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Laser welding with beam oscillation
Šebestová, Hana ; Horník, Petr ; Novotný, Jan ; Mrňa, Libor
Laser welding with beam oscillation (wobbling) usually leads to the reduction of penetration depth caused by transition from keyhole to conduction mode welding. Based on the distribution of power density in transversal direction (within the oscillation diameter), the approximate shape of weld cross-section can be predicted without the need to calculate heat conduction in the material. Deep penetration can also be achieved when a suitable combination of oscillation mode and its parameters is applied.
Technology of laser welding with beam oscillation - principles and applications
Mrňa, Libor ; Horník, Petr ; Novotný, Jan ; Šebestová, Hana
Laser welding with beam oscillation (wobbling) extends the possibilities of custom laser welding. Two examples of its industrial applications are shown. Further, the effect of oscillation mode and its characteristics on distribution of laser power density was simulated and compared with experimental weld cross-sections.
Death and palliative care in pre-hospital care
The bachelor thesis entitled Death and Palliative Care in Pre-hospital Care reports on the interaction of death per se, but also deaths of patients in the care of paramedics. Furthermore, the thesis intersects the medical field called palliative care, which serves as an important agent in the care of patients in the terminal phase of their existence. The subject of death is a entirely timeless topic that has been, is, and always will be with us. Four research objectives were defined: namely to find out the attitude of the paramedic towards the dying of patients in pre-hospital care, to find out how paramedics cope with deaths of patients in pre-hospital care, to find out what communication techniques are used by paramedics with dying patients and their relatives or with bystanders in pre-hospital care and the last research objective was to find out what knowledge paramedics have in palliative care during pre-hospital care. The first, theoretical part deals with the perception of death from the Middle Ages to the present, the discipline of Thanatology and its subgroups. The chapter touches on euthanasia and describes communication, palliative care and its specifics. The second, practical part used qualitative research by conducting semi-structured interviews to gather in-depth data. The interview was conducted with paramedics belonging to the regional centre of Jindřichův Hradec. With the help of open coding and subsequent categorization, the data was analyzed and interpreted using the "show one's cards" technique. According to the analysis, all paramedics perceived death as an inevitable, natural fact, with this group divided by the fact of armouring themselves over their practice. Another finding projected the validity of debriefing as an appropriate factor after a mentally challenging ambulance despatch. Regarding communication, paramedics were not sure about the suitability of the methods used, which stems from the absence of the seminars in question. Awareness of the term palliative care was generally sufficient, but insufficient for the subsequent specification of the therapy. There has been an inconvenience in working with mobile hospice care, or pain alleviation, which is not officially defined and operates on a referral basis.
Projekce plánu společných zařízení v komplexní pozemkové úpravě ve zvolené lokalitě
The master's thesis focuses on the designing of the plan of common facilities in the complex land consolidation in the selected area. The theoretical part includes a research that defines the land treatments, the extent of survey works essential for the elaboration of the plan of common facilities and further, the description of the plan of common facilities itself. Practical part proposes appropriate anti-erosive measures that should protect the agricultural soil resources in the cadastral area Rájov. The designed mea-sures help to decrease the undesirable effects of water erosion and improve the conditi-ons of the nature and landscape in the area. The results of the suggested measures are elaborated in both textual and graphic form.
Technické a alternativní metody k šetrnému tlumení varoózy
Varroosis is a disease afflicting beehive on every continent except for Australia. Since 2000 the disease is known to be caused by the Varroa destructor mite. This thesis' first goal was to summarize information about this parasite and the methods limiting its impact. The second goal was to prepare and conduct a test verifying the effectiveness of the ultrasound method, which was carried out with the Varroa-Killer-Sound device. In order to enable the analysis, bee samples from two hives were chosen and those were then tested for the quantity of Varroa destructor females using the sugar shake method. The first sample group consisted of bees treated with the ultrasound method, the latter were control beehives, which were not experimentally treated. Furthermore, other factors were continually measured: temperature, relative humidity, and dew point of the external environment. The results of the research were analyzed by the STATISTICA 12 program.
