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Aberrant behavior, opioids and pain
Jirásková, Michaela ; Raudenská, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Neugebauer, Jan (referee)
UNIVERZITA KARLOVA 2. LÉKAŘSKÁ FAKULTA Ústav ošetřovatelství Michaela Jirásková Aberantní chování, opioidy a bolest Bakalářská práce Praha 2023 ABSTRACT Background: Objectives: The aim is to determine the frequency of risk of aberrant behavior based on screening and the actual incidence of aberrant the group of patients with chronic pain without opioid treatment. Methods: 30 patients with chronic non-cancer pain not using opioid analgesics and 30 patients with chronic non-cancer pain using opioid analgesics hospitalized at the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, 2nd Faculty of Medicine Charles University and Motol University Hospital. Patients were presented with the following tests in paper form: Structured Interview, ORT, ET, COMM, SOAP-R, CADE AID. Respondents signed an informed consent form based on EC approval. The study was approved by the EC. Results: For socio-demographic and clinical variables, we used chi-square testing for statistical significance as appropriate and concluded that there was a statistically significant difference between the opioid analgesic user group and the non-user group. When examining the effect of sociodemographic variables on quality of life in patients with chronic non-cancer pain compared to the effect of sociodemographic variables on the group of patients without...
Fear and procedural pain in COVID - 19 vaccination in adult nursing
Rotreklová, Anežka ; Raudenská, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Neugebauer, Jan (referee)
Background: The bachelor thesis deals with the fear and procedural pain accompanying vaccination within the framework of the vaccination against sars-CoV-2 virus in the pandemic starting in 2020 in the Czech Republic. Objectives: This quantitative study aims to map fear and procedural pain before and after all doses of COVID-19 vaccination, regardless of vaccine, in a demographic sample of 100-200 nurses aged 18-100 years. Furthermore, to place the intensity of fear and pain in the context of sociodemographic data and to suggest possible non- pharmacological or psychological approaches to reduce these feelings in relation to the COVID-19 vaccination Methods: .... nurse respondents who met inclusion criteria participated in the study. These included both healthy individuals and those with chronic illness or pain. High school or college degree attained in nursing education with years of nursing experience, demographic data, and diagnosis of psychiatric illness with a focus on anxiety and unreasonable fear in the physician were collected. The anamnestic questionnaire also included the types of vaccines within each dose and the dates on which vaccinations were given. The Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) and the Adult Faces Anxiety Scale were used to assess fear and pain before and after administration of...
Využití hodnotících a měřících nástrojů pro hodnocení potřeb pacientů s tělesným znevýhodněním
Physical disadvantage is a debatable topic regarding terminology,variability,and specifics of care.In connection with this issue,we look at the whole concept in analyzing and satisfying current needs,which differ significantly depending on the type,extent, and reversibility of disadvantage.General needs tend to be constant,but in these patients,the spectrum of needs that have been modified or newly created in connection with the disadvantage is more significantly affected. For careful analysis, the nurses can use the evaluation and measurement tools,focusing on the problematic area(e.g., self-sufficiency or risk factors) or comprehensively on the level of disadvantage.Nurses in the Czech Republic use only instruments specifically evaluating each area separately.Implementing a comprehensive tool could contribute to the improvement of care for patients with physical disabilities in clinical practice.The dissertation aimed to analyze the available evaluation and measurement tools for evaluating patients with physical disabilities in nursing, map the care provided for these