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Optimization of Energy Flow During WWTP Operation - Smart Area Net
Pěcha, Jiří ; Máša, Vítězslav (referee) ; Braciník,, Peter (referee) ; Mastný, Petr (advisor)
The dissertation work deals with the issue of water treatment and possibilities of energy savings during the operation of sewage treatment plants. The aim of the work is to find the potential of alternative energy use, economical consumption, improvement of the facility system management and quality improvement of the wastewater treatment process. In the first part of the work, operating processes, energy flows and energy savings are discussed. To analyze the problematics, larger sewage treatment plants were chosen. Thanks to their size, it was easier to find critical points and test the usage of renewable sources in operation. After the energy audit, the individual processes were assessed and real operation pitfalls were determined. Further steps led to focusing on smaller facilities up to 2 000 PE. This step was carried out with the intention of preparing these plants for the planned legislative change and helping to create or modernize more energy-efficient solutions. Thanks to the establishment of consortium of Brno University of Technology, the Department of Electric Power Engineering and a company dealing with water treatment and automation control, a solution was created that modernize the electrical, automation and water treatment part of the plant operation. This innovative application was installed in the sewage treatment plant, where the issues were debugged, control algorithms were tested and the entire operation was launched in automatic mode. At the end of the wastewater treatment plant modernization, PV panels were installed on the roof, thus partially suppling the object with renewable energy.
Future development of the energy base in the Czech Republic and the EU
Vojtaššák, Tomáš ; Radil, Lukáš (referee) ; Mastný, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the description of sources that participate in the energy mix of the Czech Republic, the description of the electricity system and the method of integration of sources into the transmission and distribution system. Furthermore, the factors that affect the future development of the energy base in the Czech Republic and the EU are presented, then there is an analysis of action plans and finally the resulting assumptions of the student.
Possibilities of Accumulation in Distribution Network
Žižlavský, Jakub ; Pěcha, Jiří (referee) ; Mastný, Petr (advisor)
The Bachelor thesis on the Possibilities of Accumulation in Distribution Network focuses on the distribution of electric energy storage types. Then the most suitable candidate for the application of the accumulation of electricity in the distribution network will be selected and further work will be conceived according to the choice.
Project Documentation of Electrical Wiring for Comercial Building
Vondráček, David ; Bátora, Branislav (referee) ; Mastný, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the creation of electrical documentation for a commercial building. It aims to introduce theoretical problems of electrical design in general and the processing of implementation project for a woodworking workshop. The theoretical part of the thesis is mainly devoted to important findings and normative requirements for high-current, low-current distributions, and a draft of external and internal lighting protection. The practical part of the thesis deals with the processing of the implementation project of electrical drawing and text parts for a woodworking workshop. The project documentation includes the preparation of a technical report, the determination of the protocol on external influences, a draft of socket and light circuits, including lighting calculation, complete lighting protection, and risk management, electronic fire system, and a draft of the main and the sub-switchboard of the building.
Operating diagnostics of PVP
Prášil, Kryštof ; Morávek, Jan (referee) ; Mastný, Petr (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of photovoltaic power plants, especially their operational diagnostics and how to perform this diagnostics. The introduction of the work explains the principle of function of PV cells and describes the procedure for manufacturing these cells. Furthermore, there are mentioned methods of manufacturing individual components for assembling a PV panel. The next part lists the individual components of the PV power plant and describes their function in the entire system. At the same time, the connection methods of the PV plant are described. In the third part, we look at possible defects that affect the performance of PV systems and reduce their economic profitability. We will explain the defects of both the entire PV power plant and the individual panels and components. The following chapter is focused on explanation of individual variables related to PV power plants and what these variables are about. The fifth chapter deals with the content of the standard ČSN EN 62446. The last chapter concerns the diagnostics of the PV system itself, practical tests and evaluation of the results of these tests.