The ruins of a medieval castle and modern technology
Novotný, Jakub
The topic of the paper is the relationship between torsional architecture and modern technologies. First, the Report assessing innovative restoration techniques, technologies and materials used in conservation is briefly presented, which provides an overview of the most used techniques, technologies and materials for the exploration and protection of this type of monuments. Furthermore, the paper provides an overview of the progress and results of the regional cooperation project Technological research of the Štamberk castle ruins in the wider context of the region with an emphasis on the use of modern technologies.
Modular control system
Novotný, Jan ; Benešl, Tomáš
This paper deals with design, realization and programming of modular control system for general purpose. Intended use in the application of micro power plant, where is needed a low price. With an industrial control system is easy to achieve a control result, but the costs is high. Embedded solution can be cheaper, but mass production and high knowledge of the system are required. Another difference is the size, because embedded solution can be like a black box, but PLC needs for functionality more devices. The main goal was to design modular control system and implement base program functionality for next testing and developing.
Hunger games: Discourses of the G7 New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition in Africa
Milerová Prášková, Dagmar ; Novotný, Josef (advisor) ; Daněk, Petr (referee) ; Profant, Tomáš (referee)
The New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition was launched in 2012 as the main G7 initiative to combat hunger in Africa. Its proclaimed objective was to facilitate cooperation between selected African countries and private sector companies by promoting pro-market reforms and investments in African agriculture. However, it quietly disappeared from public space around 2015, seven years before the end of its programming period. The New Alliance can thus be considered and analysed as a case of failed policy, which has not achieved its declared goals. In this thesis, I examine the discourses of this initiative in official documents of selected G7 countries, focusing on how this initiative was constructed and framed in the wider context of their approaches to global food security and hunger. The selection of the analysed countries (USA, France, and the UK) reflects their distinct positions on the New Alliance. This analysis is supplemented by discourse analysis of western and African civil society actors who took an active role either in a New Alliance project or the anti-New Alliance campaign. I assumed that examination and confrontation of different positions of these countries with respect to the New Alliance may uncover different conceptualisations of food security and hunger in Africa associated...
Media Conflicts in the Issue of Calamities in the Czech Forests
Minkovová, Beatriz ; Novotný, David Jan (advisor) ; Štoll, Martin (referee)
Forests form an integral part of both the natural and cultural wealth of the Czech Republic. Similar to other countries, these forests are also plagued by various calamities. Various actors comment on these calamities in the media, between whom conflict sometimes arises due to conflicting opinions, attitudes, interests or experiences. It is media conflicts in the issue of calamities in Czech forests that are the subject of this diploma thesis. The introduction is followed by a theoretical part presenting the main concepts of the work, which are forests and harmful agents that cause forest calamities. Since conflicts between actors often have a legal character, the theoretical part describes the legal regulation regarding forests in the Czech Republic. The next part is the methodological part, in which the research questions are defined, which consist in determining the main conflicts, groups of actors and the specification of forests and forest disasters. Quantitative content analysis was chosen to find the answers to the set research questions. The methodological part is followed by the practical part, in which the data is analyzed and the answers are explained. The results are then summarized in the conclusion of the work. Keywords forest, calamity, conflict, actors
Teorie relativity - jak na středoškolské úrovni rozvíjet její pochopení
Ryston, Matěj ; Dvořák, Leoš (advisor) ; Novotný, Jan (referee) ; Šlégr, Jiří (referee)
The goal of this doctoral thesis is to find and implement possible ways to facilitate secondary school students' understanding of relativity. The thesis starts with an overview of existing literature as well as ongoingstudies concerned with teachingrelativityto secondarystudents, especially in connection with possible misconceptions and other learning difficulties. Furthermore, it maps available book and internet sources on relativity in both Czech and English that students might use outside of school. A research of Czech curricular documents for upper secondaryeducationandan online surveyamonggymnasium physics teachers were used to assess the current situation of teaching relativity in these schools. Based on the mentioned research, it was decided to develop learning resources focused on General Relativity. Following an analysis of a selection of relativity textbooks on this topic, a study website for interested students as well as a teaching-learningsequence for teachers to adapt in their own teaching were developed. The development and assessment of these materials are described in detail.

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