patients,and analyze problematic situations present in patients with physical disabilities during hospitalization.We use a mix of methods to process the work using the questionnaire survey technique and the Focus groups method. We create the questionnaire survey for two groups marked as A and B. Research group A had a representative character and consisted of nurses from all over the Czech Republic.Research group B consisted of patients with physical disabilities.Within the data collection, we create two different questionnaires - non-standardized for research set A with a focus on using evaluation tools,work with results,recommendations for practice,and the concept of physical disabilities.We also create a combination of a WHODAS 2.0 and further information focusing on the concept of own body and the quality of life for research set B.In clinical practice, the use of a general standardized tool,especially for fall risk assessment (Conley scale and Morse Fall Scale),pressure ulcer risk assessment (Braden scale and Norton scale),and self-sufficiency assessment (Barthel test,routine instrumental test).As part of the active search for the specific needs of the nurse, she also evaluates the area of activity,motivation, mobility,and nutrition.Respondents do not evaluate sexuality and spirituality adequately in clinical practice,and nurses state that these topics are still taboo and consider it a more suitable alternative for these domains to be provided by other specialists.For the field of assessment, they would welcome in their practice both tools for assessing the risk of pressure ulcers - Waterlow Scale,Knoll Scale or Shannon Scale;fall risk assessment tools - Morse Fall Scale,Conley Scale or Tinetti scale;tools for self-sufficiency evaluation - Barthel test, a test of everyday instrumental activities.In patients with physical disabilities,the most problematic domains currently are urinary incontinence,pain,and the psychological area,focusing on self-esteem and a sense of security and safety.Nurses would like to welcome a more comprehensive tool for assessing the issue of physical disadvantage for use in clinical practice,and they would also welcome educational courses in this area,which will help them understand this issue better.In clinical practice,respondents use standardized and non-standardized tools to evaluate patients with physical disabilities.The respondents would welcome many of the standardized tools in their practice and recommend them for use throughout the Czech Republic.Patients with physical disabilities often suffer from the risk of pressure ulcers,falls,the development of infections,mental health problems,and pain.As a recommendation for practice,we agree with the implementation of standardized tools into clinical practice.WHODAS 2.0 is well-suited for analyzing the level of disadvantage and points to disadvantaged areas.Furthermore,the nurse
Theory-guided design of novel Fe-Al-based superalloys
Friák, Martin ; Holec, D. ; Jirásková, Yvonna ; Palm, M. ; Stein, F. ; Janičkovič, D. ; Pizúrová, Naděžda ; Dymáček, Petr ; Dobeš, Ferdinand ; Šesták, Pavel ; Fikar, Jan ; Šremr, Jiří ; Nechvátal, Luděk ; Oweisová, S. ; Homola, V. ; Titov, Andrii ; Slávik, Ondrej ; Miháliková, Ivana ; Pavlů, Jana ; Buršíková, V. ; Neugebauer, J. ; Boutur, D. ; Lapusta, Y. ; Šob, Mojmír
Our modern industrialized society increasingly requires new structural materials\nfor high-temperature applications in automotive and energy-producing industrial\nsectors. Iron-aluminides are known to possess excellent oxidation and sulfidation\nresistance as well as sufficient strength at elevated temperatures. New Fe-Al-based\nmaterials will have to meet multiple casting, processing and operational criteria\nincluding high-temperature creep strength, oxidation resistance and room-temperature\nductility. Such desirable combination of materials properties can be achieved in multi-phase\nmulti-component superalloys with a specific type of microstructure (the matrix contains\ncoherent particles of a secondary phase - a superalloy microstructure). In order to design\nnew Fe-Al-based superalloys, we employ a state-ofthe-art theory-guided materials design\nconcept to identify suitable combinations of solutes.
