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The Concept of a Work in Copyright Law
Tuláček, Jan ; Kříž, Jan (advisor) ; Srstka, Jiří (referee) ; Dobřichovský, Tomáš (referee)
132 The Concept of a Work in Copyright Law Abstract The theme of the work is the author's creation , it's concept in the legal definition and further in the meta-legal sense,ie as defined by the authors's work of art,on the one hand by artists ,on the other by artistic institutions . And, the related delimitation of this concept,it's limits or extensions.On the one hand ,the concept of an author's work seems to be expanding in practice,on the other hand, it narrows,as i will explain. This means that I must first take a closer look at the concept of a work in the sense of copyright law.It is a central concept of the entire copyright law,however ,and perhaps because of this,its definition under this law is very vague. After the introduction ,where I tried to think about the definition and practical possibilities of legal science ,in the 1 Chapter I deal with the legal definition of the concept of the work in general and then the concept of the author's work. I think its legal definition, to a certain extent,revolves around a circle,the author 's work is the result of the author's creative activity and the author is the person creating the author's work. It doesn't make much sense.and historically However, this corresponds to the definition according to the authors convention and historically the definition is...
Representing performing artists
Rozkovec, Richard Juan ; SRSTKA, Jiří (advisor) ; LEŠKA, Rudolf (referee)
This thesis focuses on the issue of representation of performing artist in the Czech Republic and its further possible development. Specifies the use of the terms manager and agent and their definition based on the area of activities they are providing in their work for the client. In addition, the thesis analyzes the forms of representation of artists and mainly deals with the analysis of legal relations between the represented artist and his agent / manager with parse of individual contractual types. At last it also deals with the comparison of domestic models of representation with models of Western Europe, predominantly Anglo-Saxon environment.
An Author's Right in the Information Society and Across the Internal European Union Market
Mikita, Peter ; Kříž, Jan (advisor) ; Srstka, Jiří (referee) ; Hendrychová, Michaela (referee)
Copyright law is a special category of civil law which, with the upswing of the Internet, has become important for different types of stakeholders in the global information society. The 'participative web' operates with content generated by users. This user-generated content has often disputable origins in terms of copyright clearance. The Internet has opened the possibility for developing new forms of communication between anonymous or individual users who are not easily identifiable. Especially peer-to-peer file sharing and recently the information services offered and operated by the so-called 'cyberlockers' are the reason of questioning the role of copyright protection online which needs a beneficial solution. Copyright infringement in the era of information society is a complex phenomenon with a multiplicity of contributing factors like the importance of information data with big business potential, personal attitudes shown by internet users towards the value and scarcity of intellectual property, or legal responsibility of internet service providers (ISP) who paradoxically act from the safety of the so-called safe harbours as intermediaries of information exchange, representing a new element in the communication chain between rights holders and users. Commercial and business models operating...
Legal Protecion of Artistic Performance
Leška, Rudolf ; Kříž, Jan (advisor) ; Dobřichovský, Tomáš (referee) ; Srstka, Jiří (referee)
The thesis outlines the law of performers' rights, including its historical and theoretical background, relation to other areas of law, explanation of moral and economic rights of performers, problems of contractual law and issues related to the enforcement of rights. The core of the thesis lies in analyses of the terminology of artistic performances (including the performances of variety and circus artists) and the notion of a performer, the borders between protected and unprotected performances and the relation to a work of art, as well as in practical issues related to the collectively delivered performances by the members of an ensemble and their representation by a so-called joint representative. The thesis focuses on those aspects which are specific to performers or which cause particular difficulties in practical application; in these cases, the author offers his own solutions.
Intellectual Property Rights in the Theatre Practice Context
Hájková, Martina ; SRSTKA, Jiří (advisor) ; JAKL, Ladislav (referee)
This master thesis is focused on the intellectual property rights in the context of theatre practice. Its aim is to analyse the area of intellectual property rights and to show that intellectual property rights do not end with copyright, but it is just a beginning. The results are answers to following research questions: What are intellectual property rights and what does this term include? How are intellectual property rights applicable within the theatre practice? What are the basic types of protection when these rights are violated in the theatre / by theatre? The diploma thesis is composed of three main chapters, in which I progressively try to find answers to the above mentioned research questions. The first chapter is focused on the intellectual property rights and on their definition, including their terminological distinction from similar definitions, and analysis of that area. The second chapter introduces selected areas of intellectual property rights that are relevant for the theatre practice, and these selected areas are illustrated by examples. The third and last chapter outlines some of the basic mechanisms in the protection of intellectual property rights. The conclusion summarizes the findings and on their basis it tries to answer the research questions on their basis.
Management of an independent orchestra on example of Collegium 1704
Sopková, Tamara ; SRSTKA, Jiří (advisor) ; SVOBODOVÁ, Doubravka (referee)
This thesis is focused on the issue of management of an independent orchestra Collegium 1704. Its goal is to present organisational structure to its very detail and to demonstrate how this structure is applied and related to the management of the orchestra. The aim of this thesis is to find and describe pattern of orhcestra management and present it as a complex unit and also its individual parts – projects. This model then is presented on specific examples from practice. The thesis is completed with comparing Collegium 1704 with another independent orchestra based on criteria stated in the introduction.
Specifics of Organising New Opera
Strýček, Václav ; SRSTKA, Jiří (advisor) ; HORČIČKOVÁ, Jana (referee)
This thesis describes the specific problems of organising a new opera performance and compares it to making a more common opera title. Its first part is devoted to the term "new opera" itself and tries to put it in the music and historical order. In next parts, it shows the performance indicators of new opera and compares it to a more conventional environment of most of the opera houses. Under these circumstances, it describes the changes of the job description of the individual theatre employees and members of he realisation team. Based on this information, it summarises the specific character of the executive producer's job and names unusual situations which he may get to during the process. General theses are based on examples from praxis, especially from the activities of the Ostrava Centre for New Music.
Preparations of the reconstruction of the State Opera
Búrik, Jan ; SRSTKA, Jiří (advisor) ; PELOUCH, Václav (referee)
The thesis follows the process of the planned reconstruction of the one of the biggest theatre buildings in the Czech Republic - the State Opera between years 2016 and 2018. The work covers all phases of the project - from the preparation till the presumed reconstruction end and the future changes on the outside and the inside of the building. The work also describes the plans of the National Theatre Opera artistic ensemble during the time of the planned construction work and its impact on the functioning of other artistic groups. The thesis also focuses on the financial impact of the reconstruction and on the changes of the dramaturgy of the National Theatre.
Photography and patrimonial rights
Adamovský, Michal ; SRSTKA, Jiří (advisor) ; VYSKOČIL, František (referee)
The thesis deals with photography and its related patrimonial rights, and processes these
Non-profit formal entities in FRG
Nesvadbová, Nora ; NEKOLNÝ, Bohumil (advisor) ; SRSTKA, Jiří (referee)
This master thesis is dedicated to german non-profit formal entities with one special chapter about theaters. Another issue dealt with in this master thesis is the non-profit sector in Germany. In the second chapter had been the concept of "non-profit" defined and advantages, disadvantages and alternatives of this sector have been described. The main topic is put into the context of the environment, which non-profit organizations are formed in. My main aim was to analyse the current state of non-profit organizations in Germany and to compare it with conditions in Czech republic. Finaly I tried to apply the resulting positives to our environment. I have compared cultural sectors of both countries (definition of these sectors, the issue of financing), their cultural policy, non-profit organizations and their legal forms, and theater itself including the transformation of public theaters. Attempts of such transformation are in progress in both countries.

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