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Appropriate restoration practices to preserve traces of stone working. The use of close-range photogrammetry to evaluate the suitability of restoration procedures
Cihla, Michal ; Frommeltová, E. ; Hodač, J. ; Kovářová, K. ; Pavelka, K. ; Panáček, M. ; Valach, Jaroslav
This preservation procedure is the result of the research project entitled „Building stone surface topography and its application in the field of stone features restoration“ No.DG20P02OVV021, supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. The aim of the preservation procedure was to verify the suitability and applicability of precise measuring methods in order to assess the degree of restoration intervention in the area of traces of stone surface working. The method of close-range photogrammetry was chosen as a tool to evaluate the changes in the topography of stone surfaces bearing traces of working.
Analysis of Exchange-Traded Funds Pricing Deviations and Tracking Errors: Evidence from U.S. Market
Panáček, Martin ; Polák, Petr (advisor) ; Baruník, Jozef (referee)
i Abstract In this thesis, we present an analysis of pricing deviations and tracking errors of ETFs with regard to their focus. We deploy several panel data models estimated on a sample of 12 U.S. iShares ETFs divideded into three categories: broad market ETFs, dividend ETFs and sector specific ETFs and examine if the pricing deviations and tracking errors differs between the groups. We suggest, that dividend and sector specific ETFs tend to have bigger pricing deviations and tracking errors, however, we attribute it mainly to the higher expense ratios associated with them, rather than because of their focus. JEL Classification G10, G15, G23 Keywords Exchange-Traded Funds, Pricing Deviations, Tracking Errors Title Analysis of Exchange-Traded Funds Pricing De- viations and Tracking Errors: Evidence from U.S. Market Author's e-mail Supervisor's e-mail
Presentations for tourists of old timber roofs in historic towns
Bláha, Jiří ; Panáček, M.
The present state of knowledge and documentation of historical roof trusses in Czech towns. An overview of the educational and leisure orientated activities of the last decades. Creating the concept of enhancing the historical towns as tourist attractions with the addition of tours accessing historical timber roofs and other significant artefacts of structural history situated in related attic spaces. It is a by-product of long-term research activities focused on building heritage identification and preservation, manifestations of regional cultural diversity and the transfer of historical technological innovations in Europe. Improvement of awareness for both professionals and the general public of traditional building carpentry, construction development and their manifestation in the urban environment. The first experiences of the realization of the tour route “Under the Roofs of the Cheb Houses” which was established in 2017.
Investing in technology companies
Panáček, Martin ; Musílek, Petr (advisor) ; Fleischmann, Luboš (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on the issue of investing in information technology companies solely on the American capital market. It is divided into two parts. The first part deals with the private market. It compares the situation with the financial bubble in 2000 and with recent developments. It describes the current situation from a legal and financial point of view. It works with the term "Unicorn" for companies with valuations exceeding $ 1 billion. The second part focuses on the stock market and describes the change in the market capitalization of technology companies in relation to fundaments that are created in the private market. The diploma thesis is suitable for investors who want to invest in this type of companies, but they do not have access to the private market and therefore their only investment option is with the entry of the technology company into the stock market. The author's contribution lies in describing the current situation in the technology companies market.
Repair of the parapet walk with battlements made from sandstone ashlar masonry with the regard to its visual authenticity and historic values – implemented sample procedure
Bláha, Jiří ; Kovářová, K. ; Buzek, Jaroslav ; Panáček, M. ; Cihla, M. ; Rafl, T. ; Hejný, L. ; Rybařík, V. ; Chamra, S. ; Schröfel, J.
The multidisciplinary criteria for selecting, preparation and processing of a replacement stone for ashlar masonry were implemented in restoration and conservation of the Castle of Kost battlements – one of the most authentically survived medieval fortification monuments in the Czech Republic. Detailed description of undertaken surveys, preparation and interventions carried out within the repair process.
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Plný tet: 0453124_2016_Blaha_et_al_Setrna_obnova_stredovekeho_hradebniho_zdiva_z_opracovanych_piskovcovych_kvadru_PP_NAKI20-OPK - Download fulltextPDF
Criteria for selecting, preparation and processing of a replacement stone for ashlar masonry restoration – sedimentary rocks
Bláha, Jiří ; Kovářová, K. ; Buzek, Jaroslav ; Panáček, M. ; Cihla, M. ; Rafl, T. ; Hejný, L. ; Rybařík, V. ; Chamra, S. ; Schröfel, J.
Geologists, structural engineers, construction historians, conservationists and restorers formulated their views on the relevant intensity of interventions, the replacement stone quality and also the parameters of processing by craftsmen. Methodical guidelines define the necessary level of adequate historical, technological and structural surveys and, subsequently, propose an optimal procedure for laboratory tests and for the following repair processes of a particular structure.
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Plný tet: 0453121_2016_Blaha_et_al_Kriteria_pro_vyber_pripravu_a_opracovani_nahradniho_kamene_urceneho_pro_opravy_kvadroveho_zdiva_CM_NAKI20-OKZ - Download fulltextPDF
Desing and production of specialized lime binders for restoration of monuments using historical technologies
Válek, Jan ; Matas, Tomáš ; Jiroušek, Josef ; van Halem, Eveline ; Hauková, Petra ; Frankeová, Dita ; Frankl, Jiří ; Tomanová, Olga ; Panáček, Michal
The methodological guideline supports the use of traditional lime materials for repair of historical buildings. It describes the main steps to be carried out when it is required to use a traditional lime mortar. The guideline provides an overview of the circumstances for using traditional technologies which are applied in the design and selection of lime binder and its treatment. It specifies essential procedures and principles that determine traditional production and processing of lime and recommends specific procedures for the lime processing and mortar production. The guideline is intended for architects, building engineers, cultural heritage conservators, conservation scientists, technologists, restorers and practitioners.
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Plný tet: 0453847_2015_Valek_et_al_Navrh_a_vyroba_specializovanych_vapennych_pojiv_pro_obnovu_pamatek_s_vyuzitim_historickych_technologii_CM_010 - Download fulltextPDF

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