Disability as a stigma, or on approach of nurses to persons with disability
The aim of the research is to find out the existence of prejudices about patients with handicap, to map caregivers' awareness of stigmatization, to identify the specific needs of handicap patients/clients and how they reflect on the nursing care. The notions of handicap, stigma, stigmatization, development of nursing care for handicapped patients, specification of nursing care, and importance of family members for nursing care are defined in the theoretical part. The practical part consists of the research, which was done by semi-structured interview. A pre-research was conducted before the research itself. In the pre-research, it was ascertain if the questions are understandable and the interviewees' answers are relevant. Ten nurses participated in the pre-research. Based on their remarks, the list of questions was updated and reworked. Thirteen representatives of nurses working in hospitals participated in the research. The selection of interviewees was deliberate and the only criterion for participation in the research was providing care for handicapped patients. Interviews were recorded and then transcribed in Microsoft Word. Individual answers were repeatedly read and then the parts related to the aims were highlighted in the text. All utterances were divided into groups according to the interviewees. After the realization of interviews and their transcription, the data was reduced, analysed, and divided into categories and subcategories. In some cases, there were similar subcategories, so they merged into superior category. The interviewees' awareness of stigmatization is not accurate and the caregivers' prejudices originate from mentally and socially handicapped. The undesirable factors, that affect nurses, are wrong communication, incorrect monitoring of specific needs, restricted or negative previous experience, and fear of the contagion of infectious disease that patients/clients can have. The interviewees state that after providing nursing care for the patients they suffer from higher amount of stress. We think, that understanding this problem can lead to the improvement of monitoring specific needs, avoiding complications, and more effective nursing care for handicapped patients/clients.
Qantum-mechanical study of structural stability of Ni4N allotropes
Hemzalová, P. ; Friák, Martin ; Šob, Mojmír ; Neugebauer, J.
Parameter-free density functional theory (DFT) calculations of Ni4N in eight crystallographic phases were performed using the pseudopotential approach implemented in the VASP code; the exchange-correlation energy was evaluated within the generalized gradient approximation (GGA). In agreement with experiments, the cubic structure with Pearson symbol cP5, space group Pm-3m (221), has been found to be the most stable. It is also the only thermodynamically stable structure at T=0 K with respect to decomposition into elemental Ni crystal and N2 gas phase. We determine structural, thermodynamic, electronic, magnetic and elastic properties of all eight Ni4N allotropes studied. The thermodynamic stability and bulk modulus is found to be anti-correlated. For the cubic allotropes, we predict a complete set of single-crystalline elastic constants, directional dependence of the single-crystalline Young modulus and homogenized polycrystalline elastic moduli.
Direct sales data tariffs of company JHComp, Ltd
Neugebauer, Josef ; Hajdíková, Taťána (advisor) ; Polanecká, Šárka (referee)
The thesis deals with direct sales and its use in small business. Specifically, the sales of Internet service of regional ISP. The aim of this work is to demonstrate that direct selling is the way how to obtain new customers for the company JHComp in a competitive market, the market where the company itself has been long time active. To this end, the project plans the sale and subsequently leads to implementing the plan. The theoretical part deals with the concept of "direct sale" within the meaning of "person to person", settles the concept into a spectrum of marketing tools, informs about the history and highlights the facts. It also deals with the theory of marketing plan design and implementation of a plan. The practical part finally results in the assessment of executed sales and the entire project as a contribution to the company. Further proposes the use in the future.
Investigating ground state of nickel nitrides NiN and Ni2N with the help of quantum-mechanical calculations
Elstnerová, P. ; Friák, Martin ; Šob, Mojmír ; Neugebauer, J.
We have employed quantum mechanical calculations to identify ground-state structures of nickel nitrides NiN and Ni2N for which experimental data are lacking. In total 19 crystalline phases have been calculated for which not only thermodynamic but also structural and selected elastic properties have been determined. Employing density functional theory (DFT) methods, the total energies were calculated by means of a pseudopotential approach implemented in the VASP code and selected states were benchmarked by the full-potential linearized augmented plane wave (FP-LAPW) method implemented in the WIEN2k code. For the exchange-correlation energy the generalized gradient approximation (GGA) has been used.
Internet Marketing - the effectiveness of PPC advertising campaigns
Neugebauer, Josef ; Kincl, Tomáš (advisor) ; Přibil, Jiří (referee)
The aim of bachelor thesis was to settle the theoretical concept of online advertising formats, among others, to distinguish different types of online advertising, and specifically to document the bases of PPC advertising. Then compare and define the current PPC systems. In the practical part of bachelor thesis describe how to create a simple PPC advertising campaigns, as well as commenting on the results achieved during the reporting period and evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns.

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