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Methodology of Long-Term Monitoring of Subjective Quality of Working Life in the Czech Republic
Vinopal, Jiří ; Pospíšilová, Kristýna
Methodology for the implementation of the subjective quality of working life indicator for long-term monitoring of the quality of working life in the Czech Republic. It includes a description of the theoretical and methodological bases, the development process, the methodological and technical rules for conducting the questionnaire investigation and data management, the rules for implementing the results into web applications and their use.\nThe 2020 update, based on empirical verification, specifies the possibility and rules for the transition of the data collection from the existing f2f (PAPI) to on-line (CAWI), respectively CATI or mixed mode data collection.
Opinion Leadership in the Era of Social Media
Mejzr, Vojtěch ; Lupač, Petr (advisor) ; Vinopal, Jiří (referee)
Vojtěch Mejzr - Opinion leadership in the era of social media Abstract (in English): The concepts of opinion leadership and personal influence in relation to media emerged around 1950s, in the era of mass media. Opinion leaders became a cornerstone for a magnitude of consequent studies, either as mediators of media influence, but also as providers of personal influence, able to incidentally affect the opinions or acting of the people around them. The traditional medial system upon which are the classic theories based, however, has undergone significant changes - changes, which blur the lines between its primary distinctions. The emergence of "new" media is connected to processes of convergence, affecting the media technologies, the content, the relationship between the media and time, space and individual experiences of everyday life, but most importantly, the relationship between the content producers and the audiences, which are no longer just consumers. Diffusion of the internet and furthermore the user-oriented Web 2.0 grants the users abilities to use the social media in order to participate in the selection, production, but also distribution and gatekeeping of content - functions that have been previously distinctively held by the producers and the media industry. In this study, I use theoretical...
Trends in Traditional Czech Cuisine
Janíčková, Klára ; Vinopal, Jiří (advisor) ; Richter, Eva (referee)
(english) Just like the whole society is going through modernization, culture and tradition is experiencing the very same modernization and it is being changed. Every culture contains food, it is a component of everyday life for all people. Food satisfies needs, it develops creativity, but it is as well part of socialization and interpersonal communication. The whole process of food purchase, food preparation and food consumption is interwoven by values and norms, learned stereotypes and social pressures. This bachelor's thesis works with content analysis and it reveals changes made in the presentation of recipes for czech traditional dishes, looking at the modernization of society, eating habits and gastronomic scene of the Czech Republic in culinary magazines printed for Czech public. These recipes are compared to traditional version from author Marie Janků- Sandtnerová. The content analysis showed that modern recipes are rich in ingredients and there are as well changes in terms of health and nutritional benefits. Key words: tradition; modernization; food; traditional kitchen; eating habits; eating trends; gastronomy
Erosive elements within the organization culture
Piloušková, Irena ; Buriánek, Jiří (advisor) ; Vinopal, Jiří (referee)
(in English) This thesis examines erosive elements (counterproductive behaviour or dishonesty) within the organization culture. The study is based on organization theories and criminology and also on studies on a same or similar topics not only from Czechia but also from foreign researches. The practical part of this study works with data file of Quality of life research (Štohanzlová, 2016), which includes the battery of thirteen erosive elements that were explored. The analysis of the occurrence, tolerance and unacceptability of these elements was conducted. Its context and influence on the perceived frequency of respondent's stress at work environment were analysed too. Connections with erosive elements were tested with basic socio-demographic variables and with sizes of organizations and it was often argued by industries in which respondents work. There were identified differences in an appearance and tolerance of observed phenomena. Based on the analysis was found that relationship problems at workplaces proved to be problematic: The relationship problems have significant influence on a frequency of perceived stress of respondents at work.
Data Quality in Smartphone-Based Online Surveys
Niklová, Olga ; Buriánek, Jiří (advisor) ; Vinopal, Jiří (referee)
This paper deals with online data collection via touchscreen smartphones. The aim of the work is to answer a question whether the data obtained via mobile phones is of comparable quality to the data obtained through other devices. The introduction describes the advantages as well as the challenges related to the collection of data using mobile phones based on the technical parameters of mobile phones. These specifics of mobile phones require the need to adapt questionnaires for data collection through mobile phones by optimizing questionnaire design, which is a key prerequisite for obtaining quality data through mobile phones. The text will cover the methods of optimization of the form and the visual design of questionnaire tools; and present their importance in terms quality of data. Subsequently, the discussion covers existing findings concerning the quality of data obtained through mobile phones based on quality of data indicators including measurement errors and non- response errors, concluding that the quality of data obtained through mobile phones, with the correct methods of optimization is comparable to data collected using other devices. The data analysis based on selected quality of data indicators confirms other findings up to date.
