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The comparison of nuclear power image in media before and after Fukushima Daiici nuclear disaster.
Špátová, Veronika ; Novák, Arnošt (advisor) ; Hladík, Radim (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the changes in the media image of nuclear power in Ceska Televize, which is the only public television in Czech Republic. The study uses a quantitative research method, content analysis, to find out the changes of nuclear power representation in media and to compare changes of news construction mechanisms in the period of two years - one year before and one year after the Japanese nuclear power plant Fukushima Daiichi disaster. The accident started on 11th March 2011 and there is a short description of the situation in Japan at the beginning of the thesis. The theoretical part of thesis serves as an overview of basic information on principles of the media studies theory and mechanisms of news construction (work with information sources, the news value concept, agenda setting, the framing concept), which is also shown from the environmental point of view. The study also focuses on the nuclear power image in the socio-political field and there are some more information about the nuclear power development and status in Czech Republic. The analytical part of thesis examines the media attention to nuclear power, which was developed in the analysed period. The usage of mechanisms of news construction and the changes in nuclear power image in the news of Ceska Televize...
Ecological modernization theory - facts and context. Historical perspective, conditions and limits of the neoliberal sustainability concept
Oharková, Alena ; Novák, Arnošt (advisor) ; Lapka, Miloslav (referee)
Ecological modernization theory - facts and context. Historical perspective, conditions and limits of the neoliberal sustainability koncept Annotation: This diploma thesis deals with the synthesis of ideas of ecological modernization theory, which has been developing since the 80's of the 20th century particularly in Western Europe. The ecological modernization theory wants to explain, interpret and propose environmental reforms in conjunction with continued economical growth, industrial development and globalization. The ecological modernization theory argues that a continuous industrial development does not lead inevitably to environmental degradation, but rather provides the best possible way out of the environmental crisis. Although the ecological modernization theory is a relatively young concept, during the first thirty years of its existence has greatly expanded and diversified, gained countless supporters and opponents, provoked a number of debates and inspired many empirical studies. This development, however, has led not only to new findings but also resulted in a dilution of the ecological modernization theory, which thereby has become confusing, vague and inconsistent. This thesis attempts to give a framework to the ecological modernization theory to specify not only its main ideas and goals,...
Representation of nuclear power in media in the period before and after the accident in Fukušima
Podzemná, Lucie ; Novák, Arnošt (advisor) ; Hájek, Roman (referee)
"Representation of nuclear energy in media in the period before and after the accident in Fukushima" This master's thesis examines media representation of nuclear energy within one year before and one year after the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster. The sample of news was selected from the print edition of the two main Czech dailies - MF Dnes and Právo. The method used in the thesis is content analysis. In the first part, some of the main theories of media studies (agenda setting, stereotypes, framing, and moral panic) and mechanisms which single news are constructed by (news values, access to news, primary defining, and gatekeeping) are introduced. In the second part, shift in both the focus of the media on the issue of nuclear energy and utilizing of the selected mechanisms of construction of the news is examined. In conclusion, the thesis identifies how the representation of the nuclear energy is constructed in the above said dailies over the period given before and after the Fukushima nuclear disaster.
Representation of the problem of climate change in the print media
Trunečková, Daniela ; Novák, Arnošt (advisor) ; Hájek, Roman (referee)
This diploma thesis on Representation of the problem of climate change in the print media is a content analysis of Czech quality daily newspapers, namely Hospodářské noviny, Lidové noviny, Mladá fronta DNES and Právo. It deals with the way the selected daily newspapers presented debate on global climate change in 2013-2014. The theoretical part informs readers about the basic concepts and definitions and introduces them to the problem. The empirical part answers the question of whether the media coverage of global climate change in Czech quality daily newspapers is consistent with scientific findings of the international climate discourse represented by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) or whether it relies equally on opinions of the small group of so called climate skeptics who question the general consensus of the scientific comunity regarding the causes and consequences of climate change or the need of adequate measures. The results of research indicated that most of analyzed articles informed about climate change the same way as the main climatological research. The largest number of skeptical articles appeared in Lidové noviny. A considerable number of articles didn't comment on the causes of climate change, their seriousness or decisions regarding action.
"Activists Still Hanging from Branches": The Media Image of Environmental Activists. A Case Study of anti-logging protests in Šumava National Park in 1999 and 2011
Vamberová, Pavla ; Novák, Arnošt (advisor) ; Hladík, Radim (referee)
This diploma theses attempts to find answers to the question: How does the media represent environmental activists? Using the anti-logging protests in Šumava National Park that resulted in blockades in 1999 and 2011 as an example. The author tries to capture the background of the affair, and the view of Czech society towards environmental activists, which is significantly influenced by the media. The analytical part combines qualitative and quantitative research methods based on content analysis of two selected daily news sources (Mladá fronta Dnes and Právo). Emphasis is given to the dynamics of the affair, which is why longer time periods are analyzed, comprising one year before and two years after each blockade. Key words: Šumava, media, environmental activists, blockade, content analysis

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