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The New Approaches to Teaching of Rudimentes of Quantum Physics
Králík, Jiří ; Skála, Lubomír (advisor) ; Hejnová, Eva (referee) ; Kapsa, Vojtěch (referee)
This thesis is dealing with didactics of quantum theory and its modern trends. It contains a brief overview of problems in quantum physics education and many references to important sources in the field. Part of the thesis is focused on identification of some sources potential misunderstandings in the process of teaching and learning of quantum theory (misconceptions). The next part is devoted to a problem with visualization in microworld and after that I dealing with Feynman's approach to quantum theory, its advantages and disadvantages and I enumerate some pedagogical projets that continues in that direction. In another part I treat to my proposal for using quantum field theory terminology in introductory modern physics courses. The last chapter of the thesis is dealing with my project "The Road under Perception", which is intended as a teaching text about (modern) physics for non-experts. The thesis also contains appendix with excerpt of my article about history of microworld's origins cognition. Powered by TCPDF (
Radiation corrections to atomic spectra
Patkóš, Vojtěch ; Zamastil, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Skála, Lubomír (referee)
Main aim of this work is calculation of contribution of the selfenergy of electron to atomic spectra. We derive relation for improved Bethe logarithm and perform non-relativistic limit. Then we derive relation for non-relativistic oscillator strengths and recurrence relations for them. This we will use for calculation of Bethe logarithm. Then we derive solution to Dirac equation for electron in Coulomb potential as linear combination of functions whose radial part is similar to non-relativistic hydrogen wave functions. Finally we perform numerical calculation of improved Bethe logarithm for 1s, 2s and 2p states.
Low-energy processes in H + H- collision
Eliášek, Jiří ; Čížek, Martin (advisor) ; Čurík, Roman (referee) ; Skála, Lubomír (referee)
In this work we generalize existing theory of low-energy collisions of atomic hydrogen with its anion. We extend the non-local resonance model for this system by adding new discrete state and two continua that are coupled with it. We calculate numerically cross sections for associative electron detachment process that is important for models of early universe. We add cross section for collision detachment and show spectra of outgoing electrons. We show how the isotopic effect is involved in studied collision. We also calculate charge transfer, elastic scattering cross sections, and reaction rates for hydrogen collisions with deuterium anion. We compare our results with recent experiments and we discuss their reliability. Powered by TCPDF (
Properties of metastable states of small dications
Šedivcová, Tereza ; Špirko, Vladimír (advisor) ; Skála, Lubomír (referee) ; Urban, Ján (referee)
AlÉa High]y cmrdated i*{nCI ratfuttir ere 'p| to calculaÍr the potentia] en- erry and spin-ortÉt cryEag fuctils fu wll ď tbe laest electronic states of the Co2+ dicatiou. Usint ttF fEí{iE tb pcitis err| |ifutimes of the correspond. ing vibrmic states are e|v.b.léd b1r mx gf }6fo *abiišation and complex-scaling methods Yithin tb€ baclut ď mhicLrnr| seródfru8€Í anal;'sis. Since the pre- dicted |ifuimes agrt€ xtr ritl tb -.rye Er'tes. fi-tb' the same plocedure based oD the a} t'dr.a calcÚI'tis c.D be rrd to kmiuáte the pcitions and widths of tbe isodatrmic sýst€D (sP+. Tbe mptcd E&tim€s ď serrcral vibronic states of CS2+ are il the rao6e l 1s < l < 1ps. tba&e tb€se stát€s goren the second step in the seqrntial Fthfq cs. . S- + Cý* .- S+ + C+ + S+ of the overal1 three-body CooM e4tr*n ďq. In terc ď the ftre6riry erqhrix' an att€mpt to determine both Vis arrd IR emissiln and e.kÉln q*e ď CtF* is made. Radiative lifetimes found for transition mmoú E'11ir.lft* rť| FlnétF:n A co€frdents are eva'l'uated using the compla-scaling ď li!fu&ly. j}6 mi<i61 is mncernď, the radiative ]ifetimes ď AsDř .-t ďtr &ctrb *at€s in Cď+ are longer than the rate of pledissociatin frm -r".+ sta€s" thth lmlÉit impossible íor emission to occur. The absorptin ryectn ď A'Dts .- x3tr 'rr{ bru .-- aIE+ are determined and their abso]ute...
Tigh-binding model and its application for molecular electronics and transport in mezoscopic systems
Prachař, Jan ; Čížek, Martin (advisor) ; Skála, Lubomír (referee)
Nazev prace: Model tesne vazby a jeho aplikacc na molekularni eloktroniku a trans- port, v mezoskopiekyoh systemech Autur: Jan Prachaf Katedra (ustav): Ustav tooroticko fyziky Vedouci bakalafske pniee: RNUr. Martin Oizek, Pli.D. E-mail vedouciho: Martin.CizekQmff .cuni . cz Abstrakt V predlozene praci aplikujcino model tesne vazby na molekularni elek- troniku. Prodmetem teoretickeho popisu jc molekularni inustok, c.oz jo .sys- tom jet1no cl nckolika. inolckul, ktore pfoklonuji iie]>atriiou ino/oru uio/i dvema kovovyini votliri. Iiifonriacc o vodirirh potfcbna k iirroni ]>ravdcpo- dolmosti pn'ichudu ski'z iniiHtok jc dana solf-cncrgii vodicu. Illavniin oilom praro jo analyticky vypocitat sflf'-onor^io vybranyoli inudcli'i v ranici nio- tlelu teyno vazby. Pro kazdy modol t.ako urriijemo pravdopodt)bnost pru- cliodn ski"/ molekularni uiustck. V praoi rovuoz studujnuu1 uhlikovo nano- t,rul>icky, material pozoruhodnych vlaslnuHti, s potoiicialni moznoHti vy- uzit.i v mulckulariii oloktronire. 1'otlafilo so /iskat, analyticky vyraz pro scll-oncrgii cik-cak iianolrubicck. Klicova slova: nujdol tosno vaz!)y, niolokulanii inustck, soll'-onergio, uhlikovo iiaiiotni- bicky Tit.lo: Ti^ht-bindiiig model and its application for molecular electronics and transport in me.zosc.opic systems Author: .Ian Prachaf Department:...

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