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The issue of life paths of bohemian youth
Karasaridu, Klára ; Oravcová, Anna (advisor) ; Orcígr, Václav (referee)
luence of the socialist revolution on the population's thinking, and the possibility of rebellion materialism and of the consumerist life of today's young people. An apparent influence on this of the society, and don't intend to change anything about this position. These elements have
The Role of Marijuana Use by People with a Physical Disability
Müllerová, Petra ; Oravcová, Anna (advisor) ; Kawulok, Josef (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the role of marijuana use by people with a physical disability. Research suggests that marijuana may not only serve for recreational purposes, and its use can provide significant relief to the physically disabled, such as relaxing muscles during spasms. This topic is an integral part of the discussion on the medical use of marijuana and its legalization as such, which the author considers as still up to date. The aim of this thesis is first the theoretical introduction to the examined topic by the mapping method - distinction among marijuana species, specification of the studied group of people as marijuana users and at the same time physically disabled, describing the therapeutic effects of cannabis and outlining the current legal position in the Czech Republic and a number of other states. In the practical part, the semi-structured interview method was used for the research, which focuses on the reasons of the use of marijuana by the respondent, the role of his family and the environment in the intensity of marijuana use, and on the potential importance of legalisation marijuana for the respondent. The thesis provides a basic insight into the use of marijuana, knowledge on the positive effects of marijuana use by physically handicapped people, the relatively low...
The Construction of Authenticity on the Czech Drum and Bass Scene from the Perspective of Its Creators
Valášková, Johanka ; Oravcová, Anna (advisor) ; Samec, Tomáš (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the construction of authenticity of the Czech Drum and bass scene. The thesis focuses on its creators - DJs, producers and managers of Drum and bass events. The research is supported by cultural studies theories, which describe different aspects of the perception of authenticity. Following chapters focus on the development of electronic music and Drum and bass style in particular. The practical part begins with the description of qualitative research, within which five semi-structured interviews have been conducted. The main goal this thesis is to look at the perceptions of authenticity within the Czech Drum and bass scene (its creators as well as the audience), and outside the scene (relationships between Drum and bass scene and the public).
Drum and Bass Connect us: the Characteristics of Drum and Bass Listeners Related to this Genre
Krátký, Vojtěch ; Oravcová, Anna (advisor) ; Mitrenga, David (referee)
(in English) This bachelor's degree focuses on the characteristics of listeners of the music genre Drum and Bass (DnB). The main method of research were semi-structured interviews with respondents in the form of qualitative research and participant observation. The respondents are long-term DnB listeners, the participant observation took place in clubs and festivals focusing on Drum and Bass throughout 2018. Drum and Bass is originally a British music genre that has existed in the Czech Republic for many years now. This bachelor's degree focuses mainly on the long-term listeners perception of Drum and Bass, the role Drum and Bass has in their personal and social lives, the relationships they have with other listeners and the transformation of this genre during their active research. The listeners are a diverse group that do not form a subculture, but do share similar characteristics and views about contemporary Drum and Bass and are also interested in actively engaging in DnB as DJ's.
Analysis of Gender Unconventional Characters in Japanese Anime and Manga
Pleskačová, Valérie ; Hájek, Martin (advisor) ; Oravcová, Anna (referee)
In this thesis, I analyse gender unconventional characters of Japanese manga and anime. The topic is based on my long-lasting interest in this type of pop culture. Manga and anime, on which I build my research, were written in late 90' by Masashi Kishimoto and become the most popular manga of millennium. I use qualitative method through analysing documents, which are written parts of manga and video records of series Naruto/Naruto Shippuuden. I choose fifteen characters based on their gender roles and identities from these series. Next, I analyse every single character by constructing system of categories, based on which I connect categories to attributes of masculinity and femininity. To anchor my research, I use thesis and works, which are focused on gender in manga and anime and gender stereotypes applied in west cultures, which are written for example by Ann Oakley, Sandra Bem or Deborah Cameron. Object of research is to find out, if there are any regularities in making gender of each character, or if it is just a chaos, which has no measurable background. The conclusion of the thesis will be devoted to the limits of work and to future research of manga and anime.
Rituals as Elements of Control in Regular Marijuana use
Krechlerová, Alžběta ; Morávek, Jan (advisor) ; Oravcová, Anna (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the use of controlled drugs. It focuses on marijuana users and their rituals, which present an element of control. The theoretical part summarizes basic information about marijuana including the nature, effects and risks associated with its use. There is also explained the theory of controlled drug use, major works and authors who have studied this phenomenon and the meaning of the word "ritual". The next section describes my qualitative research and basic research questions. The last section is devoted to the analysis of semi-structured interviews. The analysis explains areas of life that affect the respondents' control, the differences between the ways of use marijuana and a description of the customs and rituals of its users. It also discusses the meanings that users attach to the drug, which in turn influence their rituals. It also provides knowledge about the importance of structure of living.
Czech Hip Hop Subculture: Construction of Authenticity in Czech Rap Music
Oravcová, Anna ; Kolářová, Marta (advisor) ; Heřmanský, Martin (referee) ; Vašát, Petr (referee)
Bibliografický záznam ORAVCOVÁ, Anna. Česká hiphopová subkultura: konstrukce autenticity v českém rapu. Praha, 2019. 171 s. Dizertační práce (Ph.D.) Univerzita Karlova, Fakulta sociálních věd, Institut sociologických studií. Katedra sociologie. Školitelka: PhDr. Marta Kolářová, Ph.D. Abstract The dissertation focuses on the construction of authenticity in Czech rap music. It seeks to explore attributes based on which one can define a certain rap expression as the "real" one. The theoretical part includes the definition of the term subculture, main attributes of hip hop (sub)culture, and the definition of authenticity, the key concept of the dissertation. In dialogue with the findings of the hip hop studies of Western countries, this dissertation looks at the authenticity claims expressed in Czech rap music and the context and situations in which the question of authenticity of Czech rappers becomes important. The empirical part of the dissertation is based on the perspective of the insider research using a combination of qualitative methods: (1) semi structured interviews with twenty rappers (one of them female); (2) qualitative content analysis of selected rap lyrics; and (3) participant observation at different hip hop events. The research took place between 2010 and 2016. The research shows that Czech...

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