LOCA Energy Performance Study for Simulation of Heavy Accident at NPP
Zemčíková, Kristína ; Andrle,, Karel (referee) ; Mastný, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis studies the energy performance of the LOCA device used for the simulation of accidents at nuclear power plants, which can be found at the CV Řež research centre. LOCA stands for Loss of Coolant Accident, which is kind of serious accident that may occur at NPPs. During the accident, the coolant is assumed to be leaking due to a fissure in one of the main pipes. The unique LOCA device at the research centre simulates this accident and is used for testing important components utilised at nuclear power plants. This thesis describes the LOCA device and attempts to determine its energy consumption over the course of a 10-day experiment. By leveraging the consumption curve of the research centre, possible operational optimisations applicable to this LOCA device technology will be proposed.
Project Documentation of Electrical Wiring for the Family House in Scope for Realization
Orság, Štěpán ; Janík, Daniel (referee) ; Mastný, Petr (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis is focused on project documentation for a family house in the scope for implementation. The thesis is divided into two parts. The first part presents a theoretical analysis of data distribution and materials for the design of lighting and lightning protection system. The intelligent Loxone system, which is used in a family house project, is also presented in the first part. The second part of the bachelor's thesis is focused on creation of an implementation project, which is consists of text and drawing part. The project includes budget control and risk control. The design of lighting and lightning protection system is also included here. Work drawings of wiring in the house, parts of lightning protection and design of switchboards are integral part of the thesis.
Design of Island Electricity Network for UEEN Laboratory
Macejko, Stanislav ; Vrána, Michal (referee) ; Mastný, Petr (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is acquaintance with hybrid energetic system at Department of electrical power engineering (UEEN), study issues for subsequent design and the creation of project documentation. This thesis deals with options of connecting photovoltaic systems and description of each part of the hybrid system, which is located at UEEN. It also solves the basic knowledge for design and planning, on the basis of which the project documentation and the design of the extension of the electrical installation powered by the hybrid system were created. The thesis also includes the design of electrical installations and energy and economic evaluation. Part of the thesis is also project documentation, which contains a technical report, budget, protocol for determination of external influences, measurement record, verification calculations, and drawings of the electrical installation.
Design of system wiring of hostel complex, student dormitory and bar
Sladký, Tomáš ; Mastný, Petr (referee) ; Janík, Daniel (advisor)
This diploma thesis focuses on the designing of the systematic wiring in hostel complex, including student dormitory and bar. The work is divided into two parts. The theoretical part involves an overview of current most used intelligent systems. Furthermore, there is a description of the TECO Foxtrot system, which is used to control the complex. The theoretical part summarizes the basic definitions for creating project documentation. Finally, the chapter closes with an outline of a general artificial and escape route emergency lighting design generated using WILS 7.0 software. In the practical part of the diploma thesis, there is a complete project documentation consisting of all requisites needed in the given level of documentation for the construction of a complex of hostel, dormitory and bar using the TECO Foxtrot system. The project documentation contains floor plans of the whole complex, in which the power and data distribution are drawn. It also contains a diagram of wiring of power and system switchboards, topological diagram of power and system distribution, budget and technical report.
Heat Pump Supplied from Photovoltaic System
Kaděra, Jan ; Pěcha, Jiří (referee) ; Mastný, Petr (advisor)
This thesis provides heat pump usage in heating mode, heating of potable water or cooling mode. The heat pump is connected with photovoltaic power plant. The main aim of this study is to create photovoltaic system connected with heat pump and present the results of an energetic and economic evaluation. The theoretical part describes principle function heat pumps, photovoltaic power plants and components. The study provides as well a description of heating systems with a heat pump used for space heating or cooling. In the practical part of this thesis was performed calculation of energy consumption in a building. Based on this data, has been selected a suitable heat pump. To reduce the energy consumption was designed a hybrid photovoltaic power plant with a battery accumulation. Utilization of electric energy from photovoltaic system was calculated. Solutions provide the option of the energy flow analysis in specific interval. Results are summarized in the energetic and economic evaluation. The proposed solution can be applied for reconstruction or construction of a new building, focused on usage of renewable resources and emissions reduction.

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