Equal Educational Opportunities in Czech Media Discourse
Spitzerová, Markéta ; Vinopal, Jiří (advisor) ; Sládek, Jan (referee)
The target of my thesis is to compare the way equal educational opportunities are depicted in media with subject matter experts' opinions, international surveys' results and public opinion on the possibility of achiving education corresponding to individual abilities. There is a discrepancy in their opinion. I analysed media discourse using both content analysis and contexts provided by media. The most frequently mentioned aspect in unequal acces to education is the social status influence on the achieved level of schooling. Despite that, even this aspect is mentioned in less than half of published contributions and it rarely deals with equal opportunitis in acces to universitary schooling. The media discuss unequal educational opportinities in relation to moral aspects, job market and quality of schools. Those who speak in favour of measures that foster equal educational opportunities as well as those who are not in accordance with them use these three contexts to defend their opinions although there is a different level of abstraction in their discourse. In the end, I arrive to the conclusion that public opinion is in a greater correspondence with media discourse which, according theory of agenda setting, makes it possible for the media to deform the reflection of equal educational opportunities....
Opinion instability
Vomáčka, Aleš ; Vinopal, Jiří (advisor) ; Linek, Lukáš (referee)
This thesis is concerned with the topic of opinion instability and is centred on three questions: Does opinion instability exists? How prevalent opinion instability is? What may be the cause of opinion instability? The thesis combines previous studies relevant for the topic and secondary analysis of several datasets. The conclusions of the thesis are that opinion instability is a real phenomenon, rather than an artefact of measurement. Furthermore, the prevalence of opinion instability depends for a large part in its operationalization, although it can be considered relatively common. The determinants of opinion instability are the topic proficiency and motivation, as well as the prevalence of the topic and consistency of frames.
Public Preferences for Environmental Policies and Behavioural Changes
Zvěřinová, Iva ; Vinopal, Jiří (advisor) ; Vávra, Jan (referee) ; Šauer, Petr (referee)
Iva Zvěřinová PhD Thesis Public Preferences for Environmental Policies and Behavioural Changes Abstract Environmental problems, such as climate change, are generally perceived as serious issues by the public in European countries. However, people tend to assign them a low policy priority and disagree with the introduction of some policy instruments, such as carbon tax. Few people also behave in an environmentally friendly way and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. What are the preferences of the inhabitants of several European countries regarding climate mitigation policies and behavioural changes? What makes these policies more acceptable for the public? Would people from these countries be willing to accept climate mitigation policies or behaviour, and if so, under what conditions? This thesis aims to answer these questions by applying a theoretical framework that integrates attitudes and perceptions with preferences. In the empirical part of the thesis, we analyse data from several questionnaire surveys on public responses to climate policies and climate-related behaviours in several European countries. The thesis contains four empirical studies focusing on: i. public preferences for climate mitigation policies; ii. public preferences for policy instruments to reduce GHG emissions; iii. consumers'...
Transformation of expected roles in post-modern society relationships
Římková, Karolína ; Vinopal, Jiří (advisor) ; Topinková, Renáta (referee)
(in English): This bachelor thesis pursues problematics of intimate relationships in context of postmodern period, which brought new forms of coexistence and partnership roles in relationship. Emphasis lay on increase of individualization in society and its effect. Key basics from theory are primarily from thougts of Zygmunt Bauman, Antony Giddens, which are going to be pursued in the first part of thesis. Theories relate to three main fields of researching dynamics roles partnership relationship and those are economical, intimate and working aspects. Second part pursues assumption authentication from theory based on ISSP data during yers 1994-2012. Additional source of data for men and women roles are data files CVVM. Klíčová slova (anglicky): Role, partnership, intimacy, individualization, Bauman
Ideal Customer Experience across generation
Frolíková, Štěpánka ; Vinopal, Jiří (advisor) ; Sieber, Martina (referee)
The thesis deals with differences in perception of customer experience between generations X, Y and Z. It focuses on how the representatives of generations represent the ideal course of the customer journey and how their expectations conflict with reality. The theoretical part summarizes the knowledge of generation issues and customer experience. The work deals with methods of measuring customer experience. The empirical part examines how customer experience changes based on the concept of X, Y and Z generations. The aim of this thesis is to show the differences between generations using in-depth interviews and mystery shopping. Research shows that generational differences in customer experience are not significant. However, the relationship with the bank as a financial institution manifests itself as different depending on the life stage of human life. Key words Ideal customer experience, generation, concept of generation X, Y, and Z, customer experience, in-depth interviews, mystery shopping

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