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The New Approaches to Teaching of Rudimentes of Quantum Physics
Králík, Jiří ; Skála, Lubomír (advisor) ; Hejnová, Eva (referee) ; Kapsa, Vojtěch (referee)
This thesis is dealing with didactics of quantum theory and its modern trends. It contains a brief overview of problems in quantum physics education and many references to important sources in the field. Part of the thesis is focused on identification of some sources potential misunderstandings in the process of teaching and learning of quantum theory (misconceptions). The next part is devoted to a problem with visualization in microworld and after that I dealing with Feynman's approach to quantum theory, its advantages and disadvantages and I enumerate some pedagogical projets that continues in that direction. In another part I treat to my proposal for using quantum field theory terminology in introductory modern physics courses. The last chapter of the thesis is dealing with my project "The Road under Perception", which is intended as a teaching text about (modern) physics for non-experts. The thesis also contains appendix with excerpt of my article about history of microworld's origins cognition. Powered by TCPDF (
Two new uncertainty relations and their applications
Lužová, Martina ; Skála, Lubomír (advisor) ; Kapsa, Vojtěch (referee)
The historical development of uncertainty relation, begining with first Heisenberg's thoughts of uncertainty principle is summed up in this thesis. After proving validity of Schwarz inequality general uncertainty relation for two hermitian operators is obtained, and from this general version the validity of Heisenberg uncertainty relation is than proved. The most important part of this work is the obtention of two new uncertainty relations, which are stronger then Heisenberg or Robertson-Schrödinger uncertainty relation, and their specific form for two examples - a free particle in a state discribed by the gaussian wave packet and the linear harmonic oscillator with a wave function in the shape of gaussian packet.
Tasks accompanying applets - measurement in quantum mechanics
Landa, Martin ; Koupilová, Zdeňka (advisor) ; Kapsa, Vojtěch (referee)
The content of the thesis is based on search for applets with focus on measurement in quantum mechanics and the creation of sequence of tasks with solutions using applets. In total, 5 applets were chosen and conceptual tasks were created. Tasks are aimed at university- level students attending introductory quantum mechanics course. Part of the thesis is also focused on the use of applets during physics teaching, especially quantum mechanics.
Study text on selected topic of Quantum mechanics course
Kyšková, Jana ; Koupilová, Zdeňka (advisor) ; Kapsa, Vojtěch (referee)
The objective of this bachelor thesis is to prepare a study text on selected topics of quantum mechanics, which would be appropriate for the se- cond year students of education of Physics at FMP CU attending the Quantum mechanics course. This thesis consists of two topics - Multiparticle Systems and Chemical Bond. The study text should help students understand the mathema- tical methods used in the field of multiparticle systems, and solve elementary problems. The text also extends secondary-school chemistry knowledge about atom orbitals and chemical bond and provides an explanation of the structure of simple molecules using the valence bond theory. The thesis is based on author's own experience of the Quantum mechanics course, the main sources are the fore- ign textbooks of quantum mechanics and author's own notes from lectures held on FMP CU. 1

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