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Sanitation installation and gas installation in a apartment building
Růžička, Pavel ; Vaščáková, Alena (referee) ; Vrána, Jakub (advisor)
The aim of the Bachelor thesis is a design of sanitary installations and gas installations in the apartment building. It is a four-floor apartment building without a cellar. The apartments are located on all overground floors. The theoretical part is focused on infiltration of rainwater. The computation part and project includes a design of sanitary and storm sewers, water supply network, gas main a and their connection to existing utility lines.
Sanitation installation and gas installation in the aparthotel
Růžička, Pavel ; Wierzbická, Helena (referee) ; Vrána, Jakub (advisor)
The master thesis focuses on the design of sanitary and gas installations in the particular aparthotel building in Pec pod Sněžkou. It is an aparthotel with two underground and max six above-ground floors incl. a gallery. The upper floors of the towers are used for accommodation. A parking lot and wellness area are situated on the first underground floor. On the second underground floor there is a technical background of the building, shops and a small restaurant for guests. All the roofs and terraces of the aparthotel are made to be green. The calculation part and the project contain the design of the sewerage, water supply, gas pipeline and their connection to the existing engineering networks. The theoretical part deals with increasing the pressure in the indoor plumbing, incl. design of equipment for increasing the pressure in the particular building.
Adaptive parameterization for Aerodynamic Shape Optimization in Aeronautical Applications
Hradil, Jiří ; Rudolf, Pavel (referee) ; Růžička, Pavel (referee) ; Píštěk, Antonín (advisor)
Cílem mé disertační práce je analyzovat a vyvinout parametrizační metodu pro 2D a 3D tvarové optimalizace v kontextu průmyslového aerodynamického návrhu letounu založeném na CFD simulacích. Aerodynamická tvarová optimalizace je efektivní nástroj, který si klade za cíl snížení nákladů na návrh letounů. Nástroj založený na automatickém hledání optimálního tvaru. Klíčovou částí úspěšného optimalizačního procesu je použití vhodné parametrizační metody, metody schopné garantovat možnost dosažení optimálního tvaru. Parametrizační metody obecně používané v oblasti aerodynamické tvarové optimalizace momentálně nejsou připravený na komplikované průmyslové aplikace vyskytující se u moderních dopravních letounů, které mají šípová zalomená křídla s winglety a motorovými gondolami, přechodové prvky spojující např. trup s křídlem atd.. Existuje tedy potřeba nalezení obecné parametrizační metody, která bude aplikovatelná na širokou škálu různých geometrických tvarů. Free-Form Deformation (FFD[1]) parametrizace může, vzhledem ke svým schopnostem při zacházení s geometrií, být odpovědí na tuto potřebu. Adaptivní parametrizace by se měla být schopna automaticky přizpůsobit danému tvaru tak, aby byly její kontrolní body vhodně rozmístěny. Což umožní dostatečnou kontrolu deformací objektu, která zaručí možnost vytvoření optimálního tvaru objektu a splnění geometrických omezení. Primární aplikací takové parametrizační metody je deformace tvaru objektu. Dalším navrhovaným cílem je modifikace FFD parametrizační metody pro současné deformace tvaru objektu a CFD výpočetní sítě, umožnující velké deformace objektu při zachování kvality výpočetní sítě.
The Usage of Project Management Tools in Realization of the Contract
Štetina, Patrik ; Růžička, Pavel (referee) ; Smolíková, Lenka (advisor)
The aim of thesis is use tools of project management for the company in realization the contract. Thesis is divided into three parts. The first part concerns the theoretical basis of solution. Next part is devoted to analysis of acquired order. Last part contains specific usage tools during implementation.
