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Apartment house in Pacov
Tománek, Ladislav ; Průša, David (referee) ; Brzoň, Roman (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor´s thesis is to elaborate the documentation for the construction of the apartment house and terraced garages. The location of the designed building is in Sídliště Míru street, in the town of Pacov. The apartment house has three above-ground floors and one underground floor. Fourteen housing units are designed in the above-ground floors, while the underground floor consists of a technical background of the house and a cellar units. On the plot area, there are also designed open-air parking spaces and a children's playground. The apartment house is based on on strip foundations. The structural system of a building is designed from walls with monolithic reinforced concrete ceilings. The load-bearing walls of the above-ground floors are designed from HELUZ ceramic blocks and the load-bearing walls of the underground floor are solved by permanent formwork. The building is isolated with an external contact insulation system, internationally referred to as ETICS. The roof is designed as warm flat roof. Terraced garages are designed as two separate buildings, each with seven garage spaces. Load-bearing and partition walls will be made of HELUZ ceramic blocks. The foundation will be based on foundation strips and roofing with warm flat roof.
Apartment building with café
Šubová, Adriana ; Průša, David (referee) ; Brzoň, Roman (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is the elaboration of documentation for the construction of an apartment building in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. It is a detached object on a slightly sloping terrain. The apartment building is designed as a classic brick building with five floors and flat roof. The building has twelve flat units, a café, home furnishings and technical facilities.
Multifunctional house in Jablonec nad Nisou
Klinke, Jakub ; Průša, David (referee) ; Štěpánek, Ladislav (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor thesis is the design of a multifunctional apartment building with large flats and the elaboration of construction documentation. The building is situated in a quiet location of the statutory city of Jablonec nad Nisou in a nearby distance from the dam, which is used for rest and recreation. The surrounding development consists of apartment buildings from the beginning of the last century with a height of three to four floors. The building itself is detached with four floors and one basement. On the first floor there is an establishment intended for administrative use. The first floor also contains a barrier-free apartment and a barrier-free entrance to the building. On the level of the first floor, there is also a car park with barrier-free access to the building. There are always 2 apartments on the other floors. The basement is designed as a technical floor and there are also cellars belonging to the apartments.
Building budgeting as part of building information modeling (BIM)
Průša, David ; Hanák, Michal (referee) ; Tichá, Alena (advisor)
The main aim of this task deals with analysis of the possibility of valuing building budgets in the building information model (BIM). The work is divided into two parts. The first, research part, presents the necessary definitions and concepts, such as definitions of BIM, LOD, CDE, which are needed for working with (BIM) software. The second, practical part, analyses possible ways to determine building budgets using the building information model on one building, which was modeled in the student version of Graphisoft ArchiCAD 24.
Detached house with business premises
Češka, Ondřej ; Průša, David (referee) ; Sukopová, Dáša (advisor)
The aim of my bachelor thesis is to design and elaborate project documentation for building of a family house with a design office. The building of the family house is located in the cadastral area of Mikulovice near Pardubice. It is a two-storey, partly basement detached house, which corresponds to the conditions of operation of the building. The family house is designed for a family of four. On the 1st floor there is a WC + bathroom with a technical room and a gym. On the 1st floor there is a design office, which is intended for the homeowner, then a kitchen, a living room, a guest room with its own dressing room, a workshop connected with the garage. On the 2nd floor there is a living area consisting of three rooms and a studio. The structural system of the building is designed from the POROTHERM system with an external contact insulation system ISOVER GREYWALL with a thickness of 120 mm. Vertical load-bearing peripheral structures of 1st floor, 1st floor and 2nd floor will be made of POROTHERM 30 P + D. The inner bearing walls are made of POROTHERM 30 P + D and POROTHERM 19 AKU and POROTHERM 11,5 PROFI are used for non-bearing masonry. The exterior plaster is a CEMIX FLEXI thin-film, water-repellent, fluted with 2 mm grain in light gray. The staircase is designed with reinforced concrete monolithic. The horizontal load-bearing structures consist of the ceramic-concrete system POROTHERM (beams Pot and inserts Miako) th. 250 mm. The roof is gabled with TONDACH Hranice 11 roofing in black. Doors and windows are designed in gray and white, garage doors are designed in gray. Floor coverings are designed taking into account the use of individual rooms, namely ceramic tiles and laminate flooring. The main goal of my work was to solve the disposition for the given purpose, ie to design a suitable construction system and to draw up the drawing documentation including the text part. The bachelor thesis is processed in the form of project documentation for construction.
