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Improving Indoor Air Quality of Libraries and Archives in Order to Significantly Reduce the Degradation of Library and Archival Materials
Součková, M. ; Vávrová, P. ; Novotný, J. ; Dřevíkovská, J. ; Paulusová, H. ; Bartl, B. ; Bartlová, L. ; Bacílková, B. ; Straka, R. ; Ďurovič, M. ; Mašková, Ludmila ; Smolík, Jiří
The aim of the preservation procedure is to improve the indoor air quality in libraries and archives in order to maximally slowed the degradation process of library and archival materials. After identification the degradation risks and determination the indoor air quality will be suggested means for improvement of the indoor air quality, which will limit the degradation of stored library and archive materials.
The Effect of Dust Particles on Cellulose Degradation.
Bartl, B. ; Mašková, Ludmila ; Paulusová, H. ; Smolík, Jiří ; Bartlová, L. ; Vodička, Petr
This study focused on the changes in properties of cellulose-based paper Whatman 41, which can take place as a consequence of its contamination by dust particles. The chemical composition and size distribution of dust particles from archival repositories were analysed. After the artificial ageing, the viscosity-average degree of polymerization of cellulose DPv was measured. It was confirmed that cellulose-based paper can undergo substantial changes when contaminated by dust particles and artificially aged. The decrease of the DPv of cellulose showed a negative correlation with the deposited mass of sulfate ions in the dust particles. Considering the particle size fraction, the results suggest the decisive importance of the fine (PM1) particles. \n\n
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The Methodology of Evaluation of Air Quality Effect on Library and Archival Collections
Mašková, Ludmila ; Smolík, Jiří ; Ondráček, Jakub ; Součková, M. ; Paulusová, H. ; Bartl, B. ; Benešová, M. ; Ďurovič, M.
The aim of the project was a development of evaluation method for indoor air quality in libraries and archives, targeted at reduction of damages on archival collections caused by adverse effects of environment. The project included indoor/outdoor monitoring of particulate matter and gaseous pollutants at four libraries and archives representing different outdoor environments: Zlatá Koruna (rural area), Třeboň (small town), Teplice (industrial area), and Prague (large city). The adverse effects of deteriorated environment were studied by comparison of identical incunabules from these locations. Parallel to field studies the deterioration of paper caused by deposited dust particles was studied at laboratory conditions. In addition different methods of mechanical cleaning of paper were tested. Based on the results precautions reducing the adverse effects of outdoor air pollution were developed.
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1 Paulusová, Hana
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