Production of check valve's part
Růžička, Pavel ; Řiháček, Jan (referee) ; Císařová, Michaela (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the production innovation of the return valve disc component used in pumping technology. It is a component made of sheet metal with 3 mm thickness, the quality of material is according to ČSN 11 320. Existing production using cutting technology in a process tool will be replaced by a modern, more accurate and especially more economical method by precise cutting with a pressure edge. Based on the literature study of precision cutting, assessment of production technology and processing of design solutions, the cutting tool was designed to be able to significantly speed up and reduce the cost of production of the component. It will be placed in a three-acting press from Feintool, namely XTF Speed with a nominal force of 1500 kN. In the final technical and economic evaluation, it was proved that the newly designed technology is able to bring a component of the same nature to the market, but at a significantly lower price.
Study of Process Control in Selected Products
Růžička, Pavel ; Bednář, Josef (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
The thesis focuses on the process of production of castings in the company ŽĎAS, a.s. and its methods for implementing customer's requirements. The goal was to create a Work Flow diagram of technical preparation of production based on the company's internal directives. The next step was to compare it with the actual situation represented by a case job and to make a conclusion. The customer's requirements for the case production order included increased level of control and purchasing weld-on parts. The incorporation process for these requirements was not described by the original Work Flow and was the subject of its new revision. For its better practical application the Study contains business and organizational structures of ŽĎAS, a.s.
Current trends of reduction NOx in the context with the prepared legislation
Růžička, Pavel ; Brummer, Vladimír (referee) ; Jecha, David (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with processes of generating and methods of abating nitrogen oxides contained in flue gases in the context of Czech and European legistation. It compares the new enviromental act with its predecessor and scetches the pull of the new emission limits on stationary sources of air pollution. With particular focus on NO and NO2, the summary of NOx compounds hands a brief review of every individual one, which amongst other matters includes their impact on public and enviromental health. In the next part the paper aims at primary and secondary measures of NOx reduction together with factors influencing their utilization. Last chapter inquires into methods of selective catalytic and non-catalytic reduction and means of thier engagement in industry.
Popis a distribuce škod působených vytloukáním a vystrouháváním srnce obecného v lesních porostech
Růžička, Pavel
This bachelor thesis is about the description and distribution of damage caused by roe deer in the form of fraying and rubbing. The thesis has been divided into two parts, the first part deals with a general view of the issue and the second part is the actual research, which consisted of collecting data on fraying and rubbing in a pre-selected suitable location, including the following suggestions and recommendations for practice. The research was carried out using a system of strip transects and recording damage sites in their vicinity. The map outputs show the amount of damage, its location and the type of damage, these signs clearly indicate the locations and individual trees most frequently visited by roe deer. The analytical outputs mention the occurrence of the most frequently damaged trees and their morphometric data. The most frequently damaged tree species was the norway spruce. The resulting connection between 2 roebucks territory boundaries which were found, the damage caused, and human-made natural boundaries cannot be ignored.
Permutation groups and card shuffling
Sekera, Vojtěch ; Šťovíček, Jan (advisor) ; Růžička, Pavel (referee)
In this thesis we solve an old problem, named after the magician and mathematician Alex Elmsley, of raising a card to the top of the deck using faro shuffles. Furthermore we examine the group structure generated by these shuffles on an arbitrarily large deck of cards. Upon generalizing the faro shuffle in the third chapter, we reach a promising conjecture about these faro shuffle permutation groups. 1
Continued fractions in local fields
Červenková, Eliška ; Příhoda, Pavel (advisor) ; Růžička, Pavel (referee)
The theses concerns the topic of p-adic Ruban and Browkin continued frations and their properties. To begin with, the concept of p-adic numbers is introduced and the necessary theory is shown. Next, continued fractions are defined and their convergence in both real and p-adic numbers is analyzed. Following this, the theses examines Ruban continued fractions and presents an algorithm for determining whether the expansion is terminating, along with a derivation of the maximum number of algorithmic steps required. It also holds that if Ruban expansion is not terminating, then it is periodic. A detailed description of the periodicity, including its properties, is provided. Then the focus is shifted to Browkin continued fractions. It holds that every rational number has a finite Browkin continued fraction. This claim is subsequently proven. The theses concludes with examples that demonstrate the properties of both Ruban and Browkin continued fractions. 1

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