, Kristián Schneider). Their works, which are of a various nature (itineraries, journals, collections of medical prescriptions, language dictionaries, liturgical manuals etc.), may be valuable sources for experts in a diverse range of fields: oriental studies, Egyptology, geography, history, linguistics, literary history etc. With regard to the fact that Prutký's literary work is unknown to the Czech reader and has been presented only thanks to the translation of two chapters acquired in the 1940s by Z. Kalista, it evidently...
Historia S. Joannis Nepomuceni of 1729 and its period translations
Bočková, Alena ; Svatoš, Martin (advisor) ; Juríková, Erika (referee) ; Hojda, Zdeněk (referee)
Grounded by studie s of early modem Czech and Latin literature, this dissertation examines the work of a Jesuit historian Maximilianus Wietrowsky Historia S. Joannis Nepomuceni (1729) and its Czech translation Zpráva historická o životě sv. Jana Nepomuckého [Historical Report on the Life oj Saint John ojNepomuk] (1730). Apart from analysing both works from literary-historical, linguistic, stylistic and translational points of view, the thesis attempts to depict their wider cultural-historical context and to appreciate the important elements pertaining to the time ofthe works' birth and their content. In the introduction, the thesis is concemed with the question of authorship ofboth the Latin original and its Czech translation. After careful examination of a mostly manuscriptial body of sources, the author succeeded in finding grounds on which it is possible to assume that the author of the Latin version is indeed Maximilianus Wietrowsky (1660-1737), whose authorship has been indicated - without sufficient evidence - in historical literature. The analysis of the Czech translation, on the other hand, seems to disprove Wietrowsky's authorship of the Czech version.
Bohemia Jesuitica in Indiis Occidentalibus. Latin correspondence of Bohemian Jesuits from America, Philippines and Mariana Islands in Bohemian and Moravian archives. Critical edition
Zavadil, Pavel ; Svatoš, Martin (advisor) ; Binková, Simona (referee) ; Juríková, Erika (referee)
The aim of this dissertation thesis is to provide first critical edition of Latin correspondence written by the missionaries from Bohemian Province of Society of Jesus, who were destinated to Indiae Occidentales (Northern and Southern Americas, Philippines and Mariana Islands). This edition contains all the documents, according to present-day knowledge, preserved in the archives in Czech Republic. These are 114 letters and one collection of excerpta. 28 of them are autographs, the rest are copies. Nearly fourth part of this corpus is represented by letters of Paulus Klein, eighth part by letters of Augustinus Strobach, the remaining part was written by 25 other Jesuit missionaries. The correspondence comes from the years 1657-1741. Most of these letters describe the journey of missionaries from Bohemia to their mission destination, many of letters originate from the period of waiting for West Indies Fleet in Spain. Smaller part describes the reality in oversea mission, above all its early period. The edition is sorted to 27 blocks according to the authors, the letters within these blocks are ordered chronologically. All the letters are provided with regesta in Czech language. Introduction study contains general remarks on the importance of this corpus as a historic source. It also reveals synopsis...
Textual Strategies of Argument in the Confessional Polemic of Racek Dubravius
Pelc, Vojtěch ; Svatoš, Martin (advisor) ; Neškudla, Bořek (referee)
The thesis focuses on the textual strategies of argument in the confessional polemic Ad libellum Martini Lutheri de instituendis ministris ecclesiae accepti relatio (1525) by Czech jurist and humanist Rodericus Dubravius of Dubrava. Chapters 1-4 provide a cultural and historical context of the early stage of Lutheran reformation, define main features of the polemic genre, and sketch the process of constituting of the anti-Lutheran discourse from 1510s to 1520s both in Europe and Bohemia by introducing some of its representative examples. The core of this thesis consists in Chapter 5, introducing selected examples of particular strategies of argument, such as personal invective, use of doctrinal arguments, etc. The analysis of selected textual samples is based on a particular set of methodological tools, most importantly a taxonomy of humanistic polemics by Marc Laureys, Roswitha Simons, and Arnold Becker which is presented in detail in Chapter 2.
Erasmus Desiderius, Dialogus Ciceronianus . Translation and Commentary
Morávek, Jan ; Kuťáková, Eva (advisor) ; Svatoš, Martin (referee)
The main aim of this diploma thesis is to bring to Czech readers an appropriate translation of selected passages from Dialogus Ciceronianus sive de optimo genere dicendi by Erasmus of Rotterdam. By this work, Erasmus significantly afftected the history of disputes over the form of imitation of M. Tullius Cicero, which started among humanists at the end of the 15th century and continued, with varying intensity, for a hundred following years. Erasmus rejected pedantic imitation of formal features of Cicero's language which he considered a threat for Christian religion and education. The thesis is divided into two parts, a theoretical and a practical one. The theoretical part briefly describes the development of opinions on the imitation of Cicero from the ancient times to the 16th century and deals with the analysis of the contents of the dialogue as a whole with an emphasis on stating the most important Erasmus' ideas. The second part comprises of a translation of selected passages accompanied by factual and translatological notes.

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