Apartment building
Sedlačík, Martin ; Průša, David (referee) ; Brukner, Bohuslav (advisor)
The goal of bachelor thesis is to design and develop project documentation for a new apartment building with almost zero energy consumption for construction. The apartment building is located in Sady part of the town Uherské Hradiště. It is a five-storey building with an underground garage. A total of 14 apartments with balconies with a view on a part of Uherské Hradiště are designed in the building. The bearing masonry will be made up of cut clay brick blocks on which cast-in-place reinforced concrete floor will be placed. The building will be insulated with ETICS system. Facade colors will be in shades of gray and blue. The building will have an elevator and reinforced concrete staircase.
Verification of the process of measurement of thermal conductivity and heat capacity of building materials using the hot-wire method
Průša, David ; Šot, František (referee) ; Šťastník, Stanislav (advisor)
This aim of task deals with the study of heat dissipation mechanisms and description of physical phenomena accompanying non-stationary measurements by hot wire method. Particular attention is given to the coefficient of thermal conductivity and it´s dependence on temperature, humidity, density and porosity. These principles are used to design a simple non-stationary device based on regular heating process and deals with measuring of thermal conductivity and thermal capacity by hot wire method. In the second part are presented previous knowledge and enlargement on new principles of measuring thermal conductivity and thermal capacity.
Apartment building
Veselý, Karel ; Průša, David (referee) ; Brukner, Bohuslav (advisor)
The subject of this Bachelor thesis is a project documentation for construction of the building of the apartment house in Humpolec. The building is designed for housing, it has five overground storeys and a basement, with a lift. It contains seventeen dwelling units with access to the balcony and a possibility of own parking right in the building. The basement is largely made up of parking space – one collective garage with nineteen parking spots. The remaining part of the underground floor is made up of corridor, air conditioning engine room, room with electricity meters, room with cellars, utility room and cleaning room. On the other floors there are a total of seventeen housing units with layouts of 1+kk, 2+kk, 3+kk a 4+kk. The apartment building is based on reinforced concrete foundation strips. The vertical load-bearing structures are designed from ceramic blocks, in the basement from monolithic reinforced concrete are insulated with the contact thermal insulation system according to ETICS. The ceiling structures are monolithic reinforced concrete slabs, only above the apartment on the 5th floor, the load-bearing part of the ceiling is solved using wooden beams. Stairway is solved as reinforced concrete precast. The building is covered by flat monolayer roof.
Identification of Thermal Conductivity and Thermal Capacity of Building Materials by the "Hot Wire Method"
Průša, David ; Čermák,, Jan (referee) ; Šťastník, Stanislav (advisor)
This aim of task deals with study of heat dissipation mechanisms and the description of physical phenomena, which is accompanied by non-stationary measurement of thermal characteristics by the method "hot-wire method". In particular, we observe the coefficient of thermal conductivity and its dependence on various variables such as the temperature of the measured sample, its moisture state, the volume of the sample and its porosity. The above mentioned findings are used for the invention of the measuring device of a nonstationary gauge, which is based on regular heating and is dedicated to measuring the thermal conductivity coefficient and the heat capacity by the "hot-wire method" method. In the last part of the thesis is verified functionality of the proposed measuring device, the suitability of the created algorithm for the processing of the measured data and the evaluation of the results was verified. The reproducibility of the measurements was verified and the measured results were compared with the measurement methods, which are commonly used. the influence of humidity on the coefficient of thermal conductivity.
Apartment building in Vlašim
Maršoun, Jiří ; Průša, David (referee) ; Brzoň, Roman (advisor)
This Bachelor’s thesis elaborates the project documentation for the construction of an apartment building in Vlašim, located in the Central Bohemian region. It’s about separated standing basement object. Apartment building has one basement and three above-ground floors, where is eight apartment units in total, from which one is designed for people with movement disabilities. The object is based on RC foundation slab. Design of a vertical structure is from limestone blocks with thermal insulation ETICS from expanded polystyrene. Horizontal load-bearing structures are designed as cast-in-place reinforced slabs. The building is roofed with a warm flat roof.

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