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Reconstruction of the Renaissance sand-coloured sgraffito based on the material copy
Válek, Jan ; Skružná, Olga ; Kozlovcev, Petr ; Waisserová, J. ; Wichterlová, Z. ; Jiroušek, Josef
The aim of the method is to provide a methodical design for the preparation of sand made sgraffito mortar and show its use on a specific example.
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Desing and production of specialized lime binders for restoration of monuments using historical technologies
Válek, Jan ; Matas, Tomáš ; Jiroušek, Josef ; van Halem, Eveline ; Hauková, Petra ; Frankeová, Dita ; Frankl, Jiří ; Tomanová, Olga ; Panáček, Michal
The methodological guideline supports the use of traditional lime materials for repair of historical buildings. It describes the main steps to be carried out when it is required to use a traditional lime mortar. The guideline provides an overview of the circumstances for using traditional technologies which are applied in the design and selection of lime binder and its treatment. It specifies essential procedures and principles that determine traditional production and processing of lime and recommends specific procedures for the lime processing and mortar production. The guideline is intended for architects, building engineers, cultural heritage conservators, conservation scientists, technologists, restorers and practitioners.
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Experimental lime kiln for small scale production of lime binders
Válek, Jan ; Matas, Tomáš ; Jiroušek, Josef
A small scale lime kiln was designed and built in order to evaluate production of historic lime binders. The kiln does not copy any specific historic model. It is designed to simulate variety of “traditional” lime calcination procedures. The construction of the kiln is presented in details. The prototype is equipped with sensors and the burning process is monitored by a set of thermocouples in three levels, air flow on the air inlet and composition of emissions (CO, CO2 and O2). The obtained data are used for assessment of the whole burning process and its optimisation.
Assessment of lump lime burned in "traditional" lime kiln
Válek, Jan ; Matas, Tomáš ; Jiroušek, Josef ; Machová, Dita ; Petráňová, Veronika ; Frankeová, Dita
Laboratory assessment of samples of burned lime produced in small experimental lime kiln in a traditional way. The samples were compared based on pore structure determined by MIP, surface area (BET), specific and bulk density (gas pycnometry) and composition determined by thermal analysis. In addition standard reactivity test was carried out and the samples were qualitatively described in SEM.
Experimental study of traditional lime binders
Matas, Tomáš ; Válek, Jan ; Jiroušek, Josef
Prototype of a lime kiln has been developed in order to replicate production of selected lime binders used in the past. Experimental study deals with quality of lime putty and the influence of calcination on its quality. Standardised test are used along with specially designed experimental tests for the description of the products.

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